If you’re here just to find the best power amplifier and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We’ve gathered a lot of info about the best power amplifiers and in doing so, we’ve looked at the owner feedback, the sales figures, the performance, and the value offered for the price of most of the critically acclaimed choices out there. Out of all the products we have looked at, the QSC GX3 is the best as it gets the job done precisely how it is supposed to and is compatible with the vast array of speakers that audiophiles and music professionals might be the owners of. What’s more, this model offers all the benefits of the brand’s Proprietary Heat and Volume Gain Limiter. In a nutshell, what this means for the end-user is that this unit is perfectly capable of offering excellent sound performance while ensuring maximum thermal efficiency. If the QSC GX3 is out of stock, you could also consider the GTD Audio Q3000, as we have found it to be the second best option.



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A power amplifier is an important part of any sound system, regardless of the type of music. An amplifier ensures that every note can be clearly heard through the monitors and speakers. While almost any amp can increase sound output, not every model is designed to work with all systems. To help you find the best amplifier for the speakers used with your sound system we have included the following informative tips below.

1.Crown XLS1000


When you are searching for the best audio amplifier one of the first aspects to consider is the type, and you need it to be compatible with your speakers.Powered or active models have the speakers and amp in one convenient unit. This makes it easier to transport since there is only one piece of gear to load and carry, and this single unit can also make one of the best home stereo amplifiers due to its compact size. If you aren’t planning on continuing to “build” your system or aren’t worried about having to replace both components if one breaks, a powered amplifier might be the right choice for you.

Passive amplifiers are often found in professional PA systems, and these stand alone models also provide you with more versatility. You can easily replace only one component at a time, and passive amplifiers also come at a more affordable price. If you are planning on upgrading your existing system one piece of equipment at a time you probably want to start with a passive amplifier.


Modes and channels

Amplifiers can come with different modes and channels and it is an important aspect to consider. There are three basic modes for power amps and each one will create a different configuration. In stereo mode you can connect two of the outputs on your mixer to the amp, which is then plugged into the speakers. If you want the speakers to produce the same sounds you want the power amplifier to be in parallel mode. Most amps also come with a setting for bridge mode, but it is important that you read the owner’s manual carefully to make sure it won’t damage your gear.

Almost all power amplifiers have two channels so you can connect the speakers, and some models come with as many as eight. When you are trying to decide how many channels you need it is important to consider where and how you are going to be using the amplifier, along with your budget. If you need to connect more than two speakers for a more professional sound system, it might be worth the added expensive and convenience to purchase one power amplifier with  multiple channels.



You want the amplifier impedance to match your speakers if you want to prevent expensive damage to your gear, and this is measured in ohms. If the speaker’s impedance is higher than the amp’s you won’t be able to produce every sound, and if it is too low there is a good chance that it will ruin your expensive gear. Most speakers have ohm ratings of 4, 8 or 16 so you can easily find a power amplifier that matches the impedance perfectly.

How the amp and speakers are connected will also determine impedance, and there are two types to choose from. Parallel connections are simple to figure out, since each speaker connects to the amp separately. It is also the safest way to connect your gear, and is recommended if the impedance varies even a little between the amp and speakers. If have multiple speakers, you might want to choose an amp with series style connections. While it is a little more complicated you can use one connection for several speakers, instead of purchasing two power amps.

2.Pyle-Pro PEXA8000


Some features to consider include the type and number of inputs and outputs so you can easily connect all of your gear, without having to purchase a second amplifier. Built in digital streaming processing lets you make changes to the signal so you can create dynamic sounds. You also want the power amp to have plenty of “headroom” which prevents the sound from becoming distorted when it passes through the speakers.



Top rated power amplifiers in 2019


While we can’t choose the right gear for your sound system we can help you narrow down your choices, which is we have the best power amplifiers showcased below.


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Matching the power and impedance of your speakers to the ones of your power amplifier can be a tricky endeavor if you risk ordering the wrong product. This is the reason why this product has been built in such a way so that it’s a perfect fit for most popular speakers that could be used by entertainers in the audio industry. Because it comes with GuardRail protection, the GX3 delivers all the power you may need without affecting the integrity of the sounds or damaging the rest of your audio equipment. The Volume Gain Limiter and Proprietary Heat of the GX3 make this model one of the safest power amplifiers on the market.


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GTD Audio Q3000



Although it’s considerably less expensive compared to high-end alternatives, the Q3000 has most of the features used by DJ’s, amateur audiophiles, and musicians. The Front-to-Rear Airflow and Dual-Cooling Fans that this unit has been equipped with render it efficient regardless of the complexity of your tasks or the amount of power it needs to provide. Whether you intend to use this unit in your basement or outdoors, it has a high chance of performing very well, leaving your colleagues feeling impressed. Most of the professionals who’ve bought it say that it works great both at 4 and 8 ohms.


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Behringer Super-X Pro CX2310 



This small amplifier is perfect for use in home or professional audio systems. It comes with inputs and outputs that are compatible with balanced and unbalanced connections, and two modes to ensure that low and high frequencies sound crisp and clear. This crossover power amplifier will ensure that every frequencies is optimized for the best sound, while still providing plenty of protection for sensitive speaker components. The illuminated switches make it easy to operate the power amp on a dark stage, and you will also appreciate its durable construction. Designed to optimize your sound and be easy to operate, the CX2310 from Behringer might be exactly what you need in your audio system.


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Crown XLS1000


best power amplifierIf you are looking for that next step in acoustic quality than I strongly suggest getting yourself a power amp. The Crown XLS1000 is one of  the top rated power amplifiers in 2019 because of its high performance and many useful features. The Integrated PureBand Crossover System ensures that performance is better and the controls are easier to understand and put to use. It also comes with PeakX Limiters that are able to provide the maximum output while protecting your speakers at the same time . These are only a few of the features this amplifier provides and which will give your whole sound system a better level of performance.


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Pyle-Pro PEXA8000


 Best power amplifiers 2019A power amplifier does the job every time when it comes to improving sound quality. It is simple to use and it makes everything sound better and louder. One such device is the Pyle-Pro PEXA8000 which can make your sound system sound better than ever before. It has Digital SMT technology opening new acoustic doors for you. There is an LCD blue display that shows power level and temperature. With this power amp you will trully know the meaning of quality music and quality sound and your ears will be dazzeled by them in a way they have never been.


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Behringer EP2000 



If you want bass and treble frequencies to be “punchy” and clear, this power amplifier from Behringer might be just what you need. It is designed to react and correct distortion instantly so every sounds are naturally crisp and clear. The flexible inputs and outputs give you plenty of sound options, and you will love having plenty of power for the speaker cabinets. The front control panel is designed to be easy to operate and comes with lighted power switches. It also comes with switches on the back so you can use the amplifier in bridge or stereo mode. Perfect for use at home or in a venue, the EP2000 might be just what you need to produce amazing audio.


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Pyle-Pro PQA3100


1.Pyle-Pro PQA3100If you want a top rated power amplifier for your home entertainment system, choose the affordable Pyle-Pro PQA3100. This is a rack-mountable model that packs a huge punch without breaking the bank. Equipped with dual ¼-inch RCA inputs and dual ¼-inch speakon banana plug outputs, the unit provides amazing connectivity to a variety of devices. Adjusting the levels to your preferred specifications is effortless with the dual output level controls. Damage to the speakers is effectively prevented thanks to the soft start limiter. The high quality ring transformer powers everything, eliminating transients while optimizing audio quality. Delivering 1550 watts, the power amplifier comes with a stereo mono parallel selector so you can maximize your listening experience.


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GTD Audio TN-350


2.GTD Audio Power AmplifierEnjoy class leading amplifier technology with the new generation GTD Audio 2 Channel Stereo Professional Power Amplifier. This unit is made extra lightweight while boasting powerful performance. Get nothing less than long-lasting crystal clear sound quality combined with the ultra-low noise design so you can make the most of your audio experience. Enjoy supreme clarity and punch with the Accelerated Transient Response (ATR) technology. Weighing in at 9 pounds, this new generation power amplifier delivers exceptional portability. Enjoy 700 watts at 8 ohms RMS and 1300 watts at 4 ohms RMS, with everything coming together at 6500 watts peak, with superb frequency response range from 35 Hz to 15 kHz.


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Parasound 2250  THX Ultra 2


One of the best power amplifiers in 2019, the Parasound 2250, delivers an impressive 250 watts per channel into 8 ohms and two channels with 400 watts per channel into 4 ohms, thus setting new standards for audio clarity and strength. The Parasound 2250 THX Ultra features a two-channel amplifier which is operated through the bridging switch for stereo or mono operations and the A/B speaker terminals that expand your options while listening to music. Furthermore, having a modern and stylish design, you can place the device anywhere you want and it will blend into the surroundings with ease.


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Denon AVR5308CI


Denon AVR5308CI Reference 7.1-channel power amplifierRecent statistics and technical studies have demonstrated that the Denon AVR5308CI reference 7.1-channel power amplifier is one of the best power amplifiers in 2019, known for its modern aspect and solid structure. This Denon model has THX Ultra 2 certified 10 channel amplifiers with an impressive 150 Watts per channel power, designed to maintain a crisp and clear sound every time you press play. The Denon AVR5308CI reference has XLR and RCA inputs for all channels and the user can control the device’s options through the RS232c control user friendly interface.


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Marantz AV7005


The vast majority of the present top rated power amplifier reviews underline the efficiency and power of the Marantz AV7005 audio video Pre-processor, known for its capacity to enhance the audio experience irrespective of the environment. The AV7005 has a solid ver. 1.4 3D ready 6 HDMI inputs which includes 1 front input and two selectable outputs, thus being capable of working with your existing home theater. Furthermore, the Marantz AV7005 audio video pre-processor has a special USB input for music playback via iPhone/iPod and other tablets or smartphones. The Marantz audio video amplifier represents the best way to enjoy high quality sounds every time you want.


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Products which are no longer available



Onkyo A-9555


Considered by many technicians and music specialists as one of the best power amplifiers 2019, the Onkyo A-9555 Integrated Digital Stereo amplifier combines efficiency and attention to detail in a smart manner. The Onkyo A-9555 comes equipped with exclusive vector linear digital technology, a solid Optimum Gain volume circuitry system and also a carefully designed pure stream power supply. In addition, the Onkyo A-9555 has 6 audio inputs and 2 outputs, a phone input and aluminum volume and selector knobs thus giving you greater control over the device’s options.



Marantz PM8004


The Marantz PM8004 amplifier black version has a modern design with a touch of style, all covering an audio force of 70 W (8 ohms), 100W (4 ohms) output power per channel through the usage of the double-shielded Toroidal transformer. This model from Marantz has a discrete current-feedback system that maintains the link steady through the HDAM-SA3 circuits and so the sound will not lose its frequency or pattern of clarity. Furthermore, the Marantz PM8004 has a direct source mode, triple layer bottom chassis, an efficient detachable power code and also a system remote that allows you to better control  the device.