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To find the best recliner chair on the market, we have utilized expert furniture reviews, scrutinized available manufacturer literature, compared product prices and looked seriously at social media activity for the top selling products out there. This is in addition to checking out genuine owner feedback posted on product reviews. After all that hard work, we have been able to gather more than enough information that has enabled us to prove how great functionality, classic design and an overall exquisite build have been important considerations for people who believe that the MEN-DA3439-91-BRN-GG from Flash Furniture is the clear winner in this product category. This fantastic sofa recliner easily earns raves because of its build that is an easy fit into most areas of the modern American home. The sofa recliner is made with brown LeatherSoft upholstery to make it an impressive addition to your furniture collection. The unit is equipped with a precise lever that enables effortless usability. For people who want quality equal to that of the MEN-DA3439-91-BRN-GG but at a lower price, there’s the Relaxzen 60-425111 that offers the same level of comfort, functionality and usability without really costing as much. This product is a great alternative to the top rated recliner and offers basically the same features.


Comparison Table




Buying Guide


Today’s recliners are remarkably different than ones found in dens and living rooms a few decades ago. Not only are there more styles to choose from, these comfy chairs can also come with convenient functions and features. With so many models to choose from finding the right chair can be difficult which is why we have included the following tips in our buying guide so you can find the best recliner on sale.

Flash Furniture MEN-DA3439-91-BRN-GG


One of the first factors to consider is your budget. Recliners can be found in a range of prices, and deciding on a spending limit you are comfortable with can dramatically reduce your choices. While it is possible to find inexpensive recliners, you want to make sure you are not sacrificing quality to save a few dollars. It is often worth it to pay a little extra for quality materials so you can be sure that your recliner will last for years.



There are three main types of recliners and the right one for you will frequently depend on the size of the room. Some of the best recliners for small spaces are wall saver models. These recliners only need a few inches in order to fully recline, unlike tradition models that can require up to three feet of space. These recliners are often the perfect choice for apartments and even dorm rooms.

Two position recliners are the most popular with consumers, and do require plenty of room if you want the chair to lay back. The traditional design of these recliners makes it a great fit for most larger rooms, and these chairs are often priced lower than other models. While these chairs are only capable of sitting up or reclining, you do have the advantage of the included foot rest. There are also push back recliners that are ideal for rooms with a more contemporary design, though these chairs often come at a slightly higher price. When you are trying to decide on the type of recliner you also want to consider functionality. If you have poor upper body strength a chair that reclines by pulling a lever might be a better choice than one that requires you to push it back to recline.



Whether you are looking for the best recliner for sleeping or simply want one that blends in with your décor, the upholstery is an important aspect to consider. The fabrics used on these chairs can vary, and the right one for you will depend on your needs and personal style. Leather recliners are generally priced higher and do require a lot of care, but these chairs are fire resistant and look great in most dens and family rooms. Cotton upholstery is easy to care for and absorbent, and polyester fabric is resistant to stains and do not easily show wear and tear.

Other popular upholstery choices include acrylic and wool, but these materials might not be ideal for use in warmer climates or in homes with small children. Theses fabrics can retain heat which can make the recliner uncomfortable in warmer weather, and do not wear as well as some other upholstery.




There are several features to consider when you are searching for a recliner, and your budget will help you decide which ones are absolutely necessary. The best recliners for back pain will come with massaging functions, and some higher priced models even include soothing heat options. While this does cost extra, if you suffer from aches and pain if might be worth the added expense. Included remotes make it easy to recline and sit back up without straining, along with controlling the various massage and heat functions. If you have difficulty standing or sitting down, a reclining that lifts up make be the best choice for you.

Some of the best recliners and ottoman sets also come with convenient side pockets. This allows you to keep remotes, books or even reading glasses within easy reach when you are comfortably seated. Other features to consider include overstuffing for added comfort, along with the ability rock and recline.



Top rated recliners in 2017


A recliner is often the focal point in a room and it is usually the chair that everyone wants to sit in, which is why you want to choose one that is comfortable, durable and looks great. To help you make the right decision for your home you can find the best recliners showcased below.


Our recommendations


Relaxzen 60-425111


A growing number of the current top rated recliner reviews underline the solid performance of the Comfort Products 60-425111 model. It comes equipped with 8 vibration massage motors that relax the upper back, mid back and also the calves with precision. You have the possibility to independently select the areas which need a massage with the help of the 9 pre-programmed modes and the 5 intensity levels that allow you to customize each session. Furthermore, the Comfort Products 60-425111 comes with a soothing heat treatment for the lumbar area.


Buy from for ($167.63)




Flash Furniture MEN-DA3439-91-BRN-GG


best reclinerA growing number of top rated recliner reviews emphasize the great functionality and classic design of the MEN-DA3439-91-BRN-GG model from Flash Furniture. This sofa recliner has a 43-inch width, 40 66-inch depth and 39-inch height, making it easy to fit in most areas of the house. Made out of brown LeatherSoft upholstery, this sofa from Flash Furniture has a precise lever recliner which allows the user to control the special features with ease. This is the reason why so many people consider the MEN-DA3439-91-BRN-GG from Flash Furniture as one of the best models.


Buy from for ($323.64)




Flash Furniture BT-7862-BK-GG


Solid technical arguments support this model as the best recliner in 2017. The BT-7862-BK-GG from Flash Furniture represents a great addition for any home as it comes with a comfortable recliner and an ottoman that bring a touch of elegance in any room. With a high quality overstuffed padded chair and a carefully designed ottoman, you will be able to relax and rejoice in a comfortable recliner which will do wonders for your back in the intimacy of your home.


Buy from for ($92.47)




Maytex Collin Stretch 4PC


Everyone knows full well that Maytex Mill builds some high quality recliners, designed using vast technical expertise. The Collin Stretch model makes no exception, reuniting the qualities of a comfortable and relaxing sofa. The Maytex Collin Stretch has 4 pieces of semi-custom fit furniture settings that allow the user to be extremely comfortable. Furthermore, the model features elastic corners and also comes with a distinct cushion cover, which can be adapted for various occasions. This is the reason why people consider this model as the best recliner in 2017.


Buy from for ($21.59)




ACME Arcadia 00632


More and more men and women think the ACME 00632 model is the best recliner in 2017 due to its attractive design and comfortable set of features. This chair from ACME is ideal for small rooms and represents a great addition for any home. The model has sturdy hardwood frames and arm rests and a carefully implemented stain-resistant microfiber upholstery that brings about a touch of elegance to the surface. The ACME 00632 has a side knob which allows the user to lower the seat back and a precise pull lever designed for footrest extension.


Buy from for ($147.99)