Top rate robotic vacuum cleaners deals


Robotics has really invaded our lives and assists us in every possible way. Cleaning the house with a vacuum cleaner as we have known it so far seems to be old news now that the best robotic vacuum cleaners deals have great products to demonstrate and make our household chores a bit easier.


Evolution Robotics Mint Automatic Hard floor cleaner


Best robotic vacuum cleaners deals

High tech and advanced features is what you can expect from one of the best robotic vacuum cleaners review model that is released by Evolution Robotics. The Mint floor cleaner is a big helping hand in getting the floors of the house moped and swept in no time. No hard surface including wood, vinyl, tile or laminate can resist the Mint’s automatic cleaning process. The time when you can relax and let a reliable and professional robotic vacuum cleaner do all the hard job for you has arrived. The Mind model utilizes the highly acclaimed North Star system to navigate around the house and a cleaning system that dries both clothes that are pre moistened and disposable and also re-usable ones made of micro fibers.



iRobot 564 Pet Series


No matter how nice having a pet at home might be, pet hair that needs to be removed from the living space and all debris that enters the house cause a lot of disturbance. Thanks to this best robotic vacuum cleaners list, there are numerous products that can be of great assistance in house cleaning. The iRobot 564 is a vacuum cleaner from the PetSeries that guarantees the floors and carpets are cleaned quickly and easily due to its automatic cleaning head. In addition to that, it comes with replaceable brushes, 2 cleaning tools that are really unique, 2 extra filters that ensure and an innovative pre-set cleaning system that allows users to utilize the device up to 7 times/ week at their own pace and chosen time.



Mint Plus automatic floor cleaner with charging cradle


This year’s best robotic vacuum cleaners deals focus mainly in products that are highly effective and functional, and that is why the Mint Plus model is commonly found enlisted in all the best robotic vacuum cleaners lists in the present market. It can quickly sweep and mop any hard surface thanks to its PerfectEdge technology and the selection of mop mode and sweep mode allow its users to enjoy a silent operation without any disturbing noises when cleaning the house. It certainly is ideal for big homes with large cleaning areas that require much more frequent moping and sweeping compared to other smaller sized homes and is no wonder why it is so well-appreciated since it also takes care of the surfaces it cleans.



Neato XV-11 all floor robotic vacuum system


Having a spotless clean floor is everyone’s dream and now thanks to the best robotic vacuum cleaners deals it can come true. You will be amazed by the particularities of the robotic Neato XV-11 vacuum cleaner since it can detect doorways and doors as well as any other obstacles like stairs or furniture and see a smart way around them, due to its embedded Positioning system that utilizes laser beams as detectors.  Additionally, it can view an entire room due to its 360-degree vision and thus make any sweeping or mopping task as easy as a walk in the park. It is a pleasure having a trusted helping hand that can serve every floor and carpet cleaning need and the best robotic vacuum cleaner reviews are great providers of such.



iRobot 562 Roomba vacuuming robot vacuum system


A top rated product out of the best robotic vacuum cleaners deals is iRobot 562 and is well justified as to why it is so highly appreciated. Debris, pet hair and dirt are grabbed from tight corners and eliminated from the living area due to the iRobot’s particle filtration system that absorbs all of them and the spinning side brushes management feature. Moreover, it comes with a great navigation system that uses advanced technology to automatically adjust to any room and remove dirt from wood, linoleum or tile floor and from any carpet, floor or rug. A nice surprise is that it can easily transit from any kind of surface making cleaning more comfortable and easy.