How to Buy a Top RC Car


The best RC car reviews are plentiful, and that’s always good news when you’re into collecting and competing of such items. However, this may unduly overwhelm you with so many choices, making it difficult for first-time buyers to make a decision on what unit to buy. You will have to determine a couple of things or so about RC cars, which may make it easier to select just one.


RC Car Fuel

The best RC car reviews feature different brands and models that run on electric or gas. A gas car is not fed conventional gasoline. It runs on 10% to 40% nitromethane or nitro hobby fuel. A gas car is typically able to reach higher speeds, features a nice racing sound, is more complex and can run for extended periods of time. The maintenance-free electric car is more reliable, cleaner, faster in acceleration, has rechargeable batteries and much quieter and cleaner than gas cars.


Ready-to-Run and Kits

Many top rated RC cars 2019 are Ready-to-Race or Ready-to-Run (RTR) models, while some are packaged as Kit models. RTRs come with everything you need for the car to run. Fuel will not come with a nitro model, as nitro hobby fuel is flammable. The RTR model comes with the needed radio system, servos and the motor.

A Kit model needs to be assembled and may not come with all the needed parts to run the unit. You may have to make separate purchases for a radio system and some servos, so do hunt for bargains on those components. A Kit that ships as a rolling chassis usually has no main drive/motor/transmission component.


Body Type

The fastest and the best performing on flat, paved surfaces are average street cars lauded in the best RC car reviews.

Drift cars resemble on-road cars and are distinguished by their slick tires. Drift cars are able to slide around turns while still building up as much speed as a street car.

A cross between on-road and off-road cars, buggies are the second fastest on the road but tend to be the slowest off road, as they have a low wheelbase.

Like buggies, truggies are also crossover models, but are more geared for off road performance. A truggy may have a buggy for its frame and is outfitted with monster truck tires. It is the next fastest on road and second slowest off road RC car after buggies.

Monster truck models are slow onroad but exceptional offroad cars. Trucks featured as the best RC car 2019 may flip a lot when navigating high speed turns, so they may not be great onroad performers. You can optimize monster trucks on grass and in the woods.


Top Rated RC Cars in 2019


There are plenty of models and brands to choose from in the best RC car reviews. You will need to consider your budget and the features you want in your choice. The following paragraphs describe three bestselling models on the market, so you can evaluate each one and make your choice more easily.


Maisto R/C Rock Crawler Extreme Radio Control Vehicle


Undoubtedly the best RC car 2019, the Maisto R/C Rock Crawler Extreme Radio Control Vehicle makes the perfect off-road action model. The vac-formed body is lightweight yet tough, and is designed not only as a colorful element in the RC car but also to improve the unit’s performance. The body is engineered to deliver superb onroad and offroad performance so it can pick up speed effortlessly.

The RC car has full function features including right and left steering plus forward and reverse operation, enabling you to control it without a hitch. The powerful motors are geared for terrific performance with superior pulling power. One motor is for steering and the other two are for driving. The articulated front and rear suspensions are ideal for tough off-road action. The unit comes with a tri-channel transmitter that enables three people to play simultaneously using other Maisto radio control vehicles.

The Maisto R/C Rock Crawler Vehicle runs on 2 triple-A batteries for the controller and 6 double-A batteries for the car. It comes in various colors to suit your preference. This superb RC car is from the company that has made models and toys since 1967, with most items being licensed from world-renowned motorcycle, auto and aircraft manufacturers.

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Redcat Racing Shockwave Nitro Buggy


With its powerful nitro 2.67cc Vertex engine, the Redcat Racing Shockwave Nitro Buggy lets you bash around at home or on the track. The aluminum capped shocks make the unit perfect for offroad performance. This RC car delivers awesome 4-wheel-drive adventures with its composite disc brakes. It packs awesome general offroad ability, agility and power into such a moderately-priced nitro buggy.

The 2.67 Vertex engine will put plenty of brushless cars to shame. This car will require investing in a few things like most other RC nitro onroad and offroad vehicles. You will need to get a starter kit for the glow plug that comes with an igniter. You will also use a wrench to take the glow plug out should the engine be flooded or for checking the igniter for power. You will also need a fuel bottle, some nitro fuel, air filter oil to prevent dust from getting into the engine, and after run oil.

The Redcat Racing Shockwave Nitro Buggy is made for those just starting out on this terrific hobby. Cool-looking and extremely fast, the unit is tough and is made to be one of the most topselling RC cars on the market.

The Redcat Shockwave comes with a 2.4GHz radio for easy control, plus a transmission speed fuel tank capacity of 75 cc for longer running times. It needs 4 AAA batteries for the car and 8 AAA batteries for the controller.

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Tamiya 58346 The Grasshopper RC Car


Definitely one of the bestselling RC cars of all time, the Tamiya Grasshopper RC car has proven itself highly capable of tearing up a trail or two. Whether it’s used for an occasional joy ride or to fatten up an RC car collection, it always presents itself as a timeless offroad beauty that deserves more than just a passing glance. With a body type that needs to be assembled from the box, the Tamiya Grasshopper RC car offers hassle-free and fun assembly and easy control.

The Grasshopper makes the perfect entry-level RC kit compatible with a wide variety of option parts including 540 motor and ball bearings. The tough exterior is showcased with a durable plastic body fastened by screws to a bathtub resin monocoque chassis to create a solid frame that is able to absorb plenty of rough handling. The coil spring dampers, rigid axle rear and independent swing axle front suspension tackle off-road tracks with ease.

The diff-loaded sealed gearbox keeps out stones and dirt for effortless driving and cornering. The grooved front tires and paddle-style rear tires work seamlessly with the three-piece assembly type wheels to provide exceptional grip performance on dirt tracks. The half-body driver figure adds a superb finishing touch to this awesome RC car.

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