Professional Buying Advice for Pocket Watches


A pocket watch is more than just a means to keep track of time; it can be a fashion statement or a way to complement a certain style, like a steam punk outfit. Elegant and classy, pocket watches come from an era long gone, but this doesn’t mean that every model you will find out there is an antique timepiece. Actually, there are plenty of manufacturers today that create new pocket watches in various designs, since they are increasingly popular. Here are some ideas on how to efficiently shop for a great looking pocket watch that will successfully complement your unique style.

Best Pocket Watch

New or antique?

The first thing you should think of when you want to purchase a pocket watch is whether you should buy one of the new models now launched on the market, or an antique. New pocket watches may have any kind of style, but nothing could beat the timeless elegance of an antique. However, the latter are often sold for prohibitive prices, and that is the main reason why people prefer getting a modern pocket watch instead.



There are a few styles that were coined back in the days for pocket watches, and the same rules apply today. If you want to purchase a great pocket watch, decide what kind of style is a good fit for you. Hunter is the term used for pocket watches with hinged covers that protect the screen; often the cover is decorated with intricate designs. Open face models are also named Lépine, or railroad – because they were worn by railroad workers – , and they do not come with covers for their screens. The demi hunter style is used for models that come with a special glass insert that allows for the dial to be seen even if the case is closed.


Mechanical or battery operated?

Do you prefer a modern pocket watch that works on battery? Or would you rather wear one that requires winding, due to its mechanical system? It is simply a matter of preference, since the best pocket watch reviews include both models that work on batteries and models that require winding.


Top Rated Pocket Watches in 2019


It can be difficult to decide in favor of a certain pocket watch above all others. The next three pocket watches are outstanding in terms of quality, craftsmanship and elegance, and they are preferred by many people today. Their popularity and features recommend them, which is why we included them in this list.


CredDeal Steampunk PW039-Z Pocket Watch


1.CredDeal Steampunk Pocket Watch PW039This half hunter model has managed to win many hearts until now and it is no wonder that it continues to be increasingly popular. Many people love demi hunter models because they can take advantage of the fact that the crystal and the mechanisms inside are well protected by a sturdy case, but they can still check the time whenever needed.

The superb steam punk style of this watch make it an ideal, exquisite gift for someone who loves all things steam punk, or simply likes interesting items. While this is a modern watch, it comes with all the needed features usually found in an antique. For instance, the overall appearance will instantly make you think that this watch cannot be from this era. The silver black tone case gives it a patina that usually time lends to such exquisite pieces. The roman numbers used for the dial are beautifully crafted, and the mechanical movement requires winding, like in the good old days.

Often named the best pocket watch 2019 by enthusiastic buyers, the CredDeal Steampunk Pocket Watch PW039 has the looks and the feel of an item from a long forgotten era. Its superior craftsmanship recommends it.

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Stuhrling Original Men’s 6053.33113 Pocket Watch


2.Stuhrling Original Men's 6053.33113 Pocket WatchAnother great looking model worthy of being included on our list is the Stuhrling Original Men’s 6053.33113 Pocket Watch, a model created by a Swiss company with a long history of creating watches. Founded during the time when Switzerland was becoming a leader of the watch making market, the company is renowned for its very beautiful creations.

This model is made of stainless steel and it is very durable. In the case of Stuhrling Original watches, however, durability is always accompanied by elegance and original style, and this pocket watch is no exception to the rule.

The dual sided dial makes this timepiece a unique item you should buy for yourself or offer as a gift to someone who knows how to appreciate such exquisite watches. The model comes with a 12 inch link chain that ends with a belt clip, so you can use this beautiful piece with a stylish vest.

Mentioned by all the best pocket watch reviews and appreciated for its complex details, this model is a statement of the superior craftsmanship its maker is known for. It comes with a mechanical mechanism, which means that it has to be winded by hand, in order to work.

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Charles Hubert 3846 Pocket Watch


3.Charles Hubert 3846 Pocket WatchIf you intend to offer a pocket watch as a gift this Christmas, you will find the Charles Hubert 3846 Pocket Watch to be a great choice. Sold with a deluxe gift box, it is bound to impress through its looks and presentation. The manufacturer offers lifetime movement warranty, which is a great plus, seeing that most products made and sold today come with very short warranties, unlike the pocket watches created more than one century ago.

A cool feature of this watch is that it comes with a picture frame, which means that you can easily imitate the gentlemen from the industrial revolution era who kept a picture of their beloved close to them, elegantly hidden in the case of their pocket watches. The bezel on the front cover can be screwed off and you will be able to insert any picture you want.

The demi hunter case allows you to check on the clock anytime you want. What makes the Charles Hubert 3846 Pocket Watch worthy of being included among the top rated pocket watches 2019, is the attention to details conveyed by the manufacturer in the craftsmanship of the clock. The matching curb chain completes a very beautiful timepiece.

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