How to Select the Best Racing Wheel


Racing wheels can be very expensive. Gamers will often times end up spending up to $500 on a piece so it is important for them to know it comes with all the features they might have wished for. One way of making the right decision and of picking the right product for your needs is to read the best racing wheel reviews out there. This is probably the safest way of getting the best racing wheel of 2019.

We have put together a short yet informative buying guide which can help you make up your mind about what sort of details you need to look for in such a device.

Wheel size and rotation

Cheaper models usually come with a smaller wheel size. This can unfortunately affect the entire game performance. The smaller the wheel, the less it resembles the one belonging to an actual car. Also, smaller wheel will automatically come with limited degrees of rotation.

Pricier models that go over $500 can offer up to 1080 degrees. The increase in rotation is usually linked with a decrease in sensitivity. It all comes down to the types of games you enjoy playing. For instance, if you intend to use your racing wheel to drive an F1 car, you might require less rotation. On the other hand, if you intend to use it to drive a race truck, you could need as much rotation as possible.



Racing wheels usually come with pedals. In fact, buyers claim that a wheel is rather useless if it is not used with pedals. Less expensive wheels will come with plastic pedals which are known to be less sturdy. Our advice to you is to get a racing wheel that features metal pedals.



The entire simulation experience can be largely enhanced if you choose to buy a gearbox that features a clutch. In this way, you’ll be able to feel like you are actually driving a car with a manual transmission.



Compatibility is one of the most important features to look for when buying the best racing wheel in 2019. Buyers initially think that all of these devices work both with PCs and with PlayStations but it sure doesn’t hurt to read the specs and find out if the model you want to buy is actually compatible with the both.


Top Rated Racing Wheels in 2019


After having looked at the best racing wheel reviews we can give you some pieces of advice as to which models you might want to choose. The following three ones are among the most performant on the market and also among the most affordable racing wheels out there.


Logitech G27 Racing Wheel


This Logitech model is among the top rated racing wheels in 2019. It is really no wonder, considering the features it comes with. Although it’s less than $300, the pack includes the actual wheel, a six-speed shifter which accurately imitates the manual one of cars and a set of pedals that are made of metal.

Yet another remarkable feature of the model are the RPM/shift indicator LEDs that were especially added to integrate with the racing game software. The LEDs let the user know when he or she is supposed to shift gears.

Since the wheel is probably the most important part of the whole ensemble, let’s have a look at it. Its size is a net advantage because an 11-inch wheel wrapped in leather will always give you the feeling you’re in an actual car. The fact that it’s powered by a dual-motor force feedback mechanism is a noteworthy detail.Moreover, even its design is breath-taking.

The three pedals featured by the model are to die for and are known to be among the most sensitive ones out there.

As for compatibility, the Logitech model works with Windows PCs. This device has received some of the best racing wheel reviews, considering the fact that more than 72% of the buyers thought it was worthy of a 5-star rating.

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Thrustmaster T500RS Racing Wheel


As we were saying in the beginning of the buying guide, rotation matters for people that play F1. This Thrustmaster device is among the most remarkable models out there because it features the highest number of degrees of rotation which currently exists for racing wheels: 1080. So if you’re looking for a realistic drive, you clearly need to get this model.

Both the manufacturers and the reviewers claim it’s incredibly precise and powerful and provides an accurate angle of rotation. The pedal set of this one is also a must-have, considering the fact that the pedals are made of metal and are sturdy and sensitive at the same time. The pedals can actually be used with two driving positions: F1 style and GT style.

The really neat thing about the wheel is its industrial motor. The motor’s not only powerful but also highly responsive to stimuli.

Buyers have characterized it as being solid and heavy. Although it is clearly more expensive than other models, it comes with a set of features that are hard to come across with cheaper ones. An individual states that the wheel is no toy and can be used for hardcore sim gaming. Another man claims that he’s failed to encounter the same level of accuracy in any other model.

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Genius TwinWheel F1


If you’re looking for a device that has received some of the best racing wheel reviews, look no further. It could be that buyers were impressed with this Genius model because it’s clearly cheaper than its counterparts but it does come with a good performance.

The neat thing about this model is that it comes with a vibration feedback, which allows users to realistically feel bumps and swerves, as if they were actually driving. The wheel also comes with a D-Pad and 4 action buttons which can be used for advanced control.

This model features only two wheels instead of three. These two can be used for braking and accelerating.

The product is a nice fit for people that want a racing wheel but don’t want to spend a fortune on it. Also, it’s an amazing choice for beginners.

There’s one thing to consider, and it’s related to connectivity. The model only works with PlayStation.

Buyers state they were impressed with the balance between an affordable price and a great performance. There are people who have tried using it with Windows and it seems to be compatible, but you might miss some of the features, such as the vibration. Others emphasize the fact that spending more than $150 on a wheel was for them out of the question, so they got this model and were actually satisfied with their purchase.

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