Things to Consider When Buying a Top RC Airplane


RC airplanes are a popular hobby among adults and kids, and it is easy to spend large amounts of money on the latest models if you don’t know what you are looking for. In this buying guide we have included several informative tips that will help you make an informed decision so you can choose the best RC airplane in 2019.

Best RC Airplane


The best RC airplane reviews suggest first deciding on a budget. This will help narrow down your choices, and prevent you from making an expensive mistake. While you do want to be careful and not sacrifice quality for cost, it is possible to find a durable remote controlled airplane that is affordable and will also fly. Your budget will also help you decide which features are absolutely necessary, and which ones are nice to have.


Easy to Assemble

Unless you are trying to build a model airplane that also flies, you want the remote controlled one to be quick and easy to assemble. The best RC airplane reviews suggest choosing one that includes the complete instructions for the few pieces so you can easily assemble it and start flying. You might also want to consider an RC airplane that is constructed from wood, which is easier to repair in the event of the inevitable crash landing.


Looks and Performance

The appearance of the airplane is also important, and you want to choose one that you are not embarrassed to be seen controlling. While the appearance of the plane is not your top concern, it is still an important consideration when you are choosing one that you will actually use. The performance capabilities of the RC airplane are an important consideration and you want one that is easy to control, especially if you find yourself getting ready to make an abrupt crash landing. Wood RC airplanes are often lighter in weight than metal or plastic models, and you have the added advantage of being able to repair them more easily.


Top Rated RC Airplanes in 2019


While we can’t choose the right model for you, we can help you make an informed decision. These are some of the top rated RC airplanes for 2019 and each one has its own advantages. They are all affordably priced and feature a durable construction that is perfect for beginners and more experienced remote control flyers. Maybe one of these RC airplanes is exactly what you need to indulge your love of flying.


Horizon Hobby Sport Club S RTF

1.Horizon Hobby S RTFIt’s not hard to see why this remote control airplane is a number one best seller on Amazon. It features an affordable price and sleek design that anyone would be proud to be caught flying. It is designed to be easy for beginners and fun enough for more experienced flyers, and it also includes a convenient manual to help you get started.

This RC airplane features a powerful motor that is capable of impressive performance and speed on the ground and in the air. The tail can be easily steered on the ground, and the long lasting battery will give you plenty of air time. It is also easy to recharge so you can quickly get the RC airplane back up in the air. This RC airplane also includes a 4 channel controller that is easy to navigate. You can control the rudder and tail with the remote, along with the plane’s elevation. Go higher to miss obstacles and impress your friends and family with your skills, and since this RC airplane is designed after the sporty Cub Crafters Sport Club plane it is also incredibly fun to watch.

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FlyZone DHC-2 RC Beaver Select TXR Airplane


2.FlyZone DHC-2This RC airplane is perfect for beginners and includes everything you need to get started. The one piece wing is designed for optimal performance, and it is also easy to attach to the body. The plane also features a lightweight foam construction for easy control, and to give you more lift when you are trying to get it off of the ground. You will also appreciate the included stickers and tinted window that give it a realistic appeal.

The durable motor is designed to last and to provide plenty of power when you are flying the remote control airplane. It also features a rechargeable battery and included charger so it is always ready to go. You will love the airplane’s lightweight construction when you are practicing twists and turns, and the attached floats are an added bonus and fully functional. Land on land or on the water, and the 5 channel remote makes it easy to control the plane almost anywhere. Perfect for adults and kids, this RC airplane might be exactly what you are looking for.

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Top Race Airhawk TR-P28 RC Airplane


3.Top Race TR-P28Featuring a fun and colorful design, this RC airplane is simply fun to fly. You will appreciate knowing that there is no assembly required, except for inserting the batteries into the plane and remote, so you can start flying it as soon as it arrives. The bright orange and red colors makes it easy to see, which is always an advantage when you are racing against other remote control airplanes. You will also love the included decals and tinted front window that give the plane a realistic look and feel.

Its lightweight construction makes this RC airplane great for racing and easy to control. You also have the advantage of the included wheels for smoother ground landings. The 2 channel remote is easy to navigate, which allows you to concentrate on flying the airplane. The RC plane also includes a rechargeable battery that will keep you up in the air for 14 minute flights, and you will love its quick 35 minute charging time. If you can’t wait for it to recharge, you can also insert 4 AA batteries so you can continue flying. Affordably priced and featuring a lightweight design that is perfect for races and performing tricks, it’s easy to see why this RC airplane remains a favorite with consumers.

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