If you’re in a hurry and don’t have the time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best portable DVD players money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We’ve gathered a lot of info regarding portable DVD players for cars or any other circumstance where you might feel like watching a film. By doing so, we’ve looked at the user feedback, the sales figures, as well as the value offered for the price of many popular models these days. Out of all the products we’ve considered, the Sylvania SDVD1332 is the best as it is compatible with a myriad of file formats and offers all the convenience of a highly capable device. As such, the model includes a remote control, earbuds, both an AC and a card adapter and comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. Measuring 13 inches, this unit seems to be the top recommended portable DVD player by Sylvania. If the SDVD1332 is unavailable, you could also consider the Philips PET741M/37 as it’s the second best choice available in today’s marketplace.



Comparison Table


Product Single – Dual Price Display size Weight Our Rating Where to buy

Sylvania SDVD1048-2

Single $$$ 10 inch 2 lbs A+ AMAZON

Philips PET741M/37

Single $$ 7 inch 1.5 lbs A AMAZON

Sony DVPFX780

Single $$$$$ 7 inch 2 lbs B+ AMAZON

Philips PD9016/37

Dual $$$$ 9 inch 7 lbs B AMAZON

Philips PD9000/37

Single $$$ 9 inch 2.8 lbs B+ AMAZON


Buying Guide


Nothing beats the convenience of a portable DVD player with USB or without it. We couldn’t help noticing that the market is overflowing with good-quality alternatives, so we thought of giving you a hand if you plan on making the right decision and choosing just the product for your needs. Remember to read as much info as you possibly can, including some Amazon reviews, as they can help you make the difference between high-end models and less impressive ones.

1.Sylvania SDVD1332


Most of the models we’ve discovered can be split up into two broad categories. Some units are fold-up whereas others resemble tablets, although they don’t have the same capabilities as mobile devices. Each of these has both advantages and disadvantages and it’s worth learning them before choosing one over the other.

If you were to get a fold-up alternative that also features a swivel screen, you could adjust the display as you please and allow the unit to rest on a stand without needing to hold it in your hand all the time. These versions are somewhat bulkier when compared to their tablet counterparts, and as such they can be a bit too heavy to hold in one’s lap. DVD tablets are compact and small enough to be mounted or installed in a car but their main disadvantage is that the position of the display can’t be changed depending on the posture of the person watching the movie. What’s more, if you were to take them out of your car you’d need to hold them in your hand constantly. Of course, this issue can be resolved with one of the DVD player accessories available out there, such as stands.



While such a DVD player isn’t as versatile as full-size recorders that you might have in your living room, convenience is one of the primary benefits it offers. If, for example, you don’t have a DVD recorder at home and you’d like to use the same device both in your living room and in your car, you can safely do so with a portable DVD player.

Here’s where connectivity details matter a great deal. In order to connect a modern TV to the player, it needs to come equipped with an HDMI port. The lack thereof automatically triggers a decrease in usability as you won’t be able to see any movie using your television. Checking for a USB port also doesn’t hurt, as many smart TVs these days can be utilized via this type of connection, as well. As a side note, if you’d also like to play Blu-ray discs using your portable DVD player, you need to pay extreme attention to the product description as very few units have this capability and most of these models are significantly more expensive than the ones that can strictly play CDs and DVDs.


Screen size

It goes without saying that glancing at the display of a DVD player shouldn’t be an effort you loathe. You have to enjoy the experience of watching a movie as best as possible, which is why we recommend choosing a model that comes with a reasonable screen size. However, if you pick a too large one, it might be less convenient to use in your car. That is, unless what you’re actually looking for is a smaller laptop.


Battery life

Just what are you prepared to invest in such a device? If it’s not more than fifty dollars, you might have the nasty surprise of realizing that the battery in your DVD player can’t last for more than two hours on a charge, which basically means that you’ll be able to watch just a movie and then have to bare with the boredom. Less affordable models usually have longer battery lives, such as three to four hours and even more.

2.Philips PET741M-37

Swivel screen

Thanks to this characteristic, owners have the freedom to adjust the display of the product as they please and in accordance with their position. Better angles mean better viewing experiences, so why not opt for this feature if it’s within your budget?



Top rated portable DVD players in 2019


The best portable DVD players are showcased below. These units have garnered the appreciation of many American and Canadian customers alike, who claim that they offer the best value for the price. They’re small enough to be used everywhere your destiny might take you, provide good audio and video, and feature a more than decent battery life.


Our recommendations


Sylvania SDVD1332


1.Sylvania SDVD1332

The SDVD1332 is probably the best bet if you’re looking for a relatively affordable model that doesn’t make you break the bank but is entirely capable of doing what it’s supposed to do. The model features a 13.3-inch swivel screen and is compatible with a plethora of file formats, ranging from DVD+R to CD-R and even MP3 and Jpeg. In spite of the fact that it doesn’t have an HDMI port, the Sylvania SDVD1332 does feature both a built-in card reader and USB port. To this date, over 700 individuals have expressed their satisfaction regarding the capabilities of this alternative.


Buy from Amazon for ($95)




Philips PET741M/37


1.Philips PET741M-37The top rated Philips PET741M/37 Portable DVD Player has built-in stereo speakers that enable you to enjoy movies, music and audio on the go with awesome sonic delivery. The affordable portable DVD player is equipped with a seven-inch LCD screen geared to deliver rich detail and lifelike colors to your media, so you can enjoy what you watch as if you were at home watching on a large screen with a full-size DVD player. The revolutionary native 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio ensures you won’t get pestered by the annoying black bars at the top and bottom of the screen when on video playback.


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Sylvania SDVD7043


2.Sylvania SDVD7043-PURPBLK

Compared to other options, the SDVD7043 is a significantly smaller portable DVD player, so it might be a good option for individuals who are only looking for a way to spend time while they’re in public transportation or their cars trying to reach a destination, with a driver next to them. The display of this model measures 7 inches, but it’s a swivel screen as the formerly mentioned Sylvania alternative, meaning that you’ll be able to adjust its position according to your momentary requirements. Offering the advantages of more expensive options, the Sylvania SDVD7043 is worth checking out if you’re interested in models that cost less than fifty dollars.


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Sylvania SDVD1048-2


best portable DVD playerLong trips can be awfully boring making you turn to the help of music or movies. Based on the best portable DVD players reviews this product strengths are its 10 inches screen able to rotate, long life battery and car mounting kit. Besides DVD formats you can use a SD card or USB in order to enjoy the ride. It has small dimensions, including weight (under 4 pounds) and a car bag for simple transport or storage. Its equipment includes a remote control, 2 earphones and one earphone splitter in case you are not alone. Are you ready for 5 hours of action?


Buy from Amazon for ($79.99)




Sony DVPFX780


2.Sony DVPFX780 7-Inch ScreenWondering what new and top rated DVD player can deliver mobile entertainment? Look no further than the revolutionary Sony DVP-FX780 7 inch Portable DVD Player. The unit comes with all you need for both on-the-go and home entertainment, including a car battery charger, an AV cable and AC adaptor. The 7-inch widescreen monitor delivers vivid details and superb colors just like what you would enjoy from a full-size player minus the bulk and weight. The three-hour rechargeable battery enables on-the-go enjoyment of media while the built-in headphone jack allows private viewing and listening. The unit ships with an instruction manual to ensure problem-free use.


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Philips PD9016/37


Considered by thousands of satisfied users and technicians as one of the best portable DVD player 2019, the Philips PD9016/37 model features two 9 and 34 widescreen LCD displays that can be mounted on the headrests. You just need to mount the LCD screens on the back of the front headrests, thus creating a special entertainment system right in your car. The Philips PD9016/37 portable LCD dual DVD player permits the viewing of movies, images or clips anytime and everywhere you want. The current version of the player is compatible with most DVD and CD formats like DVD+/-R, DVD+/RW, MP3-CD, CD-RW and also SVCD.


Buy from Amazon for ($199.99)




Philips PD9000


Most of today’s top rated portable DVD player reviews underline the great features of the Philips PD9000 9-inch display model in delivering clear images correlated with a heightened audio experience. This portable DVD Player allows you to enjoy movies anytime and anywhere you want without any restrictions at all. The model can indulge you for around 5 hours of DVD/DivX/MPEG movies, MP3-CD/Cd music or simply viewing photos and images which is quite impressive. The Philips PD9000 9” TFT LCD is ideal people who are out of the house most of the day but need to kill off some spare time with a great movie.


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Sony DVP-FX970


With a modern and clean aspect, the Sony DVP-FX970 is one of the best portable DVD players 2019, known for its clear 9” inch high resolution that displays anything you might want to see in style. This device has a 6-hour rechargeable battery that allows you to see with ease movies, clips, listen to music or enjoy an interesting documentary. In addition to this HQ basic built, the Sony DVP-FX970 has a Stereo Virtual Dolby Surround audio system that provides a subtle audio experience matching the visual one. The Sony DVP-FX970 has delicate touch key controls on the bezel that allow the user to control the device with great ease.


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Philips PD7016/37


top rated portable DVD player reviews Everyone knows that Philips delivers only high quality with all their products. To this extent, the Philips PD7019/37 portable LCD dual DVD player makes no exception, reuniting efficiency and professionalism in its basic design and extended audio and visual features. This 7” TFT LCD DVD player is ideal in delivering sharp images from the movies, documentaries, concerts or TV-shows you are watching. The model is compatible with format discs DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, SVCD and also CDs. Bringing to life your favorite characters in vibrant colors and clearness, it comes as no surprise to see the Philips PD7016/37 model among the current best portable DVD player 2019.


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Sony DVP-FX750


Sony is known for the professionalism and attention to details embedded in all of its products. That is why the DVP-FX750 portable DVD player is great. It features a 7-inch widescreen monitor that allows you to enjoy a complete visual and audio experience without blurry images or fuzzy noises. The Sony DVP-FX750 includes a car adapter that makes sure that the device is active no matter how long the trip is. The model is compatible with most of the DVD and CD formats, thus expanding the opportunities to enjoy movies, music, concerts or documentaries everywhere you want. This Sony model has a 3-hour rechargeable battery. This is the reason why the Sony DVP-FX750 received such high marks from the current top rated portable DVD players reviews.


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