Top 10 Portable Fish Finders Compared


In order to make the most out of every fishing adventure, you will need to have the best portable fish finder in your fishing gear collection. However, with the wide variety of choices on the market, finding just one device you can optimize can be an extremely huge challenge. This does not mean that you can just go without one, as that would be a waste of time unless you’ve got special mental powers to summon the fish to swim towards your boat-and stay there till you’ve caught them all. So unless you’re Aquaman or someone with incredible sonar powers, you will surely appreciate having a portable fish finder on your boat.


Deeper DP0H10S10-P Smart Portable Fish Finder/Depth Finder


1.Deeper SmartAmong the top 10 portable fish finders, this model uses versatile sonar that offers more features than most ordinary sonars. This portable, tennis ball size device requires no installation, no cables and no external batteries. It allows you to fish any time of the year, even in places that other fish finders are unable to reach. The Deeper Smart Portable Fish Finder/Depth Finder utilizes exclusive wireless technology that helps you collect data anywhere you go. When attached to your fishing line, the device provides information about fish, bottom depth, structure and contour, water temperature and more.

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NorCross HawkEye F33P Fish Finder


2.NorCross HawkEye F33PA marine tool made for fishermen, the NorCross HawkEye F33P Fish Finder uses an extra-broad 25-degree sonar beam angle to deliver accurate fish, depth and bottom structure readings ranging from 1.5 to 99.90 feet. This device can operate down to zero degrees Fahrenheit, so you can fish any time of the year. It comes with a sonar sensor that can be trolled, aside from being floatable and mountable, plus 35 feet of cable and a cable tie-strap. Exceptionally easy to use, the device easily fits in the palm of your hand.

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Vectorcom FF1108-1 Portable Wired Fish Finder


3.VECTORCOM Portable WiredThis Portable Wired Fish Finder comes with a removable float that makes it quite easy to use. Designed for the fishing enthusiast, the device serves as both a fish finder and a depth sounder, a dual functionality that can help anglers limitlessly. Usable in both salt and fresh water, the device clearly displays icons depicting rock, grass, sand and fish, so you always know the difference. The device has a range of features that make your time out in the water much more enjoyable. Its ergonomic design also makes it an incredibly easy-to-use fishing tool.

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FishHunter 3.0 Portable Fish Finder


4.FishHunter - Portable Fish FinderDesigned with military-grade sonar transducer technology, the FishHunter – Portable Fish Finder for iPhone, iPad or Android 4.0 is so small it floats! In addition, the device is so smart that it can communicate with mobile phones from 30 meters away via Bluetooth. It can also gauge water temperatures and track fish 120 feet below the surface. The FishHunter is a highly capable downward facing fish finder transducer integrated with a state-of-the-art fishing app for Apple and Android phones. It is suitable for ice, canoe, shore, kayak, dock, river, lake and bridge fishing.

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Signstek FF-003 Portable Fish Finder


5.Signstek FF-003Undoubtedly one of the top rated portable fish finders on the market, the Signstek FF-003 boasts a 100-level sensitivity setting combined with multi-level depth range. The TFT V240*H160 display comes with 512 colors, aside from being sunlight readable and having a white LED front light for even more visibility. It offers depth readings from 2.0 to 240ft in amazing 1/10th precision. The device also features a bottom contour and water temperature indicator. The Signstek FF-003 is easy to operate. It has Auto zoom bottom tracking as well as a quick manual zoom.

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Signstek FF-001 Portable Fish Finder


6.Signstek FF-001Providing user selectable feet or meter reading, the Signstek FF-001 Portable Fish Finder offers versatility thanks to its dual functionality as a fish finder and depth finder. It has a 5-level sensitivity setting plus a fish depth scale. Aside from that, it also provides depth readings from 2.0 to 240 feet with 1/10th precision. The Signstek FF-001 Portable Fish Finder also features a water temperature indicator and a weed and rock indicator, so you can have a clear picture of the bottom structure. The TN/anti-UV LCD display with white LED backlight offers easy viewing of details on the screen.

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Lucky FFW-718 Wireless Portable Sonar Fish Finder


7.Lucky FFW-718Able to detect both fish location and depth in fresh and salt water, the Lucky FFW-718 Wireless Portable Sonar Fish Finder offers wireless sensor coverage with a 90-degree beam angle. It can be used as a depth sounder thanks to its 125 kHz sonar frequency. The sensor element automatically switches off when it is not in the water. The device has a fully gasket-protected waterproof design, allowing it to float in the water without damage to the electrical components. The large display is adjustable and boasts a high-contrast dot matrix FSTN LCD technology, with 128 vertical lines and 64 horizontal lines for clear images.

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Vectorcom FFW1108-1 Portable Wireless Fish Finder


8.VECTORCOM Portable Wireless Fish FinderWith no annoying wires that can only potentially cause clutter, the VECTORCOM Portable Wireless Fish Finder has an operational range of 35 meters or 120 feet. The TN/ANTI-UV LCD display shows clear images with its green LED backlight. The device offers sensor coverage comprising a 90-degree beam angle, for better detail capture. It can be used from -4OF to 158OF, so you can fish any time of the year. The device uses 4 triple-A batteries, which are readily available anywhere. The unit also comes with a battery strength indicator and a battery save mode, for more efficient use of power.

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Humminbird 409680-1 PiranhaMAX 197C Portable Fish Finder


9.Humminbird 409680-1Redesigned with the addition of Down Imaging technology, the Humminbird 409680-1 PiranhaMAX lets you see what’s under the water with better clarity. The easy-to-use interface allows you to maximize the power of Fish ID+, depth and fish alarms and the zoom feature with even more simplicity. Highly portable, the device can easily fit into your collection of fishing equipment. It ships with a suction cup transducer and a battery, for out-of-the-box functionality. The display offers a terrific resolution, with 240 horizontal lines and 320 vertical lines. The device has a 600-foot depth capability.

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Signstek FF-010 Portable Fish Finder


10.Signstek FF-010Designed for the amateur and the professional angler alike, the Signstek FF-010 Portable Fish Finder is geared with a bottom contour reading capability plus a water temperature indicator, which help you know where the fish are biting. The user-selectable depth range and zoom on and off enable you to choose the setting that works best for your fishing needs. You can even select from using either meter or feet readings. The fish depth indicator is supplemented with the big and small fish identification so you’ll only catch the fish you want while protecting the other fish.

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