Top rated play yards in 2019


When it comes to babies or toddlers, it is crucial to provide them with a safe place for playing or sleeping. Therefore, play yards have become a necessity for those who have children in care. Not only used for small children, these items are also used when dealing with dogs or other pets. So whether you search for the best option in providing your little ones a safe, protected place for playtime or you want to keep you pet away while you engage in other activities, you will find in the best play yard reviews the most useful, durable and attractive items, as listed by customers from all over the world.


North States Superyard Play Yard


Best play yard reviewsThis eight-panel portable play yard from North States Industries is among the favourites in the best play yard reviews, being easy to assemble, easy to handle and easy to clean. The panels are 26 inches (66 cm) high and they can enclose up to 34.45 square feet (3.2 square meters). Due to its non-slip pads you can place it on any surface, without worrying about scratching hardwood floors. It is made of weather-resistant multicoloured plastic and it can be reconfigured into different shapes, thus being a great choice for keeping your child entertained in a safely enclosed area.

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Friendly Toys Little Playzone with Electronic Sound and Lights


Widely regarded as the best play yard in 2019, this little playzone from Friendly Toys can undoubtedly keep your child entertained, while stimulating his curiosity and creativity. Its most attractive feature is, by far, the electronic lightup activity board with interactive sounds: it is provided with picture house, play phone, spinning balls and light-up musical keyboard. However, there is no volume control for the sound. This item also features safety lock swinging hinged door. There are additional walls and connectors that can be used to expand the area, but they are sold separately.

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Baby Kids Playpen Play Center Safety Yard Pen (Jbw-8 Model)


This Baby Kids Playpen 8 Panel Play Center Safety Yard Pen (Jbw-8 Model) from Best Choice Products is a great candidate for the best play yard in 2019. This item comes with a picture house, spinning balls and a play telephone, in order to entertain the child. It is also provided with swinging hinged doors that feature safety lock, therefore being a great choice for children up to 4 years old. Plus, it comes with pictured stickers. Its assembled dimensions are 73 inches (1, 85 m) in diameter, while panel have a 23,5 inches (0,6 m) height.

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North States Superyard 3 in 1 Metal Gate


Among the best play yards in 2019 there is listed this item from North States Industries, which comes with 6 removable and adjustable panels. It is 30 inches (0,76 m) high and it encloses up to 10 square feet (0,9 square meters). This play yard is a durable, sturdy item that is made of strong powder-coated metal and the door panel has a double locking system. Not only a great play area for a toddler or small pets, this item can also be used as an extra wide barrier or fireplace screen.

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Summer Infant 8 Panel Playsafe Playard


This eight-panel portable yard from Summer Infant is made of weather-resistant plastic, therefore being very easy to handle, carry and store. It is large and tall enough, with a 34,5 square feet (3,2 square meters) area and 30 inches (0,76 m) height, so you can use it not only to keep your toddler away from trouble, but also to keep dogs or other pets as well away from the little one. This item is a sturdy and durable product, without being heavy. For additional space, you can also acquire extra panels.

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