Top rated plasma TVs in 2016


In the present more and more people are searching for high quality and advanced plasma TVs capable of offering to the viewer pleasant images and enhanced cinematic experiences, worth sharing with friends and family members. Still, it can be quite difficult to identify a product, suited to your requirements, when there are so many products available on the market with different features. It can be a lot easier to find a plasma TV on the internet, where reliable information can be foundand thus the selection process experiences a lighter pattern. After you read top rated plasma TV reviews, you will have the proper information, needed to purchase a high quality product, suited to your home’s background.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Available Sizes Price Refresh Rate Resolution Our Rating Where to buy

Panasonic TC-P65ZT60

60, 65 inch $$$$ 600Hz 1080p A+ AMAZON

LG Electronics 60PN6500

60 inch $$ 600Hz 1080p A AMAZON

LG 60PM6700

60 inch $$ 600Hz 1080p B+ AMAZON

LG 50PM9700

50 inch $$ 600Hz 1080p B+ AMAZON

Samsung PN60E8000

60 inch $$$ 600Hz 1080p B AMAZON


Our Top Choices



Panasonic TC-P65ZT60 3D Smart Plasma TV


best plasma tvThis 65-Inch 1080p 600Hz 3D Smart Plasma TV has a Studio Master Panel where you can experience a remarkable high quality imaging. Its One Sheet of Glass design and its superior shadow definition further lessens the gaps, gaining a richer viewing experience and presenting an even wonderful graphics.  The DCI 98% and the 3k Focused Field Drive lets you enjoy cinema-quality picture and color reproduction and a more remarkable clarity even with fast motions. The best plasma TV reviews also mentioned that Panasonic TC-P65ZT60 HDTV’s sleek design and narrow metal bezel built added a touch of sophistication on their entertainment areas.

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Samsung PN60E8000 plasma TV


Samsung’s dedication to quality and professionalism can’t be denied and the PN60E8000 model embodies these two guiding principles tenfold. With a modern aspect, in the form of the latest Samsung high definition technology, the PN60E8000 is one of the best electronic devices in the industry taking multimedia to new lengths of pleasure. Coming with a built-in camera, Wi-Fi and Real Black Panel Pro that supports the apparition of high quality pictures throughan optimisation of the dark areas and a booston the contrast, the Samsung PN60E8000 plasma TV is the best plasma TVs.



LG 60PM6700 plasma TV


Astonishing, ultra-thin, slim and high quality are the primary impressions from thousands of people who have in their home the LG 60PM6700 plasma TV for months and months. This model has a 60-inch plasma display and through the Magic remote you have the possibility to choose from applications, movies, documentaries that can enhance your media experience. With the Smart technology and the Wi-Fi ready option, this LG model can connect to the internet with ease and no fuss whatsoever. Furthermore with the pro efficient 600Hz refresh embedded in the working system, the LG 60PM6700 rate virtually eliminates any motion blur or problems.

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Products which are no longer available



LG Electronics 60PN6500 Plasma HDTV


Since an ordinary HD feature is about to phase out, LG Electronics 60PN6500 is proud to bring you its ever-quality HDTV that delivers nearly double the pixel resolution of a standard HDTV. With a full HDTV 1080p resolution, this 60-Inch 1080p 600Hz Plasma HDTV also eliminates motion blur, so you can enjoy watching films or playing video games without the unwanted interruptions. Its Picture Wizard feature is perfect for making your pictures look really vibrant and clear. Though this unit brings lots of sophisticated features, the makers of this product made sure that they are not complicated to use. Its adjustable picture quality elements also include black level, color, tint, sharpness and backlight levels.



LG 50PM9700 Plasma TV


The LG 50PM9700 50-inch plasma TV should be on your list of attention because its options can enhance the viewing pleasure of any person. Coming with the TruBlack filter blocks with ease glare and also boosts the quality of the picture and also the contrast ratio. Entertainment takes a new light with the 3D Smart technology of the LG 50PM9700 model which brings to life your favourite characters. Furthermore the high definition 1080p resolution allows the user to enjoy clear, superior quality images and movies within any light conditions. It is no surprise to see top rated plasma TVs reviews, detail the functionality of this TV in so positive manner.



Panasonic Viera TC-P50GT50 plasma TV
Panasonic Viera TC-P50GT50With a modern aspect and a sense of style embedded in its design, Panasonic Viera TC-P50GT50 plasma TV is one of the best plasma TV in 2019. With a wide 50-inch display and a 1080p full high definition, the Viera model provides to the user sharp and clear images, all supported by the carefully designed 600Hz technology. Furthermore Panasonic has in its features the Neo Plasma Black 2500 FDD to provide crisp images even thou the content of the movie, show or concert moves very fast. The 3D 24p cinema smoother enhances the experience of viewing different shows with delight and pleasure.


Panasonic Viera TC-P65ST50 Plasma TV


top rated plasma TVs reviewsPanasonic Viera TC-P65ST50 model, considered by many technicians and specialists as the best plasma TVs, reunites advanced options and features that enhance cinematic experience while also providing a clear audio system. With a modern and slim design, embodying a 50-inch 1080p full high definition display, the Panasonic Viera can become a smart addition to your home. The 600 Hz technology allows the user to benefit from a stunning clear image pattern thus raising the cinematic experience to new lengths, worth sharing and cherished with friends and family.