An Expert Buying Guide on Portable Printers


A portable printer is an invaluable device for anyone that travels frequently for business. These convenient devices make it possible for you to print documents on the go, and some can even deliver high quality photos. There are several different types of portable printers to choose from, which is why it is important for you to be able to make an informed decision. With the helpful tips included in our buying guide, you can find the best portable printer in 2019.


As stated in the best portable printer reviews the first aspect to consider is your budget. Your budget will not only determine a number of the features included with the device, but also its size. Most portable printers are able to fit inside a small briefcase and weigh around 5 pounds, but there are smaller models available that are higher priced. Your budget will also affect the performance capabilities of the portable printer, though you do want to ensure that you have a printing speed of at least 5 pages per minute.



The best portable printer reviews recommend considering the available power options, since you will be using the device on the go. Most portable printers include an adapter plug, along with a rechargeable battery. Some of the higher priced models may also include a car charger, and a USB port that lets you print from several devices while charging the battery. Built in connectivity for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi offer multiple advantages that include the ability to print without tangled wires, and most models are also compatible with SD cards.



Mobile printers can include a variety of different features and functions that are all designed to help you conduct business when you are traveling. The best portable printer in 2019 can be used for documents, photos, and receipts. The size of the portable device should also be compatible with the paper you commonly use, and this also refers to its weight and thickness. The operating system on your laptop should also be compatible with the portable printer, and you want to find a device that is sturdy and durable.


Top Rated Portable Printers in 2019


While we can’t choose the best model for your business and travel needs, we can show you the top rated portable printers of 2019. Each of these mobile printers has its own advantages, and one may be just what you are looking for.


Epson WorkForce WF-100 Mobile Printer


The best portable printer reviews state that this is the lightest and smallest model available, and it does feature an extremely compact and lightweight construction. It is designed to let you take your office with you when you travel, and is capable of printing everything from documents and contracts to receipts and glossy photographs. You have the advantage of the wireless design, and the intuitive menu is easy to navigate from any mobile device.

You have the advantage of being able to seamlessly connect to almost any mobile device, and charge the battery at the same time. Find and print documents and contracts from your smart phone or tablet, and you also have the benefit of being able to print high quality photos. Create professional sales brochures and pamphlets on site, and immediately print the documents before you go.

The powerful lithium ion battery provides you with plenty of operating power, and you can recharge it while you are connected to your other mobile devices. With built in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, you also have the advantage of being able to print from multiple devices. Affordably priced for small businesses, but with the power and performance of the higher end models it is easy to see why this is one of the top rated mobile printers.

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HP OJ 150 Mobile Printer


This fast and high performing portable printer is designed to keep up with the higher demand some professions call for, at a price that is designed for smaller businesses. As stated by the best portable printer reviews it features a durable and lightweight construction that is designed to keep up with frequent travelers. The mobile printer fits easily in a small carrying case, and includes standard Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to ensure you can always access your documents.

The portable printer is easy to use and can be connected to most mobile devices. The USB port makes connecting simple, and also gives you the advantage of charging the battery while it is printing. With the ability to hold up to 50 sheets of paper in the tray you can print long contracts and plenty of full color brochures without any problems.

With the HP ink cartridge you can print stunning color photos, charts and graphs, to complete your presentation while you are traveling. You also have the advantage of being to print up to 22 pages per minute of black text, and 18ppm with glossy color. This portable printer can also be used as a copier to make it even easier to conduct business when you are traveling.

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Canon PIXMA iP110 Wireless Mobile Printer


This portable printer is designed for anyone who is always on the go. It features a compact and durable construction that is easy to pack, along with a hassle free wireless design. You can print documents, receipts and photos from almost anywhere, and you will also appreciate how easy it is to use.

The portable printer features built in Wi-Fi connectivity, and you also have the benefit of the online cloud printing services. Connect to your tablets, smart phones, and other mobile devices to access all of the files you need for printing, and enjoy seeing you images in vibrant color.

It features a fast printing speed and is also compatible with most operating services. You have the advantage of using the included battery or plugging in to your mobile device. This convenient option lets you use this portable printer almost anywhere. It is priced to fit almost any budget and includes the features you need to print professional looking documents. Designed to be easy to use, it is easy to see why this portable printer is a consumer favorite.

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