What to Keep in Mind When Buying a Portable Massage Table


With the rising popularity for massage and massage stress therapies, having a good portable massage table becomes more important than ever. Being able to commute to the client’s home or office is a great asset for any massage therapist. Still, with so many massage tables available today, it can be quite difficult to choose the best one that suits you and your business. We took some time and created this guide to help you get the best information possible before buying a new portable massage table.

A. Portable Massage Table


Having the perfect size for the job is extremely important for any good portable massage table. While the regular tables can come in any possible size, a portable table must be compact enough to fit inside a regular car trunk, but large enough to accommodate most of clients. The best portable massage table reviews point out that a good range to aim for is 28-30 inches in width and about 73-75 inches in length. If you table has at least these measurements, most clients will fit comfortably while giving you enough space to work around them and keeping the table compact enough for easy transportation.



Another important aspect to note when buying a new portable massage table is its weight. You will read many best portable massage table reviews that rate higher lightweight models than the heavy ones. Getting a lightweight model is essential when working out of your cabinet. Light models are easy to carry around stairs and other difficult situations, and simpler to use, place and move in the right position at the customer’s place. Look for tables made from light materials like aluminum and check their total weight before making a decision. Extra mobility and ease of moving around are essential traits for a good portable massage table.


Comfort level

While this aspect is not directly important for the massage therapist, it will greatly enhance the customer’s satisfaction and in time will directly impact on your business growth. A good portable massage table must provide good comfort for the client, helping them relax and assume a good posture during massage. Many best portable massage table reviews give extra marks for tables with increased foam density and extra comfort options like hand and head supports.


Top Rated Portable Massage Tables in 2019


Going through all the best portable massage table reviews on the Internet, we found three models praised by reviewers and customers alike for their quality, utility and comfort. These models score higher than the rest and each is a top choice for anyone looking to get a new portable massage table right now.



BestMassage U1-Burgundy Massage Table


1.BestMassage Two Fold Portable Massage TableWhile being one of the most affordable portable massage tables you will ever find, this model is renowned for its portability, ease of use and comfort. Easy to pack and store away and featuring an extra free carry case, the BestMassage Two Fold portable massage table is a perfect choice for any money conscious buyer who desires the best quality product at an affordable price.

Featuring a reinforced birch frame that can hold up to 450 lbs, this massage table is made to resist for years and years. Made from high quality materials, having a sturdy and durable construction, this portable table will give you the best value for the money, keeping you in business for a long time without the need for a replacement or any expensive repairs. Simple and easy to pack and unpack, this product comes with a free carry case for easy transportation.

Rightfully called by many to be the best portable massage table 2019, when it comes to comfort the BestMassage Two Fold gets top marks, having one of the most comfortable high density foam padding you will ever use. With its comfortable high density foam mattress, additional head and arm rests and good quality leather upholstery, this is a dream table for any massage therapist today.

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Sierra Comfort Professional Series Portable Massage Table


2.Sierra Comfort Professional Series Portable Massage TableGetting the best for your money, this portable massage table is one of the most comfortable, durable and flexible models you can find today. Loved by many and named the best portable massage table 2019 for the ultimate comfort provided, the Sierra Comfort Professional portable table is extremely affordable, making for an instant best buy.

Keeping clients happy and satisfied and keeping you booked all time around are the two main benefits this table is known for. Focusing on quality and comfort, the Sierra Comfort Professional portable massage table comes with 2.5 inch thick high density Luxe foam that provides the best relaxation possible for the customers. The additional arm shelf and face cradle enhance the client’s experience and satisfaction.

All these comfort features do not come at the cost of durability and portability. With a good five year warranty, and a sturdy wooden frame, this portable massage table is one of the most resistant models you will ever use.

Providing all the possible comfort at a reasonable price, the Sierra Comfort Professional is the ideal choice when it comes to choosing a good portable massage table. Capable of adjusting to any of your client’s needs and capable of delivering the best massage experience, this table will be loved by all your customers.

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Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table


3.Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage TableHaving one of the sturdiest and most resistant frameworks and featuring a smart portable design, this massage table is one of the most efficient and simple to use models we could find. Using high quality materials that make it capable of supporting an incredible weight of 550 pounds, the Saloniture Professional Portable is the best choice when it comes to efficiency, durability and portability.

Built using high quality hardwood for its frame and legs, doubled by steel support cables capable of stopping a car, this portable massage table is extremely stable and durable. With a thick 2 inch high grade foam and a resistant waterproof PU leather cover, this table is made to provide the best comfort and durability possible.

When it comes to customers’ comfort and satisfaction, the additional ultra-resistant headrest, armrests and arm sling make it a perfect choice. Featuring a smart modular design, it can detach or attach its extra features, adjusting to you and your customer’s needs with ease.

Easy to pack and unpack, simple to move around and having the best possible combination of durability and comfort, the Saloniture Professional Portable is one of the top rated portable massage tables 2019 and an instant hit among professionals.

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