Because a good cleaning product is hard to find we want to offer you a chance to purchase the best pool vacuum robot without too much time or effort on your part. Therefore, after doing some reading we concluded that a great product choice is the Dolphin 99996323. This is the result of a thorough research based on expert reviews, customers’ feedback, and overall price value.  We believe this unit is a good option because it features an easy-to-clean cartridge and a 60-foot floating power cable that doesn’t twist or coil. Besides, it ensures a proper pool floor scrubbing and can easily vacuum the walls up to the waterline.  If the Dolphin 99996323 is out of stock, another good choice is the Zodiac F9550.



Buying guide  


With so many options available on the market it can be a difficult choice to purchase the best pool vacuum robot. With this issue in mind, we have designed a comprehensive buying guide that aims to show you which features are most important when talking about vacuum robots for cleaning pools.  



If you plan on using the best pool vacuum cleaner you should be aware that certain aspects can be crucial in terms of product performance.  

One of them is related to the variety of pool surfaces a unit can clean. Because of this, it is advisable to opt for a device that supports almost all types of pool materials. Generally, this feature is mentioned in the product description and it is better to choose carefully so that you avoid a unit that doesn’t fit the profile for cleaning your pool surface.  

While some vacuums for sale can only clean pool floors there are many wonderful models equipped with a technology that also enables the robot to clean walls and coves.  


Product convenience  

Nobody wants a pool vacuum robot that doesn’t function properly or one that has issues with power cords or with the suction power.

Most robotic cleaners make turns when cleaning the pool surfaces and some of them even climb vertical walls. This is why the best electric pool vacuum should provide a swivel that ensures no cable gets tangled, an issue that can cause a series of damages.

In addition to the pool surface, you must also keep in mind the pool length a vacuum can actually clean. Nevertheless, most robotic vacuums can clean large pools and do a fantastic job thanks to their powerful brushes. Moreover, devices that perform better are energy-efficient and can reduce your cleaning costs to the minimum.

In terms of debris, the best pool vacuum reviews claim that a great unit will remove everything from leaves to oil, no matter the quantity of dirt.  


Options and accessories

Like many customers have pointed out, a good pool vacuum robot has multiple functions and accessories that allow you to improve the cleaning experience and make it more practical.

For instance, you should purchase a device that features a longer hose not only because it cleans faster but because it can accommodate a wider pool floor.   

One useful feature that most high-quality pool vacuums have is an intelligent navigation system that ensures they operate on a specific path, without making random movements. This translates to spotless cleaning and efficient energy savings, elements that are too important to neglect.  

Sophisticated devices can monitor the location and offer optimized patterns for cleaning your pool while keeping track in their computer memory of where the robot has already swept.  

In addition to the navigation operating system, many units are equipped with variable timers and 7-day programming that ensure the pool floor is cleaned daily, no matter the quantity of debris. You can easily pick out a cycle such as every 2 days or twice per week, according to your cleaning necessities.  

In conclusion, you should purchase a smart pool vacuum robot that you can adapt to your pool size and floor with minimal costs.  



Top Rated Pool Vacuum Robots in 2019


Below you’ll find product suggestions that have all the essential characteristics. Keep reading and see if one of them matches your personal preferences and needs.  


Our Recommendations


Dolphin 99996323 


This pool vacuum robot from Dolphin is specially designed to scrub and vacuum the pool floors but also the walls and the waterline, no matter the pool surface type.

You might be surprised to find out that this device can clean on its own and that it doesn’t require a booster pump nor a swimming pool pump.

Because it doesn’t work with vacuum bags, you have to use the included cartridge filters that are so easy to clean afterward. These filters are equipped with four screens that keep the debris inside. Each unit provides two types of cartridges: one for regular use, such as collecting fine dust and another option for hard cleaning debris.  

One thing you’ll love about this robotic cleaner is the 60-ft long power cord that comes with a swivel which removes any risk of tangling or twisting. This feature comes in handy especially for cleaning large pools or for situations when the power source is located too far.  

Designed to work independently, there’s no need to worry if you leave the device unsupervised because the power supply will automatically shut it down after 3 hours of cleaning.  

Given its ability to clean pool walls and coves and the fact that it is so lightweight, this product is a wonderful choice for a pool vacuum robot.  

  Buy from Amazon for ($679)




Zodiac F9550 


This unit from Zodiac is a 4-wheel drive robotic cleaner that features an Easy Lift System, a motion-sensing handheld remote and a dirty canister indicator, characteristics that are important in terms of cleaning performance.  

There are no limits to the number of surfaces this vacuum can clean. It can tackle any type of pool terrain and even climb steps and walls while ensuring a perfect scrubbing in all areas.  

One thing most customers are fond of is the smart 7-day programmable timer that allows the user to set up customized cleaning cycles. This comes in handy especially if you plan to go on holidays or if you have a busy schedule and you don’t have time to supervise the device.  

You don’t have to make a significant effort to set the unit up and the best part is that you can clean your pool as often as you like.  

Besides, the vacuum cleaner comes with a motion-sensing remote that enables you to have full control over the way the cleaning process is done.  

We have to include in the list of technical specifications the dirty canister indicator that allows you to see when the device needs to be emptied.  

Buy from Amazon for ($944.09)




Hayward 925ADC


If you want a reliable vacuum robot that lets you relax and enjoy a clean and healthy swimming pool then let the Hayward Navigator Pro do the job for you.  

Featuring an innovative SmartDrive technology, this unit comes with a steering system that ensures any average sized pool gets cleaned in less than 4 hours. Therefore, with right and left turns the device covers the entire pool surface without the possibility of missing a spot.  

Its design includes large vacuum wings that increase the product stability and a Hydro-Dynamic head that ensures a proper navigation in the swimming pool’s water.  

Besides, the installation of the device doesn’t take more than 10 minutes and can be done without any additional equipment. All you have to do is connect it to your filtration system and the vacuum is ready to clean.  

In addition, this kind of robotic cleaner is suitable for concrete, vinyl and fiberglass pools and it picks up debris faster and efficiently thanks to its large suction path. Plus, the vacuum is silent because it is equipped with a turbine system that runs smoothly without making loud noise during the cleaning operation.  

Buy from Amazon for ($405.99)