If you’re here just to find the best post op walking shoes and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best post op walking shoes on the market by looking at owner feedback and expert review sites for medical footwear to compare products based on their actual merits. Out of all the products we have looked at, we consider the Vive the best because of its smart design that delivers superior arch support while minimizing the pressure on the forefoot and heel, perfect for users who need their feet to be in a cast or bandages for a time. Suitable for both men and women, these walking shoes are designed to stay in place via the three adjustable straps that also make it possible to get a secure fit. Lightweight yet durable, the shoe comes as just one piece that can be worn on either the right or left foot. If the Vive is unavailable/out of stock, you could also consider the Darco Advantage as it is the second best option.


Buying guide


For a wide variety of foot and ankle conditions, you need to wear premium-quality post-op walking shoes to enable your injured limb to heal optimally. Used after foot surgery, post-op shoes provide support and protect your injured foot. How do you know you have a good-quality post op shoe and not just ordinary footwear?

Look for products featured in the best post op walking shoe reviews that ensure comfort for your injured foot

You need a rocker sole that ensures reduced pressure on your forefoot and heel while still making you able to walk naturally. A rocker sole also functions to promote a rolling gait pattern.

There should be rigid control under the heads of your metatarsals. The shoe should be equipped to enable off-loading of lesions of the foot for the promotion of healing of diabetic foot ulcers.

The shoe should be available in a variety of sizes as well to accommodate any possible swelling due to the surgery plus the accompanying bandages or cast that place the injured foot in an immobile state until it has completely healed.

The shoe should also be large enough to take in not just the injured foot but any bandages or casts as well. Ambulation may cause some shock, so it is important for the foot bed to have a foamed structure or a padded insole for cushioning.

Some products come with a special stretchable upper material that helps the shoe conform to the cast to ensure a precise fit, aside from making the shoe cool and comfortable to wear.


The best post surgery walking shoe provides protection to the essential parts of your foot

Aside from delivering excellent foot and ankle support, a post-op walking shoe needs to protect the toes as well. This is via a square toe design and shank protection, which also serve as a protective bumper.

You want the shoe to be made of sturdy vinyl material to ensure durability. It should provide greater protection during the weight-bearing mobility stage of the recovery. Some post-op recovery shoes feature a rigid rubber sole that ensures controlled forefoot motion.

Check out products boasting a Microban®-treated sole plate that offers good control of the growth of fungi, yeast, and certain bacteria.


When debating between a post op shoe vs walking boot, the former guarantees easier use during the recovery phase

Unlike walking boots that are designed for handling tough mountain terrain, a post-op shoe does not have complicated styling that makes putting on a real problem. Aside from having a generous size to accommodate any bandages or a cast, a post-op shoe also comes with a functional ankle strap that prevents heel migration or unnecessary movement while walking.

While most post-op shoes are geared for wear during post-op care or after soft tissue procedures, they are also especially useful for diabetic and geriatric patients whose feet have become insensitive.

Some models come with a strapless enclosure for the forefoot that enables easy adjustment to the size of the cast.

You want to control forefoot motion from the shoe. Hook-and-loop closures enable simple wear and removal.

The majority of post-op shoes are made with unisex designs, so they are suitable for both men and women.


Top Rated Post Op Walking Shoes in 2019


There is a market for post-op shoes that has grown pretty large, so consumers just like you can have a difficult time choosing the perfect one for your needs. We hope the above buying guide helps you find a suitable one for you. We have also showcased the best products below for even more shopping guidance.


Our recommendations


Vive Surgical Walking Boot


Designed as a lightweight surgical boot, the Vive carries a smart design that provides sufficient support to the foot arch while minimizing pressure on the forefoot and heel. Its universal style enables use by both men and women.

It will offer the best fit as long as you factor in the size of the cast and bandages during sizing. Made extra strong, the shoe comes with three adjustable straps that keep it in place while providing a secure and comfortable fit.

To provide some more room for the foot and protect the toes, the shoe comes with a squared toe that serves as a bumper to ensure no point of transmission for impact shock during walking. This model comes with a single shoe that fits on either foot.

As a specially-crafted protective boot, this model is perfect for use following leg, toe or ankle operations. Durable despite its lightweight design, the shoe provides support and comfort as you begin to recover from surgery, thereby contributing to the prevention of further complications due to an improperly-healed foot.

The three adjustable straps hold the shoe in place. The rocker sole reduces pain and pressure in the forefoot and heel and also gives arch support. Sore spots are kept safe through the square-toe protector design.

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Darco Advantage


The Darco Advantage comes with an innovative square toe design that ensures greater protection as well as better fit with either the right or left foot. This post-op shoe aids in the recovery of an injured foot during the delicate stage after surgery. It delivers the needed protection to the soft tissues of the foot while ensuring ample protection all around.

This post-op shoe is especially engineered to provide solid protection to the injured foot while being able to take in the bulky bandages or cast with ease. The square-toe design delivers extra protection to the toes, keeping them from getting accidentally bumped to cause further pain.

The sole is equipped with a special meta-shank design that ensures extra support to the critical metatarsal region during mobility or walking.

The velcro closure of this shoe is right across the front, ensuring a fit for up to 17 inches in circumference to accommodate large bandages, thick dressing or a cast. An injured foot will not be getting added pressure caused by regular D-ring closure straps that also tend to irritate the area of the forefoot.

A very aggressive tread can be found at the midfoot section, which prevents slipping while walking. There is also reduced-friction tread at the heel and toe sections that enables the accommodation of heel scuff and toe drag.

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ProCare PC151FB01-XS


Useful for ensuring that any dressings or bandages on foot are kept clean, the ProCare PC151FB01-XS is the perfect footwear to use during the recovery stage from surgery. It keeps the toes dry and delivers solid protection after forefoot trauma or following post-op procedures.

The critical square-toe design also serves as an efficient bumper against unwanted impact when hit accidentally. This shoe provides extra room and comfort to the foot to aid in fast recovery and re-attainment of the normal function while enabling easier mobility even with the foot in a cast or bandages.

The high ankle strapping keeps your injured foot in the proper position by preventing heel migration. The rigid rocker sole enables more effortless ambulation as well as reduction of pressure.

This shoe comes with a universal fit that makes it possible to be used on either the right or left foot. It keeps the foot’s critical parts immobile and protected during recovery while promoting effortless control by your lower limb when walking.

The thick outer sole protects the surface of your foot from impact down below. This post-op shoe comes with an innovative upper design that enables easy fit to accommodate a cast, thick bandages or dressing while keeping the foot well-positioned on the foot bed.

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