Top rated pliers sets in 2019


Even with the slightest damages, you need to fix things that are broken so that you won’t have to deal with a bigger problem later on. With repairs and minor maintenance jobs, you need a decent set of tools that would make this task really easy for you. One of the most common tools that must never be absent in your toolbox is a complete set of pliers. Read about the best pliers set reviews and find out which brand is perfect for you. These reviews are based on customer comments and ratings.


Knipex 002006S1 3-Piece Cobra Pliers Set


Best Pliers Set ReviewsKicking off the list for best pliers set reviews is this awesome knipex unit with a comfortable and solid grip with two-color dual component handles. It has a double guide box-joint design which makes it highly stable. It allows you to directly perform fast adjustments to your work piece just by positioning its upper jaw to the work piece and then pushing the button as you move it closer to the lower jaw. It doesn’t pinch your finger and it can grip really hard surfaces.

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Channellock TOOLROLL-3 5-Piece Plier Set


2What makes this channellock item qualify for the best pliers set in 2019 is its permalock fastener feature on the slip joint as well as the tongue and groove pliers which gets rid of the bolt and nut failure. It is made of high carbon C1080 steel which makes it really durable. It minimizes the chances for rust and corrosion thanks to its electronic coating. You will also enjoy its iconic blue handle and its easy and solid grip. You will also find a tool roll in the package with individual sleeves for each plier.

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Wiha 32981 Insulated Pliers/Cutters Set


3This conveniently insulated plier is made from the top quality CV tool steels. It also boasts of its cutting edges and jaws that are induction hardened. Its high performance joints allow extreme tool steel dynamics and heavy duty performance. It provides maximum comfort and ease with its molded handles with soft ergo cushion grip. It cuts through all cables and perfect for wiring jobs at home. This is indeed one of the best pliers set in 2019.

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Irwin Vise-Grip 2078712 GrooveLock 8-piece Plier Set


4The Irwin Vise grip is definitely close to perfection. Its 8-piece plier set is complete with groovelock pliers, adjustable wrench, long nose pliers, linesman’s pliers, diagonal cutter, slip joint pliers, and comes with a kitbag. It provides flexible hand locations, allowing a better grip, with its multiple groove positions. Its protouch grips feature is excellent for reducing hand fatigue, allowing you an easy and firm grip with the tool.

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Irwin 1078TRAY Vise Grip 10 Piece Locking Plier Set


5This top rated pliers set in 2019 is perfect for clamping, twisting, turning, and tightening. It doesn’t run loose even with repetitive use. This unit is extremely durable and tough because it is made up of top grade heat-treated alloy steel. It has a guarded release trigger that unlocks and keeps you safe even from accidental release. You can use it from absolutely any angle because its hardened teeth are designed for such function.

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