Pool vacuum cleaners Price comparison


A swimming pool is a part and parcel of luxury homes nowadays. But to maintain such a pool is no less than a headache. Hence the pool vacuum cleaners have been very effectively used to remove the unseen dirt and debris that get collected in these pools. But with lots of such products available in the market, it is quite a complex task if we are to choose one. The best pool vacuum cleaners ratings found that the products below are on top.


Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 F5


Best pool vacuum cleaners ratings

This product is equipped with double jets which ensure faster cleaning. It can scrub every nook and corner of a pool with ease. Moreover a special filter bag removes the dirt before entering the pump basket. Priced somewhere between $464.99 and $474.99, it is nearly 18.1 pounds and requires a Polaris booster pump for functioning. The pump has wheels attached and a backup valve activates after a certain period to prevent it from being stuck at a certain position. Over all, it is a good pool cleaner but while cleaning, it runs on a separate pump which is one disadvantage as it decreases its energy efficiency.



Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 F1


Another product from Polaris, it has high user reviews. It is suitable for gunite, fibreglass or vinyl in pools and sprinkles chemicals for better maintenance. As its counterpart, the 280 F5, it is also equipped with an automatic backup valve. Priced between $377.03 and $387.03 and weighing 15.8 pounds, it is cheaper and lighter. Moreover it doesn’t require a booster pump which reduces the electrical cost. It can climb the pool walls with ease and can reach practically every portion of the pool. Hence it turns the pools absolutely spotless. Though the parts may wear down after a few years’ use, it can benefit the users greatly considering its reasonable cost.



Baracuda W70472 G2


This system is equipped with the Zodiac hydrodynamic technology, which provides a thorough cleaning of pools, from top to bottom. Designed such that it can remove all debris, regardless of size, it is priced in very affordable range $300.96 and $310.96 and is quite light, weighing 10.1 pounds. Attached with it is a bumper which helps it in movement around the step areas. The Twister attached to the hose turns the cleaner completely around every 3 hours, preventing it from getting stuck. But its moving part, the diaphragm, needs to be replaced every year as it subsequently wears down. What put this product on top of the best pool vacuum cleaners ratings is its cheap price and high durability.



Polaris Vac-Sweep 380 F3


This fine product from Polaris is accounted as the best pool vacuum cleaner by several technicians. It is priced somewhere between $644.99 and $654.99 and weighs 18 pounds. The biggest advantage of using this product is that it can circulate clean and filtered water in the pool. The cleaner is equipped with three jets and requires a separate booster pump for operation. In addition it has all the features mentioned in the Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 F5. In roughly three hours it turns the pool clear and clean, scrubbing every nook and corner. This product accounts for its high price as such and is undoubtedly highly efficient.



Baracuda MX 8


Another product of the Baracuda family, this pool vacuum cleaner needs 30% less flow for cleaning large areas than other products in its class. It is priced in this range $424.99-$435.99; and weighs nearly 22 pounds, making it heavier and costlier than the W70472 G2. It comes with a cyclonic suction technology, which facilitates removal of debris in difficult places with perfect ease. Moreover the X-drive technology provides great power to the cleaner to climb walls of the pool. Regardless of size of pools, this cleaner can reach anywhere. But it has some disadvantages like gearbox problems and getting stuck at a place, according to user reviews. But overall it is an excellent product which ensures clean pools.