If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best pool volleyball set money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best pool volleyball sets on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, and overall brand quality. Out of the products we have looked at, the Dunn Rite Pro Volly is the best because it delivers two sturdy, 1½-inch aluminum posts that are powder-coated against corrosion, and that assemble very quickly into PVC inserts, ladder anchors or female threads. The 24 ft. net has a shortening kit so that you can easily adjust it to the size of your own pool. The set also includes a warm coloured ball, and all the hardware is made out of dependable brass and stainless steel for durability and strength. If the Dunn Rite Pro Volly is out of stock, you could consider the Intex Pool Volleyball Game as we found it to be the second best option.

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How to Select New Pool Volleyball Sets


Leisure time by the pool may be very relaxing, but anyone needs a little exercise every now and then, and unless you’re by yourself, a volleyball set can get you the right amounts of swimming, fun and relaxation in a single package. Here are some tips on what to look for when buying a pool volleyball set.




The most important aspect to consider when shopping for a pool volleyball set is if it’s going to fit above the pool you’re buying it for. As the set is usually constituted of a net, poles and, for some models, side bases, what actually decides the size of the setting is the length of the net and its cords. You can go for a slightly smaller net that doesn’t cover the entire length width of the pool, but if the cords are smaller or even equal to that width, you will probably not be able to set the net correctly and it will become useless. Most manufacturers produce regulation-sized nets, so all you have to do is check for this information on the box.


In-ground or portable

Depending on the characteristics of your pool and whether you want to use the set wherever you go, you can chose between an in-ground volleyball set whose poles have to be fixated in the ground on each side of the pool, or a portable, above-the-ground set, that usually has two heavy bases that keep the poles in the right position. You may ask how is a pair of heavy bases portable, but the answer is that they are to be filled on site with water, which actually ensures their weight. While the in-ground systems require quite a long installation process, especially if your pool doesn’t have any holes or other fixing means on the sides. On the other hand, if the bases aren’t big enough, the portable system might become wobbly over time and a strong pull on the net might cause destabilization or even an accident. A harmless option, simple but suitable for recreational pool volleyball, is an inflatable, floating pool volleyball set that only requires an air pump and a simple tether system.



The biggest problem with portable sets is, as we noted before, the fact that they might tip off if the right amount of force is pulling down on the net.  But in-ground systems also require attention, because, while they are sturdier and more resistant, they also need to be very well fixed, so their diameter and installation system must be compatible with your pool setting.


The ball

People usually buy a volleyball set because it saves them the time and trouble of finding each component separately, while also being more profitable in what finances are concerned. This is why you should pay equal attention to every item’s features and quality. There are usually two types of volley balls that are suitable for indoor and outdoor games, respectively. The balls that are used for beach or pool volleyball are heavier than the first ones, to prevent the wind from changing their direction and are also made from multiple pieces stitched together for better resistance. However, there are balls designed for simple, fun games with your friends, and balls that are meant for professional players, and the pecuniary difference between these two types will make quite a change in your investment. There is no point in throwing your money away on a professional volleyball if you’re going to use the set for an occasional pool party.



Depending on their features, and especially on their intended use, volleyball sets for swimming pools can go from a few dollars to somewhere around 600 dollars or even more. Even though buying the cheapest product on the market is not recommended, taking a look at the things you are paying for might get you to realise that you don’t really need, let’s say, all that lengthy net, 500-pound bases or the adjustable poles.


Whether you’re planning to go with the professional setting, or you’ve made up your mind on  a less complicated set, our last suggestion is to read a few buyers reviews, as they can give you a good idea on what you should expect from certain products. The best pool volleyball sets are showcased below.


Top rated Pool Volleyball Sets in 2019




Pro Volley Retrofit Pool Volleyball Set


Best Pool Volleyball Sets Reviews Playing water volleyball has never been so easy. Take this as a challenge, buy the Pro Volley Retrofit, set it up in your pool and show them how good you are at poolside volleyball. It is adjustable to variety of pool sizes and players of all ages and skills can enjoy this game. You can assemble it easily and the sturdy net could sustain the weight of a 6 feet tall male. You along with your family members can challenge your neighbors in poolside volleyball now. All the fun is attainable for some incredible prices.

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Buy from Amazon for ($89.99)




Intex Pool Volleyball Game



This inflatable volleyball set allows you to play your favorite water sport in your pool or even in bigger waters like ponds or lakes, and is fitted for both indoor and outdoor use. All it requires after inflating it is to have some rocks or other weights inserted in its special weight pockets. Measuring 94 inches in length, this volleyball set for pool might seem rather suited for children and family games, and its small price covers also a volleyball and repairing kit. You can find it for sale on Amazon and other stores.


Buy from Amazon for ($10.28)




S.R. Smith S-VOLY



If you are set on getting a commercial grade product that comes supplied with all that one might need when buying a volley set, this is the item that might fit your needs. The model was manufactured from high-quality materials that are not damaged when being in contact with water for an extended period of time.

On top of that, the set comes shipped with swimming posts, a quality net, a volleyball, and a needle. This model can fit pools that measure up to 20 feet. The S-VOLY  is fun to use, and not that complicated to put together.


Buy from Amazon for ($587.91)




Pool Jam NT202 Pool Volleyball Set


Top rated Pool Volleyball Sets in 2019The Pool Jam volleyball set is interchangeably convertible to poolside basketball. So you can enjoy both the game by purchasing only this single unit. The total installation process is too easy and does not need any extra tools for assembly. It includes everything that is needed to play both the game: volleyball and basketball. This combo set comes for $90-110 only; two games at a price of one. It is the best deal that you can ever make.

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Dunnrite AquaVolly Pool Volleyball Set


Turn your swimming pool into an aquatic volleyball court this summer. This unit’s 24 foot sturdy net is designed to fit almost every pool. The aluminum posts are strong enough to hold up rough play in the swimming pool. While you are going through this top five lists of best pool volleyball sets reviews, certainly you are intending to get an awesome unit for having unlimited fun in the poolside. You can buy this set by spending between $150 to $200, for a poolside family volleyball tournament.

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Swimline Floating Pool Volleyball Set


This floating pool is originally made for children. It comes with a ball and a sturdy net. You can enjoy playing pool volleyball with your children. It will be a lot fun during this summer. You can also purchase it as a nice gift for the kids. You have to spend around a limited amount of cash to get this awesome inflatable pool volleyball set. The best pool volleyball sets reviews include cool items like this for all ages. You have the freedom of choice in our top five product reviews.

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Poolmaster 72786 Pool Volleyball Set


The Poolmaster above ground volleyball set includes a deluxe combination of a volleyball and badminton net. The whole system is well constructed and provides lots of fun to your family members. You can carry this item wherever you want. It fits well in every pool. It is easy set up and allows you to get in the game quickly. Only spending less than hundred dollars for this amazing item is not a waste of money. Play pool volleyball today and show your skills to your rivals.

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