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For people who have diminished mobility, have to stay in bed or in a wheelchair or can’t move to the bathroom easily, the best portable toilet is the ultimate solution. Thanks to the variations in design, the commode toilet can serve multiple functions, when needed. To help you spot a good portable toilet, here are the elements to look for.

A.Portable toilets for elderly


Some users want versatility in their portable toilets. This is especially true when you’re looking for portable toilets for elderly people. Some senior users may want to assert some form of independence when they can. This is also the case for people recovering from surgery or illness. It would be convenient to have a unit that converts from a bedside commode to being set atop a toilet bowl to create a raised toilet seat or a toilet frame.


Mobility and Ease of Use

For users with limited mobility, non-slip rubber feet provide stability with hand rims or rails that can facilitate independence, privacy and support. Personal hygiene becomes convenient and easy with an open front design. A snap-on lid and seat enable easy installation.


Comfort and Support

A textured, non-slip seat ensures problem-free use and comfort. Portable toilets for elderly users should include a maximum user weight limit to ensure adequate support. Some models are built extra wide to enable comfortable seating.



What Are the Top Rated Portable Toilets for Elderly People?


There will come a time when we have to be parents to our own parents, and this includes ensuring their comfort and independence when handling personal hygiene. There are plenty of portable toilets or commodes to help with this journey. Here are three products worth investing on for the sake of helping the elderly, or even the sick.


Our recommendations


Drive Medical RTL11148KDR


2.Drive MedicalThe Drive Medical Folding Bedside Commode Seat opens easily to enable users with limited mobility to handle personal hygiene independently. It folds for storage and transportation. The durable plastic snap-on seat and lid won’t require you to push buttons to set things up.

The Drive Medical Folding Bedside Commode Seat boasts powder-coated steel-welded construction to ensure durability and long life. It has plastic arms that enable adequate support for the user plus comfort. The Drive Medical Folding Bedside Commode Seat ships with a 7.5-quart commode bucket with carry handle, cover and splash shield to enable mess-free effortless emptying of contents into the toilet.

Built to accommodate a maximum weight limit of 350 pounds, the Drive Medical Folding Bedside Commode Seat is designed to meet the toilet needs of people recovering from illness, those confined to bed or the elderly. It can fit into a standard toilet to create an elevated toilet seat. The back can be removed without the need for tools, so configuring the Drive Medical Folding Bedside Commode Seat is easy for any application.

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Nova Medical Products 8700-R


3.NOVA MedicalThe Nova Medical Products 8700-R Folding Commode offers ease of use for people who need a convenient means of handling personal hygiene. It folds and unfolds in seconds, so it can be stored easily or brought along during travel.

The seat height can be adjusted between 16 inches and 23 inches to accommodate various user heights. The NOVA Medical Products 8700-R Folding Commode has an overall width of 20.5 inches to enable comfortable seating. The width between the arms is 18 inches so users can settle easily into the seat. The NOVA Medical Products 8700-R Folding Commode is only 6 inches wide when folded up, so transport is easy and it won’t take up too much closet space.

The Npva Medical Products 8700-R Folding Commode is built with a weight capacity of 300 pounds to accommodate various size users. The waterfall armrest pads are designed to provide ultimate comfort and protection to the wrists and elbows of the commode user. The non-marring rubber tips ensure stability on any surface. The bucket and lid provide easy emptying.

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Medline 3 in 1


1.Bedside CommodeCombining gray and silver in its construction, the Bedside Commode/Toilet Seat/Safety Rails All in One offers collapsibility/foldability so it can be stored when it’s no longer needed. To ensure ease-of-use, the Medline 3in1 is designed to support quick setup, so after folding the Toilet Seat, you do not require the use of setup tools like a cordless drill driver to setup it up again for use. You only have to pull the rods to the required positions.  Perfect for the elderly, convalescing patients or people with limited mobility, the Bedside Commode/Toilet Seat/Safety Rails All in One is typically used in hospital settings. 

The lightweight commode comes with a collection bucket plus a handle for bedside use. A shield enables use in the bathroom. The Bedside Commode/Toilet Seat/Safety Rails All in One fits a standard toilet so it can be used as a raised toilet seat for individuals who have mobility issues.

The seat snaps on and off the frame to facilitate cleaning. Built with excellent quality, the Bedside Commode/Toilet Seat/Safety Rails All in One is sturdy and can hold a heavy person securely. It has rubber tipped leg bottoms that keep the steel frame stable, with no sliding even on a waxed wood floor. The chair height can be adjusted to seven levels to accommodate various heights of users. The commode comes with a transport cover for no-mess emptying.

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