If you’re tired of your old fridge, or if you think it’s time you change it because you’re not satisfied with how well it works, this is the guide for you. We are here to point you in the direction of the best refrigerator without an ice maker, that could potentially transform your life, and your kitchen at the same time. The so-called French door refrigerators without an ice maker, are elegant products, and they seem to have become the latest trend among homeowners. Going through expert reviews, and by comparing the best models available right now, we chose the Kenmore 79023 as our favorite model. It has a gorgeous classic style, it is energy efficient, and to top it off, it is highly organized, and it has loads of space for your food and beverages. And as an alternative, we offer you Frigidaire FFTR1222QM, which is just as nice and efficient as the first model.



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Buying guide


There are quite a few features to help you compare the models for sale you can find on the market, some of which you can learn about if you read this comprehensive guide. Look out for how much energy it utilizes so you can make a truly smart buy, what the product is made of, and ultimately, add all of those up and see how the model is going to fit in your life, and in your carefully put together kitchen.

Is it budget friendly?

When you are buying a new product from this category of home appliances, or a refrigerator without ice makers and water dispensers, it is important not to overspend, since you can find a premium product for less money than you might think. And you can save money not only when you make that initial buy, but also in the long run, the reviews of fridges without ice makers reveal to us.

For example, when you put the  e, make sure you choose a model that doesn’t require a lot of power to keep your items fresh, it means your energy bill is going to be small, thus you can spend the saved money on things that actually matter in life. Also, another great thing about a French door fridge is that since it has no ice dispenser, it won’t waste electricity creating ice cubes.


Long live the fridge

Let’s face it. When we’re buying a good fridge without an ice maker, we are making an investment for the future. It’s not an object that we change all the time, so we want it to function properly for a very long time. And that’s why it is critical that the model we are buying is made of the best materials available, and that it incorporates only the most efficient technology.

A premium product, one that will stand the test of time without a scratch, is usually made of metal, most likely of stainless steel. But opting for one crafted out of those materials can be very pricey. However, lesser known materials can give you the same high-quality, especially if they are coated with an anti-rust chemical. And the best part is that they cost less than their high-class counterpart.


Divide and conquer

If you are someone that likes to be organized, and to put your favorite ingredients into categories, make sure the product that sparks your interest has plenty of shelves, and dedicated spaces for items such as bottles and egg containers.

When you are rushing, but you still want to cook elaborate meals, this is one aspect that will save you time, and that will ensure your dinner or lunch will be ready in time. Plus, when everything is nicely divided, when you open your refrigerator you will be pleased with the uniform image it offers.



Top Refrigerators Without Ice Maker in 2019


Now that you are educated regarding the must-have features of an excellent model, below we have a few options for you to choose from. We researched all the expert reviews in order to find those items that have been of real help to people, and which have become integrated parts of their lives.


Our Recommandations


Kenmore 79023


This is a gorgeous looking fridge, which has a touch of style due to the modern colors, as the product comes in metallic gray and in black, so it can appeal to many decor options. It is this design that makes it beloved by so many buyers, that haven’t regretted their decision even years after they bought the model.

The size is balanced and it is great for most standard houses. It is a 22.1 cubic foot device, that comes with a freezer, which has two drawers, so you can organize your food in any way you like. It also has the Multi Air Flow technology that utilizes strategically placed vents, so the air gets distributed evenly.

The door bin is designed to be clever. It is named Tilt-N-Store because it flips up and on the side, so you can create a vertical space, which will allow you to store tall things. It also has humidity control capacities, and a thermostat for adjusting the temperature according to your needs.

The model will keep all of your favorite foods and ingredients fresh, and it will even prevent bacteria from destroying delicate dishes. You can accommodate large bottles, pizzas, and everything will be nicely organized because it has many shelves and drawers for you to use.

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Frigidaire FFTR1222QM


One lower priced product to consider buying this season is this one. It meets all the features a demanding customer might need, for a price tag that will please everyone. The inside is well divided with the help of three glass shelves, that are sturdy, and which can take a heavy load without breaking into pieces.

It is ideal for someone who doesn’t want a massive fridge, and for those who want a little extra freezer room to store ice-cream and fresh vegetables. Furthermore, the model looks good and premium due to the design, and the color scheme, which will bring a touch of class and style to any room.

Having a fridge is indispensable, especially one like this that is organized in order to appeal to someone who is in a rush, because you have a shelf for every type of product, so you always know where to look for your ingredients, thus saving a lot of time which you can  invest in something productive.

The fact that is quiet, and that it doesn’t make weird noises when you unfreeze it, is a bonus. This aspect is especially important for those who have a very light sleep, and who wake up when they hear the slightest sound. But do not worry, this model has your back.

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Danby DFF100C1WDB


If you are on the lookout for a quality refrigerator without an ice maker, then you should spend a few seconds reading about this model. It has a classic design, that takes smoothness to a whole new level. To emphasize that streamline look, the manufacturer integrated the handle of the doors on the top, so the entire body looks seamless.

However, that’s not all. The back is smooth and without any protruding bits, so it can fit against a wall without any dead space between them. This makes the product seem smaller than it actually is. This clever design, allows it to be compact, so you can use it even if you have a limited space available.

It comes with a frost-free system, meaning cleaning and maintaining it will be hassle-free, which is a great thing for a modern person who never has the time for chores. To set the temperature is easy because both the freezer and the refrigerator have their own thermostat, just to keep things simple.

For those who wake up in the middle of the night to have a quick snack, the item comes with LED lighting. And to store your favorite sodas, the door has three bins where you can put them. Also, the door hinges are reversible, which is awesome if you are left-handed.

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