Things to Consider When Choosing a Top Rabbit Cage


A rabbit cage will most likely last throughout the life of your rabbits, possibly even outlasting a few generations when taken care of properly. This makes choosing a high quality rabbit cage important; your rabbits are going to stay in there for quite a long time and you’d want to make their stay as comfortable as possible. Just as every person wants to go home to a beautiful, spacious house, bunnies appreciate beautiful, large cages that allow them to explore, play, eat, sleep, etc. Fortunately, one does not have to go around every pet store to find the the perfect rabbit cage, nor does one need to build it himself. This buying guide will help you find the best rabbit cage 2019 has in store for you by listing important aspects to focus on, as well as the top rated rabbit cages 2019 has to offer based on user reviews.

Best Rabbit Cages

Cage Size

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a rabbit cage is the size; whether you plan on letting your rabbit explore outside his cage frequently or not, he’ll definitely appreciate a home that’s big enough for him to walk around in. If you have a pair of rabbits, you’d also have to consider getting a much larger cage, as they will quite readily multiply and give you babies on a regular basis.

Generally, you’d want about 6 square feet of cage space per rabbit, with a large enough height to allow them to stand on their hind legs.


Cage Type

Generally, you’d have two types of cages to choose from: the regular rectangular metal cage and the larger wood and metal cages with runs. The former is often used when keeping rabbits indoors, as it’s easy to set-up, move around, and clean. You’d of course, have to let your furry buddy come out more often, as regular metal cages are rarely stimulating nor spacious.

Should you choose to get a regular metal cage for your rabbit, make sure you get one that’s treated with non-toxic anti-rust coating in order to prevent poisoning should your rabbit try to chew his cage.  You’ll also want at least two doors – one on the side that lets your rabbit come out and one on the ceiling that allows you to give your rabbit food and water easily without him sneakily running out of the cage.

The latter cage type has a sleeping area and an open space for exercise – this is the perfect option for people who don’t have too much time to keep letting their rabbits out for exercise. This type of cage, however, is suitable mostly for grassy lawns, as the open space part has no flooring. If you choose this type of cage for your rabbit, make sure that it’s coated in weatherproof, non-toxic finish and roofing for your rabbit’s safety.


Floor Type

If you’re planning to get a cage with a floor, you should go with a mesh-type flooring. A sturdy mesh with just the right hole size is important – big enough to let rabbit waste and uneaten food pass through the mesh but not too big that your rabbit’s feet keep falling through the holes. If you’re planning to keep the cage indoors, then it makes sense to get a cage that includes a tray underneath the cage that could easily be pulled out and cleaned on a regular basis.


Top Rated Rabbit Cages in 2019


It might be daunting to think of how many rabbit cages you’d have to check to find one that suits you and your rabbit’s needs. Fortunately, we’ve compiled the best rabbit cage reviews from rabbit enthusiasts who want nothing but the best for their furry buddies, because the best rabbit cage reviews come not necessarily from professionals but from people who’ve forged strong bonds with their pets.


Living World Deluxe 61859A1 Habitat


1.Living World Deluxe HabitatLooking for a space-saving home for your rabbit that won’t stick out in terms of design? The Living World Deluxe Habitat is a haven for small animals like chinchillas, guinea pigs, etc. but can also accommodate rabbits, provided that they get to stretch their hind legs and hop around outside the cage more frequently. This cage comes with a mini balcony that serves as a dining room, as it comes with a tip-proof food dish latched to the balcony floor. For shy rabbits, under the balcony lies a small, dark space they could take refuge in or sleep in.  It also comes with a drip-proof water bottle and a hay guard attached outside the cage both for ease of maintenance and interior space-saving purposes.

What people love about this rabbit cage is how it just blends in almost any interior space. While a lot of cheap indoor cages are made solely out of wire frames, this one has a plastic bottom case that hides any unsightly mess, while keeping the wire mesh in the upper part for optimum ventilation and visibility. Despite having plastic parts, it is surprisingly durable and can take quite a few hits. If you’re short on indoor space but would still like to keep your furry buddy inside your home, then try this product out.

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Trixie 62339 Animal Hutch


2.Trixie Natura Animal Hutch with Outdoor RunWith an outdoor cage, your rabbit can get much needed sunlight and fresh air. Also, for homes that don’t have air purifiers, indoor rabbit cages need to be frequently cleaned so that any decaying matter or waste doesn’t have a chance of breaking down into ammonia and pollute the entire house. That being said, the Trixie Natura Animal Hutch with Outdoor Run provides protection from the elements, as well as adequate space to run around in.

It has a two-story design, with the run on the bottom and a retreat area on the top. This type of design saves you a lot of space, as a lot of outdoor cages allocate completely separate spaces for the retreat area and the run. Unfortunately, because of its wood construction, it will inevitably start to discolor in less than a year’s use, especially in tropical climates. Because of this, it’s a good idea to keep it in a shaded area and keep it from getting wet whenever you can. Also, if you live in an area with plenty of predators, you might want to consider placing this cage indoors, as it’s quite easy to break into this cage due to its floorless design. In any case, these shouldn’t be too much of a problem in most urban homes. If you’re looking for an outdoor cage for smaller rabbits that’s both easy to maintain and spacious enough, then you’re going to love this product.

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Kennel-Aire 49960 Bunny House


3.Kennel-Aire Bunny HouseLooking for a no-nonsense cage for where your rabbit can eat and do his business in? Then the Kennel-Aire Bunny House might just be what you need. It is often used as a transport cage for various types of animals from parrots to tiny dogs, but fares quite well as a small house for your rabbit as well. If you plan on buying one for your rabbit, it’s recommended that you build a small rabbit run beside the cage where your rabbit could move around better, as it can get rather cramped.

What a lot of people love about the Kennel-Aire Bunny House are the attached wheels that you can use to easily move the cage around the house or in your travels. Also, it one of the easiest ones to clean because of its simple design and dust-repelling finish. What some users don’t like about this cage, however, is that its tray is a bit small and therefore won’t be able to catch droppings that fall in the corner of the cage. Other than that, it is well-received despite its deceivingly ordinary design. If you own smaller rabbits or plan on attaching a separate run to whatever cage you buy, then try this product out and find out why it’s such a crowd favorite.

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