A Complete Buying Guide on Postal Scales


Overpayment on outgoing mail can incur an additional expense of 10% to 15% on postage for businesses, which makes the products featured in the best postal scale reviews really essential. A postal scale gives you greater accuracy when processing large volumes of mail for your company. You need to determine the features that are highly usable for every member of your business team.

Manual or Digital?

The units highlighted in the best postal scale reviews can either be manual or digital. Manual postal scales cost less than their digital counterparts. They have fewer controls and features that you need to get used to, and they do not work with electronic postage meters.

Digital postal scales have a variety of features that give them a higher cost, and these features can be helpful but complex. A digital unit may work well with existing postage meters.


Weight Capacity

For a product to get great ratings in the best postal scale reviews, it needs to be able to handle a diverse variety of outgoing documents and parcels. Machines that can weigh oversized packages and heavier weights, as well as light documents, are always a better purchase. Storage of the weight reading via an automatic lock feature can be really useful when larger packages that block the view of the display are placed on the platform.



When evaluating the best postal scale 2019, you will need to ascertain its compatibility with a meter as well as a postage printer. The device should ship with connector cables that go seamlessly with any computers or printers you use in your mail department. This will not only minimize the occurrence of errors but also enables problem-free connection to existing postal devices of the business. Remember: you’re getting a postal scale to simplify things in mailing and not to create more issues.


Top Rated Postal Scales in 2019


The best postal scale reviews can help you with information on great machines that can help save postage costs for your business. However, going through plenty of reading material to bag a great bargain is not really something that everybody wants to do. Below, we have described three units to make your search easier.


Accuteck Heavy Duty Postal Shipping Scale


Undoubtedly the best postal scale 2019, the Accuteck A-ST85 is capable of weighing packages up to 85 pounds with a precision range of 0.2 ounces. With this postal scale, you won’t need to stand in line at the post office so you can have a clerk weigh packages for you. Highly useful for those who do plenty of package mailing and those who have an online business, the Accuteck Heavy Duty Postal Shipping Scale has an extra large backlit LCD display that enables easy viewing of a package’s weight.

Thanks to the HOLD button, the display shows a recorded reading to let you see the weight of a particularly large package. The postal scale has a built-in weighing platform that is larger than those found in most other products on the market. This top quality product features variable reading modes in grams, kilograms and ounces, for greater accuracy. The tare function allows you to obtain the net weight of an item placed inside a container by using the same container to do zero tare.

The unit runs on batteries and also on AC power, so you can choose what is most convenient for you. This postal scale has auto zero and auto power off, saving on battery life and electricity.

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WeighMax W-4830 Industrial Postal Scale


The WeighMax W-4830 is easily one of the top rated postal scales 2019 thanks to its ability to weigh packages up to 75.0 kilograms or 330.0 pounds heavy. This industrial-grade postal scale has a wired remote readout head that makes it easy to weigh and read weight info for bulky or large packages without having to bend down. The stainless steel platform is solidly built to handle heavy duty weighing tasks.

This is the ideal digital shipping scale for manufacturing, industrial, shipping,packaging and postal needs.It has a built-in clock, which adds to its functionality. The on/off button is easy to use as well. The Tare mode allows you to get the exact weight of an already packaged item by weighing an identical container first then calibrating the machine to weigh just the article. The weight on the label is consistently within the +/- 1 ounce range.

You can choose to plug the unit into an AC outlet or put in batteries, for more convenience. The Auto shutoff feature ensures energy efficiency as well as safe use. The postal scale also has an Overload Indication feature that shows EEEE on the remote display. It comes with a lifetime warranty, proof of the manufacturer’s commitment to total quality.

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American Weigh Scales PS-25 Table Top Postal Scale


This Tabletop postal scale from American Weigh Scales works great for weighing envelopes and small packages. A letter/mailing tube stand is built into the platform to simplify your weighing task. Perfect for everyday use, the table top postal scale doesn’t weigh a lot, so you can use it anywhere in the house or office. You can choose to have the scale powered by two AA batteries (included) or via a standard electric outlet. The product is solidly made and durable, and ships to you already calibrated.

The scale accepts small to medium boxes while delivering spot on reading. You can use it to weigh oversized letters and packages weighing up to 55 pounds, with 0.01-pound resolution. The PS-25 ships with the platform uninstalled, but the component can easily be attached to the main unit. It also comes with a user manual to help the user along. The batteries are pre-installed. One just has to remove the clear plastic insulation tab from the battery compartment to activate fuel cell power.

The PS-25 is fast and sensitive, with a bright and easy-to-read LCD display. You can press the HOLD button to record the reading when you have to weigh a large package.

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