If you’re here to find the best quietest washing machine but don’t have the patience to go through all the buying advice the researchers have put together, this short presentation will do the trick. We have made some serious market research about quiet washing machines and based on owner feedback, value for the money and overall brand quality we’ve arrived at the conclusion the Haier HLP21N Pulsator is the product that stands out. It features a motor whose innovative design renders the traditional agitator useless and offers more space for the laundry. It has digital controls for the cycles and water level, LED indicators and a clear viewing window that will enable you to be in charge all the time. As this washing machine is intended for small spaces, it is compact and easy to install and connect. If the Haier HLP21N Pulsator is out of stock, then you should consider the get the Best Choice Products Sky2767, because its features are similar.



Buying guide


The world of home electronics and appliances has developed so much in the past years that a buyer’s guide is the best thing you can stumble upon when you’re in search of a product. That is essentially the reason why we decided to offer you some information and went through the best quietest washing machine reviews.

Noise level

Some have basements or utility rooms, but others only inhabit a small, crowded apartment. If you’re one of those, you know the noise of a washing machine will put a sure end to your train of thoughts, conversations or even telephone calls.

Search for a noise level data inscribed on the label of the washing machine. There are usually two sets of numbers, that state the level of noise for the washing cycle and the spinning cycle respectively.

The most noise a washing machine makes is when the motor runs at maximum capacity, that can go as high as 1800 RPM, during the spin cycle. Small, quiet washing machines have about 800-1000 RPM, so that will lower the level of sound.

The number of decibels on the label gives you the measurement of sound. While 40 dB is the equivalent of whisper and 50 dB is that of a normal conversation, 60 to 80 dB is the noise of a spinning cycle. Try to find the appliance that doesn’t go beyond 70 dB for a definition of a quiet washing machine.



This is the second most important feature to spot the best quiet washing machine. The standard capacity of washing machines is about 13 lbs, but that number varies. For individuals and small apartments that amount is quite enough, but larger families and households need more. The 17 lbs capacity washing machines are better suited for the necessities of 4 persons and more.

As to the quiet washing machines, these rely on both small design and lower motor capacity, so the tub will usually hold up to 8 lbs of laundry. That is a decent amount; larger capacities would require a bigger and noisier appliance.  

The small units usually have a separate tub for drying out the washed laundry, so don’t forget to check the capacity of the spin cycle as well.


Ease of use

If you can’t use it easily, then it’s no longer a convenience, is it? So choose the model that offers simple design and controls. The washing machines that have simple, intuitive controls are easy to figure out even without the help of an instructions manual.

Cycles, power supply, water fill, and drainage are the things you should be concerned with. Having the basics checked is great when you spend a bit more money.


Wash quality

Now that you have the two most important features ticked on the list, you may want to see if what you want is not an expensive toy. Getting clean clothes out of the washing machine is actually the end result you are in search of.

Some washing machines do their job better than others, and that depends on the RPM each cycle has the length in minutes that a program has, or the temperature it uses. Detergents can improve that, but having proper wash cycles is really what matters most.



 Quietest Washing Machines in 2019


If you think you can face the choice after reading this, then the best quietest washing machines are showcased below.


Our recommendations


Haier HLP21N Pulsator


Quiet washing machine reviews place this brand at the top of the list, just like we thought of doing.

The Haier HLP21N Pulsator has a 1-cubic-foot stainless tub for loads up to 6 pounds. That is just the right amount to do the baby clothes washing, delicates or smaller wash during the week.

It runs on standard 120V home outlets so you can place it anywhere in the living space and it’s easy to connect because the installation kit includes a sink adapter for the fill and it is provided with drainage hose.

Portability of this well-designed washing machine is ensured by the smooth-rolling casters that allow you to move it around any time you need.

You can use digital controls to choose from Heavy, Normal or Quick Wash cycles and set the water level to High, Medium or Low, depending on the amount of laundry or the type of detergent.

Featuring cycle status LED indicators, pause button and sound signal for the end of the cycle, this quiet washing machine gives you control over the operations.

Instead of the usual agitator, the Haier uses a pulsator system for an effective non-abrasive washing and is gentle on delicate clothes.

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Best Choice Products Sky2767


This compact portable top load washing machine features a twin tub design for separate washing and spin cycle. While it has a small capacity because of its size, the designers have found a way to enhance the efficiency of this appliance by the separate cycles.

It reaches up to 13 lbs of total laundry by a wash cycle of 8 lbs. and a spinning cycle of 5 lbs. and that makes it convenient as it is more than the average capacity for standard portable washers.

The Best Choice Products Sky2767 is provided with a washer control timer that runs up to 15 minutes while the spinning cycle timer can be set to run for up to 5 minutes for every load you put in. The short cycles are exactly what you need for a quick clean.

For adding and draining water the machine features an inlet and attached hose, but it also gives you the option of pouring water directly into the bucket.

The appliance is constructed of a durable plastic material that makes it lightweight for increased portability while the space-saving design facilitates easy storage.

As it’s built to ensure a quiet functioning, the 1300 RPM motor outputs a maximum frequency of only 60 Hz.

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Avanti TLW09W


This quiet washing machine top load is endowed with a plastic wash tub and a pulsating bottom that eliminates the need for an agitator. Thanks to this idea, the load of laundry you can do in a wash cycle is bigger, up to half the regular load of a standard washing machine.

It has electronic controls with LED status indicators for each cycle, so you don’t need to worry about the difficulty level of handling the washer.

To ensure the best results, this top loader enables the use of multiple pre-programmed automatic wash cycles and provides you with the possibility to make 3 load size selections. As most consumer reports show, the five wash cycles are great for handling most of the laundry.  

There is a see-through lid that is helpful for checking the stages of the washing cycle. This way you’ll know if it’s time to add softener or if your dirty clothes have to undergo another cycle.

Because it’s a portable appliance, the producer added rollers for easy movement, so you don’t have to drag it in order to place it where it fits best.

The case of the Avanti TLW090W is a certain plus because it’s made of durable rust resistant steel.

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