Things to Consider When Buying the Best Portable Fan


The products highlighted in the best portable fan reviews offer a great solution when using a full-sized fan is just too much for your overall purpose. Some models are small enough to fit on your desktop easily. A portable fan offers focused, gentle cooling typically designed for just a single user.

Best Portable Fan

Compact Size

The small, compact size of the units featured in the best portable fan reviews makes them easy to transport from one location to another. Suitable for cooling personal spaces, these models can effortlessly be positioned on the floor, desk, table or countertop. The affordable price is a given, along with the ability to provide economical cooling along with easy storage.

The compact size also ensures the fan won’t take up too large an area in your workspace so you won’t have to stress yourself figuring out how best to enjoy its cooling power most efficiently. It also enables problem-free placement to enable you to get direct cooling exactly as you prefer.

Some models are easily mountable, with a spring-loaded clip to hold the unit in place, as well as a unique keyhole mount for hanging on the wall.


Variable Fan Speed

The best portable fan 2019 may be smaller than other types of fans, but it should still allow you to enjoy the speed setting you prefer. Some are engineered with two speed settings or as many as three, just like their full-sized counterparts. The ability to adjust the air speed is convenient to ensure that you won’t be stuck with a single cooling level where all the papers on your desk are left flying around, which can be a huge hassle.

Some models come with turbo boost setting for extra blowing power when you want. A quiet-running fan is perfect for work use. With a fan that runs with low noise levels, doing your work, watching a movie, conversing with someone or listening to music is much easier.

Customization ability aids in providing user comfort.


Power, Controls and Safety

Some models run on rechargeable batteries, while others come with an AC adapter or can be used with disposable batteries. Choose the power option that is most convenient for you.

You want the top rated portable fans 2019 to be equipped with easy-to-use convenient controls. Some models even boast electronic LED-lit controls for effortless use in poor or dim lighting. Others offer energy-saving air delivery while running quietly. User-friendly controls are always a huge plus.

Some portable fans are outfitted with an ETL-listed safety plug to protect from electric shock. The grilles should be safely spaced apart to prevent easy slip-through of fingers.


Top Rated Portable Fans in 2019


The small investment you make on a portable fan can be a sensible one if you consider the convenience you can enjoy with its use. One doesn’t always need a full-sized fan if the cooling capability of a portable fan is sufficient. To make sure you can enjoy the benefits of using a portable model, we present five exceptional products that are worth looking into.


Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Fan


1.Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce FanThe Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Fan is a US-made product that ensures superior craftsmanship, premium quality materials and reliable performance. The solid construction boasts the revolutionary Aerodynamic TurboForce® design that offers dependable maximum air movement. The Honeywell HT-900 is practical and perfectly designed to provide intense personal cooling along with energy-efficient air circulation. Running 25% quieter compared to competing brands in this category, the Honeywell HT-900 allows easy placement on your work table or simple mounting on the wall.

The Honeywell HT-900’s head can be adjusted thanks to its pivoting ability to 90 degrees, enabling you to direct the breeze according to your preference. The device is geared to deliver up to three speeds through its robust 7-inch blade.

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Lasko 4000 Air Stik


2.Lasko 4000 Air StikThe Lasko 4000 Air Stik is US-made, assuring you of superb quality and manufacture. The portable fan is made of durable plastic, ensuring lasting use and amazing functionality. This model provides two speed settings, any one of which ensures quiet operating levels so you can go on with what you’re doing without being bothered by the fan. The electronic controls enable easy use even in poor lighting due to their being LED-illuminated. The oscillating function enables the fan to cover more area while distributing air efficiently.

The fan takes up very little space, perfect for easy placement on a work desk. Standing just 14 inches tall, the Lasko 4000 Air Stik cools your personal space while ensuring reliable safety with its patented fused safety plug.

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Lasko 2004W Clip Fan


3.Lasko 2004W Clip FanMaking your personal space more comfortable, the Lasko 2004W Clip Fan makes your personal work setting comfortably cool without using too much energy to run its quiet motor. This cute desk appliance is made in the US, assuring you of quality workmanship and materials. The lightweight portable fan allows use anywhere. It has a spring-loaded clip that provides easy yet secure attachment to the desk or work surface. The keyhole mount facilitates convenient, clutter-free wall hanging.

The Lasko 2004W Clip Fan comes with a tool-less assembly. It is outfitted with an ETL listed patented fused safety plug that ensures protection from electric shock.

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4.O2COOL FanThe O2COOL Fan is a battery-operated model that runs on 6 separately bought D batteries and can also operate using electricity via its AC adapter. The portable fan is equipped with two speeds so you can enjoy the fan speed perfect for your needs. The built-in carry handle enables easy transport from one location to another. The fan’s compact design makes it an ideal piece of equipment for travel and storage. It also ensures convenient use in any home environment where cooling one’s personal space doesn’t always require a large fan. The ten-inch fan blades circulate air efficiently so you can stay comfortably cool.

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efluky EFL-fan-831-white Mini Fan


5.efluky Mini FanThe efluky Mini Fan carries a uniquely modern design that makes it a perfect addition to your modern space. The portable fan is outfitted with a blue decorative LED light that can be switched on by pressing the ON button for five seconds, providing dual use for cooling and illumination. The simple portable fan is solidly manufactured to ensure lasting use. It has three fan speeds to suit every need. Use it indoors for instant cooling of your personal space without the need to switch on an air conditioner. This rechargeable fan is also perfect for travel and outdoor activities. Use the quietly running fan to keep your baby comfortably cool.

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