If you’re here just to find the best range hood and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have been able to get a lot of information about different products for sale by checking out reviews and ratings in expert review sites and comparing the claims there with what is said in actual owner feedback. Thankfully, after that tireless research and comparison, we have been able to find what we consider to be the best product in this particular category, the CAVALIERE SV218B2-30. Equipped with a pair of dimmable 35-watt halogen lights, the range hood makes kitchen work more interesting and effortless so you don’t end up doing the cooking in a sweltering, smoke-filled kitchen. Outfitted with a 900 cubic-foot-per-minute blower, this range hood helps you tackle heavy duty cooking while still feeling comfortably cool so you don’t get overheated amidst the frenzy of preparations especially when you’re cooking up an entire feast. Convenience is assured thanks to the six-speed electronic touch-sensitive control panel with LCD display, so you can control and view the settings with ease. If the CAVALIERE SV218B2-30 runs out of stock, we recommend getting the second best option, the Z Line ZLKB-36.



Comparison Table


Product Material  Price Airflow Depth Our Rating Where to buy

Cavaliere V218B2-30

Stainless Steel $$$$ 900 CFM 30 inch A+ AMAZON

Z Line ZLKB36

Stainless Steel $$$ 760 CFM 36 inch A AMAZON

Broan QS130SS

Stainless Steel $$ 220 CFM 30 inch B+ AMAZON

Broan QS136SS

Stainless Steel $$ 220 CFM 36 inch B+ AMAZON

Akdy Euro Style Az610i-75

Stainless Steel $$$ 870 CFM 30 inch B AMAZON



Buying Guide


When cooking on a high-powered stove, nothing quite beats the capability of a range hood in ensuring that fumes and smoke are properly vented so you don’t suffer in sweltering heat while cooking. It is best to get a top quality range hood when remodeling your old kitchen. What aspects do you look over when getting a range hood?

1.Cavaliere SV218B2-30

The right type for your kitchen

Range hoods come in various types to fit any kitchen layout. An under cabinet range hood attaches to the bottom or underside of the cabinet mounted above your range. This type converts to a wall mount version if it is mounted to an exterior wall instead of the underside of cabinets. Available in a variety of strengths and styles, under cabinet range hoods can either be ducted or ductless. A wall mount version has the ductwork routed up through the cabinet to the outside, but some models allow direct ductwork through the back of the unit. If that is not the case, you can always opt to route the ductwork through the cabinet to a ceiling, soffit or chase.

Island hoods are mounted to and vented through ceiling ductwork. They also work above a peninsula and lack a wall of cabinets next to them for funneling fumes. This fact necessitates you choose an island hood built with at least 6 inches greater width than your range. Hanging from the ceiling over an island, an island hood can be a chimney hood or ceiling mounted one that provides a good means of ventilation when your range is on an island. Island hoods can vary from curves metal, glass canopies and conventional style models. A variation of this is the downdraft hood, which is concealed in the range and simply pops up when needed to pull the smoke and steam horizontally across the cooktop. A downdraft hood requires no conventional installation that can inhibit your line of vision.

Inserts or power packs are also hidden but they are configured into the cabinetry above the range to provide a customized means of venting. Because of the variety of available options, you will have to consult a professional to find out what works best with your cabinets. A pro hood resembles an under cabinet model but is larger and more professional looking while delivering a higher level of power. For people who do plenty of cooking and prefer a bigger hood, this type is the best choice. This type can either be ducted or not and is available in different styles compatible with your exhaust of choice.

A wall chimney hood is your best bet if the kitchen wall has no exposed vent stacks for the mount and there are no cabinets. Mounting to the wall above your cooktop, a chimney hood features a flue going up the wall to the ceiling. Cabinets above the range should be removed to accommodate a chimney range hood.


Reliable power

Another vital consideration in a range hood is the power of its fan. Measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM), the fan power determines the performance of the range hood. The higher the CFM value, the more air the range hood can move every single minute it runs. The type of range and cooktop also determines the best CFM for your kitchen’s needs. For instance, a 30-inch wide electric cooktop will need a smaller CFM compared to a large six-burner gas range. An electric stove usually requires from 300 to 450 CFM while a gas cooktop will require around 600 to 1,200 CFM. Those who do plenty of heavy cooking with strong odors and much steam will want a range hood that delivers at least 350 CFM.

The CFM also depends on the BTU level divided by 100. It is recommended that powerful cooktops and gas ranges use a minimum rate of 1 CFM of ventilation for every 100 BTU. Thus, you will need a range hood specified to clear the air at 440 CFM if the burner output is 44,000 BTU. Do bear in mind that with greater airflow, although there is greater likelihood of faster venting, it is not an automatic guarantee of better smoke removal and capture.

2.Z Line ZLKB-36

Filters and other useful features

Aluminum filters are used in ducted hoods to trap grease before forcing odors and smoke outside. Aluminum mesh grease filters have to be washed monthly but this will depend on how heavy the usage is. If you do a lot of cooking that generates large quantities of grease, the filters need to be washed more often. The best ductless range hood uses a charcoal filter that captures grease and other microscopic molecules to prevent them from getting recirculated in the kitchen. Charcoal filters are not washable but replacement has to be done every few months, also depending on the cooking frequency.

Range hoods generate sound and this is measured in sones. The sound of a refrigerator running is about one sone, while normal conversations occur at around 4 sones. Sones may be used to make product comparisons. That being said, expect to have higher sone rating the higher the CFM rating is. You will want the range hood to operate at normal conditions at the quietest levels possible.

An automatic shut off feature can be preset to have the fan switch off at a specific time. Some range hoods are outfitted with indicator lights that let you know when it’s time to replace the filter. A heat sensor adjusts the blower automatically to a higher speed should the heat be greater than normal. Most hoods are equipped with lighting and this can be in various options including halogen, incandescent, fluorescent or LED bulbs. One to four lights can illuminate the cooking area nicely. Models with a low light level setting offer nighttime operation.



Top rated range hoods in 2019


There are plenty of range hoods on the market and the variety of choices can both overwhelm and excite the first time buyer. We recommend looking into the information in the buying guide above to help you become a more educated shopper. We have also showcased the best products below for even more buying assistance.


Our recommendations


Cavaliere V218B2-30


Cavaliere have always managed to offer to the public efficient and advanced products, designed with attention to details and functionality. To this extent the Cavaliere stainless steel 30” x 20” wall mount range hood with 900 CFM centrifugal blower makes no exception. With a professional user friendly LCD control panel you can adjust with ease the six speeds of the device. The structure is pure innovation and made out of multi-layers micro-cell grease filters and 35W halogen lights. It is by far an impressive model, worthy of any household, coming from the best range hoods in 2019 podium.


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Z Line ZLKB36 “Pro Series”


Best range hoods 2019Considered by thousands of satisfied users and specialists as one of the best range hoods in 2019, the Z Line 36” stainless wall mount “Pro Series” model was designed with attention to details and functionality. This 36” wall mounted rand hood with w/baffle filters can be controlled through the 4 speed touch sensitive electronic interface which allows you to cast aside any restrictions. The Z Line 36” Stainless wall mount is a great addition to any respectable kitchen and it can be installed with great ease and no problems whatsoever.


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Golden Vantage GV-RH0117


1.Golden Vantage Stainless Steel

Engineered to cover the venting and air removal needs of the modern kitchen, the Golden Vantage GV-RH0117 boasts a durable stainless steel and tempered glass construction to deliver long-term use. This three-speed range hood allows you to cook in style, with its pair of stainless steel baffle filters supplemented by a powerful fan that delivers air removal at 380 CFM so hazardous and dirty air pollutants in steam, grease and smoke are efficiently vented out. The range hood offers easy adjustment of the air flow thanks to the touch button control. The cooking area is nicely illuminated thanks to the two LED lights that allow you to work on the evening meal easily and quickly. You can opt to convert this 65-decibel model to ventless usage by using a separately purchased carbon filter.


Buy from Amazon for ($219.99)




Broan QS130SS Allure


top rated range hood reviews Most of the present top rated range hood reviews underline the efficiency and innovative design of the Broan QS130SS Allure model that combines style with value every time it is turned on. Basing its functionality on the axial blade technology, the Broan QS130SS delivers great performance. The enclosed and compact design and the aluminum dishwasher-safe filters make cleaning easy and quite safe. One particular important trait of this range hood is the 50 percent quieter system than any other models on the market today. The model is a smart investment to your kitchen.


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Broan QS136SS Allure


Placed among the current best range hoods in 2019, the Broan QS136SS 36-inch Allure model comprises high quality in all of its features. With a solid stainless steel design, the Broan QS136SS has quiet 1.5-sones at a normal speed and a strong 22 CFM high setting which casts aside any unwanted smoke. The model is 50-percent quieter than other models currently available on the market. The Broan was designed for electric or gas cooktops up to 22K BTU and can be cleaned with ease and no problems at all.


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AKDY 30” Euro Style Az610i-75


The majority of the current top rated range hoods reviews give high marks to the AKDY 30” Euro Style stainless steel mount model, known for its efficiency and fluid functionality. With the modern Euro design reunited in both the glass and stainless steel structure, the AKDY has a solid 870 CFM and also includes 4x2W LED light. The model is easy to remove, coming with dishwasher safe anodized aluminum filters that keep the maintenance rate at a minimum. In addition, the AKDY Euro Style Island mount range hood has Teflon coated blades. It comes as no surprise to see today the model in so many households in the United States.


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