Top rated PTZ Security Cameras in 2019


Providing tilt, pan and zoom functions, a product from the best PTZ security camera reviews uses either manual or automatic control to enable wide area coverage. A PTZ camera offers superb detail capture when zooming in. The zoom lens is a special component that features optical zoom to maintain superior resolution of images.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Optical zoom Price Resolution (TVL) Presets Our Rating Where to buy

Ranyou CCTV PTZ Camera

30x $$$$ 700 220 A+ AMAZON

DBPower PTZ Security Camera

27x $$$$$ 420 256 A AMAZON


12x $$$ 700 16 B+ AMAZON

IntelliSecu ISC-H4AS-T

10x $$ 1000 256 B AMAZON

DVRDeal PTZ Camera

10x $$$$ 700 128 C AMAZON



Ranyou CCTV PTZ Camera


This best PTZ security camera 2019 features auto tracking function, which is designed to automatically detect anything in motion in front of it. This component can be opened or closed depending on your preference. The Smart Temperature Controller System has a fan and heater that effectively prevent overheating and keep operating temperatures constant, maintaining the integrity of the device in both hot and cold weather. The Wiper system is also made intelligent, enabling you to activate it during rain and to prevent dust accumulation on the camera lens. The IR LED lights also have an intelligent control system that turns on in low light conditions when set on auto.

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DBPower PTZ Security Camera


Equipped with Sony Effio ¼-inch CCD, this high-quality camera offers a maximum of 420 TV lines of horizontal resolution for reliable detail capture. You can see brightness, hue, contrast, color, picture quality and saturation clearly outlined so images come out clear and sharp even at night time. Try viewing the head of a Philips screw at 150 feet away and still be able to make out what the object is. The cast aluminum housing is designed with weatherproof ability with its excellent moisture-sealed construction. The Anti-fog function utilizes a built-in circulation fan and heater to keep the dome from condensation.

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Swann SWPRO-751CAM-US PTZ Camera


See what you need to view in amazing clarity with this product lauded in the best PTZ security camera reviews. The Swann SWPRO-751CAM-US PTZ Camera offers incredibly high resolution of 700 TV lines for brilliantly sharp images. The zoom capabilities are simply awesome from 5 to 60 millimeters, offering you twelve times the detail. See license plates and make out people’s faces easily! The unit can be paired with a free SwannView app plus Swann networking DVR for convenient viewing and control via a Mac, PC, tablet or Smartphone. Get freedom from ongoing fees with this amazing surveillance product.

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IntelliSecu ISC-H4AS-T Security Dome Camera


This product is definitely the best PTZ security camera 2019 due to its impressive rotation angle of 360O, which allows it to do continuous panning plus tilting. The device offers 10X Optical Zoom, enabling you to view objects in sharp detail. The high-speed auto-focus function captures images with ease. The IntelliSecu Security Dome Camera has a full aluminum housing that protects the set-up in any weather condition. The professional security camera is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It has a precision motor drive that captures images without shaking thanks to the high-precision differential circuit design.

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DVRDeal PTZ Camera


Designed as a high-speed surveillance device, this model is one of the top PTZ security cameras 2019 due to the impressive image detail that its 700 TV lines can give you. Enjoy brightness control that allows you to see every element clearly whether in daylight or in the dark. The white balance evens out contrasts between dark and bright to help you see details vividly. The Infrared cut filter effectively blocks or reflects medium-length infrared waves while allowing visible light through, so you can perceive vital elements and none of the unnecessary noise that makes images blurry or streaky.

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