If you’re here just to find the best reel for fly fishing and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information.We know that the fly reel is an integral element of every fly fishing system, as it ensures that you can always make the most of your fly rod for every outing. This is why we have gathered plenty of information about the best reel for fly fishing on the market by looking at owner feedback and comparing them to what is stated in expert review sites about the products. We are happy to report that out of all the products from various manufacturers we have looked into, the Piscifun Blaze is arguably the best. The Piscifun Blaze is made of CNC-machined 6061-T7 aluminum alloy to ensure superior durability and impressive resistance to all conditions. The drag system features a multi-disc cork and stainless steel configuration with a distinctive one-way clutch bearing for responsive and smooth drag engagement. What’s more, this fly reel carries a mid-arbor design engineered to deliver quicker and more effortless retrieves while not requiring the use of any tool for conversion between left- and right-hand retrieve.  If the Piscifun Blaze is not among the fly fishing reels for sale at your favorite online store, we suggest you go for the second best option there is, the Okuma SLV.



What to Consider When Buying a New Fly Fishing?



On Amazon, the consumer can easily find an assortment of fantastic fly fishing reels to suit every skill level and budget. The beginner or even the seasoned angler will find it challenging to make a choice because of the sheer number of choices alone. To help you make an easier purchase, here are the important aspects to look into when checking out a fly reel.

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Manufacturing Process

When searching for fly fishing reels that are the best for the money, check out the primary manufacturing process used in their production. Many of today’s products typically combine the main manufacturing processes in order to deliver the best of all worlds.

CNC machined models generally receive the best reviews as they are manufactured by employing computer numerical control machining of aerospace-grade aluminum bar stock, resulting in the most durable units on the market. CNC machined fly reels undergo anodization to block corrosion, making them resilient against the effects of saltwater.

Fly reels that go through die cast manufacturing offer the best value when you’re looking for a more affordable alternative to machined models while ensuring that your fishing tool can also perform well. Die cast reels are made through mass production using injected or poured molten alloy.

Stamped metal fly reels are rather on the heavy side and do not have much in the way of durability as models produced through the first two methods. The cheapest reels on the market feature stamped metal construction. They are suitable for beginners who won’t really be fishing for anything that will be too taxing on their fly reel.



Fly reels come in three primary designs based on the arbor or the measurable length between the center spindle and base where the spool starts.

A standard or small arbor reel is light and goes well with small rods. In the middle of the small-arbor reel is the spool base. A standard arbor reel holds plenty of backing but the retrieval rate per revolution is quite reduced since the line on the reel is in extremely small diameter coils.

Combining the positive attributes of both large and small arbor reels, mid-arbor models provide a middle ground between the two other types. With its base moved slightly away from the middle where the spindle is, the reel is also widened to balance the difference.

A large arbor reel presents the most modern design, with its physically larger profile compared to the other two types. Wider in design and with a larger diameter, this type offers good backing capacity, extremely fast rate of retrieve along with reduced line memory or coil. A large-arbor unit offers more consistent drag so there is very little need to adjust when fishing for salmon that puts up a tough fight.


Drag System

A click drag or spring-and-pawl system is a simple cog mechanism that adjusts the pressure on the spindle. Commonly found in the best fly fishing rod reel combo is the disc drag, which serves as a brake to increase tension on the reel when the fish fights to pull line off.



Top Rated Reels for Fly Fishing in 2019


There are plenty of fly fishing reels on the market. We hope the buying guide has enabled you to make easier choices on your purchase.  We present the best reels for fly fishing below.



Piscifun Blaze


1.Piscifun® Blaze MidFrom the brand that offers reliable quality at an affordable price, the Piscifun Blaze makes the perfect component to become part of your favorite fly fishing reel and rod system. Constructed using CNC-machined 6061-T7 aluminum alloy, this fly reel delivers arguably high impact durability. Able to withstand conditions that promote corrosion, this fly reel has its exceptional surface protected by undergoing hard anodization during manufacture. The concave ported arbor delivers awesome capacity and strength to keep the reel together even during the most demanding fishing conditions. The Blaze has been cold forged and tempered to ensure unquestionable rigidity plus remarkable strength.

Carrying a mid-arbor design, this model features a multi-disc cork and stainless drag system along with a one-way clutch bearing to ensure that drag engagement is consistently smooth, fast and effortless. Enjoy quicker and easier retrieve every time, with no tools needed to convert from right- to left-handed retrieve and vice versa.


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Okuma SLV-56


2.Okuma SLVManufactured using the highest quality materials, the Okuma SLV is shipped to you after undergoing rigid testing to ensure total quality and reliability. A favorite tool of professional fishers everywhere, whether for trout or any other species of game fish, this fly reel comes with multi-disc cork and stainless drag washers to ensure smooth line retrieves even when the fish puts up a big fight. The roller bearing engages the drag in a single direction so there won’t be issues on heartbreaking fishing line birds nests. This reel is precision machined on its stainless steel spool shafts as well as the brass bushing drive system to ensure superior durability and rigidity for years of use.


The Okuma SLV boasts a diecast aluminum super large arbor design that guarantees faster line retrieval, reduced line memory and a consistent drag system for an awesome angling experience. The non-slip positive grip offers secure and easy handling while the rubberized handle knobs deliver great control every time.


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Wright-Mcgill Dragon


3.Wright-Mcgill DragonThe Wright-Mcgill Dragon is produced through precision machining of 6061 bar stock aluminum to deliver a superbly lightweight yet stunning gunmetal finish that can withstand the wear and tear of fly fishing. This reel comes with a super large arbor design that results in a larger diameter to deliver superb backing capacity. Enjoy superbly fast retrieval rate while being confident of reduced line coil or memory to prevent exasperating birds nest. Get consistent drag every time so you won’t need to alter the drag when the fish fights at the end of the line. The precision graphite disc drag system ensures a lightweight reel that offers smooth performance.

Combining space-grade materials and revolutionary design, this model has a breathtaking appearance that makes it the perfect tool for any discriminating angler. It comes with a protective storage case for effortless transport and storing. Definitely a solidly made reel, this model offers the perfect balance despite its large arbor design, so you should be able to fish comfortably.


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