If you want to purchase the best rifle scope under 300 and you don’t know where to start, this paragraph will show you, in a nutshell, all the information you seek. We compared different products in regards to customer reviews, sales figures, and overall value, and we highly recommend the Nikon P-223 as the model that should be number one on your list. The outstanding eye relief allows you to deal with plenty of recoils without getting hit by accident, and it also allows you to experiment with different shooting angles. The BDC 600 reticle lets you adjust your aim with ease on targets placed as far as 600 yards. The easy to adjust design will help you fine tune your aim, and it will retain the preferred setting, even when dealing with repeated recoil. Should the Nikon P-223 be out of stock, the XOPin AR15 comes as the second choice we highly recommend.



Buying guide


If you are shopping for the best value rifle scope on the market, you will want to learn a few things about scopes in general and how they can bring you closer to the target. There are so many models currently available on the market, and deciding in one’s favor or another’s can be confusing and annoying. We want to help you eliminate all the guessing work out of your endeavor, by offering you this essential information.

What is optical power?

You will need to know what kind of magnification your rifle scope has, so you can decide which one to buy. The magnification level of such an item tells you plenty of things about how useful it can be when you’re hunting. For instance, if your scope has only 4x optical power, aka magnification, you will have serious troubles when trying to shoot something at 1,000 yards away.

However, if you go too high, that’s not a good thing, either. The most important aspect for you to keep in mind is to get the rifle scope that is best suited for your hunting preferences. When you hunt a deer through thick woods, you will want, for instance, a rifle scope with a lower magnification.

You do not need only optical power; you also need to be accurate. This is extremely challenging, and you will notice that some experts recommend 4x or 6x rifle scopes for more control. However, if you have in mind a hunting trip that involves target shooting, don’t go any lower than 10x. You can find an affordable rifle scope in every category.


The size of the lens is essential

The lens used is paramount to getting a clear image of your target through the rifle scope. The objective gathers the ambient light and makes the details you can see easier to spot. More light means a brighter image, and this is what you should be focused on finding.

Large objectives are better, but, again, this does not mean that you should shoot straight at the biggest available. For instance, you will need to mount your rifle scope higher, so you can use it properly. Maintaining the mount steady can become a challenge, and you will not be as accurate as you desire.

Don’t forget that larger scopes are heavier and that could impact on your ability to shoot, as well. The rifle scope reviews you can read online will tell you that finding that perfect balance for the perfect objective size is a quest you should not overlook.


The parallax feature

The last thing we are going to talk about here is the parallax feature. This refers to the way the reticle seems to move when you move your head. In other words, focusing on the target becomes difficult, and you may not be able to read correctly the position of your prey.

If you are looking for a rifle scope that can deal with some parallax adjustments, be aware that you might need to spend a little more. However, if you look through the models available for sale, you will notice that there are a few models that deliver as promised.



Top Rated Rifle Scopes under 300 in 2019


You will find listed below the most popular rifle scopes under 300 dollars that are currently sold on the market. Compare their features and find the one that truly addressed your needs as a hunter, and you can rest assured that you will get good value for your money.


Our Recommendations


Nikon P-223


The Nikon P-223 is one of those models that qualify among the rifle scopes that are worth your money. It sells for a decent price, and it offers a plethora of features that you would normally see on models that are much more expensive.

One of the selling points of this model is the BDC 600 reticle. How you aim at the target is essential for your accuracy, and if the standard crosshairs design does not appeal to you, you might be among those people who prefer a different type of reticle. The open circle design with aiming points and has marks will assist you in shooting down your prey.

The hash marks vary from 100 to 600 yards, so you will be able to work on your accuracy on the go. And this is not all. The simple to adjust reticle settings will aid you to zero in on the target, and maintain the preferred setting even when you deal with repeated recoil.

Speaking of recoil, the excellent eye relief provided by this particular model helps you keep your brow protected. Also, the present 100-yard parallax feature helps with more precise aiming, for great results every time.

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XOPin AR15


If you want a cheap rifle scope that is easy to mount and lightweight, the XOPin AR15 comes so packed with features that you will have a hard time believing that the item costs so little. The fully coated optical lens is paramount to achieving accuracy when shooting, as you will need a clear picture of your prey.

The windage and elevation adjustments come in handy when you need to fine tune your rifle scope. It is safe to say that this particular model caters to the versatile hunter, due to the amount of customization provided. It also serves to know that the rifle scope is built to resist shocks, and it is waterproof and fog-proof.

The beautiful design will catch your eye, but, in this case, beauty is not only skin-deep. The variable magnification gives you enough viewing power for distances as far as 1,000 yards. The large exit pupil helps with seeing in low light conditions and helps you hone your skills.

The red dot sight, however, is that one thing that makes this rifle scope stand hand and shoulders above other models in the same category. Following moving targets has just become easier and you will appreciate having enough room for mounting a flashlight next to the scope.

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Bushnell Optics Drop Zone-223


The fully multi-coated optics used for this model are among the many good points of the Bushnell Optics Drop Zone-223. Having enough clarity for the image of your prey is essential, and that is exactly what this rifle scope manages to offer. The eyepiece is fast to focus, which means that you will not lose any precious time on adjusting it.

The rifle scope helps with bringing images closer from a distance up to 500 yards, which is something to keep in mind in case you want to go hunting for prey at further distances. The target turrets can be adjusted with great accuracy, so you can easily fine tune your scope.

The model is made from aluminum, so it is both lightweight and durable. The anodized coating protects the lens and the rest of the scope elements from inclement weather. The model is designed with excellent care, and that shows in the overall construction.

The BDC reticle helps with acquiring more precision when you want to aim at your prey. You will find the image showed through the lens to be bright and more than adequate, which will contribute to the good results you will get.

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