Things to Consider When Buying New Roller Sticks


Perfect for muscular pain relief, a roller stick is an essential tool when it comes to physical recovery. Used with great success after an intense physical activity, a roller stick will help the muscle recover and the pain dissipate faster. Read ahead and you will find out all about roller sticks.

Best Roller Stick


Not all people have the same height and weight, and therefore using an appropriate size massage stick will greatly increase the massage efficiency and comfort. When it comes to choosing the perfect roller stick it is best to remember that most often these come in three sizes that widely match the most common body types. Choose a small roller stick if you have a small frame and you will not have to use a long, uncomfortable stick. A well built person may want to get a bigger model, while the average person will be just fine using the regular size types.


Hardness and efficiency

Most roller sticks come with various rotating elements made from foam, plastic or rubber. When it comes to massage efficiency the rule of thumb is simple. Harder massage elements offer a greater efficiency and a deeper massage. Unfortunately, harder elements are also quite painful to use, especially if your muscle are sore and tender, and this may prevent you from massaging all the muscular trigger points. Selecting a softer roller may offer you a more superficial massage, but it will allow you to cover even the most painful areas. Most of the best roller stick reviews praise the rollers that offer a good mix between efficiency and comfort, while some focus only on the most efficient models.



Like most massage and sport equipment, the roller stick must be able to withstand repeated usage and abuse. Before rushing to buy a new product, it is best to get informed about its construction, durability and endurance. Make sure to choose a durable model that is suited for your workout routine and will not break or bend even after intensive usage. Remember that a durable model may cost a little more, but you will surely save on the long run.



The massage roller stick is a portable equipment item and it is meant to be carried around, allowing its user to relieve pain and sore muscles right after an exercise. Unfortunately, some models are quite heavy and may add excessive weight to an already heavy gym backpack. Before purchasing a new model, it is best to check for its weight, or read some of the user comments about the issue. Remember that all the top rated roller sticks 2019 are made from durable and lightweight materials. Perfect for both home and outdoor use, these lightweight roller sticks offer maximum freedom and portability.


Top Rated Roller Sticks in 2019


Getting the perfect massage roller stick is not an easy task, and most of the times it is quite difficult to find the model that has it all. We took our time and searched for the best five models available for purchase right now on the market.


Elite Sportz Muscle Roller Stick


1.Elite SportzMusclePraised by all the best roller stick reviews, this massage stick offers maximum efficiency and comfort. Perfect for relieving the muscle tensions, reducing pains and inflammations and speeding up muscular recovery, the Elite Sportz Roller Stick is one of the most popular rollers on the market today. Using an extremely durable metal core and a specially designed outer shell, this massage roller stick comes with a lifetime warrranty, making it the perfect choice for all those who want a reliable and efficient massage stick. Perfect for any type of sport recovery and muscular pain, the Elite Sportz Muscle Roller Stick is the roller of choice of many amateur and professional athletes.

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The Stick – Travel Massage Roller


2.The Stick - Travel Massage RollerWith its smaller frame and excellent low weight, this model is one of the most compact and portable roller sticks you can get today. Great for anyone in need of a lightweight massage stick, this is particularly great for small frame persons, teens and women. With is sleek design and extreme light weight, this massage roller stick is one of the few models that can fit without difficulty in any gym bag. Designed to be as portable as possible, this model uses advanced plastics and polymers that allows it to be as durable as heavier models, at a fraction of their weight.

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Supremus Sports Muscle Roller Stick


3.Supremus Sports Roller StickMade to last, this excellent roller stick is perfect for anyone in need of an efficient, deep massage. Capable of relieving even the most painful muscular trigger points, the Supremus Sports roller is regarded to be one of the best roller stick 2019 available for purchase. Earning top ranks for durability, comfort and efficiency, this excellent massage roller stick is functional and it offers maximum efficiency when dealing with tight muscles, painful and sore trigger points and cramps. Perfect for after workout recovery, this model can be used in any situation that requires a deep muscular massage.

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Compressions Muscle Roller Stick


4.Compressions Muscle Roller StickPerfect for any outdoor activity and workouts, this small size roller stick offers an excellent deep massage right after the exercise, preventing any muscular damage and substantially reducing the recovery time. Compact and efficient, the Compressions Muscle Roller can be used by all those who require an efficient deep massage right after workout. With only 15” in length, this roller stick is one of the shortest and most portable models that use an inner metal rod giving it both portability and endurance. Perfect for athletes, teens and women, this short massage roller stick is capable of preventing craps and tightness even after the most intensive workouts.

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Fitness Answered Training Products The Muscle Stick


5.The Muscle StickDesigned for maximum comfort, this top roller stick is one of the most popular and widely used models. Perfect for anyone, capable of delivering a good, stimulating, pain relieving massage, the Muscle Stick helps anyone getting over the workout pain. With its excellent design, simple construction and durable inner rod, this roller stick can do it all. From relieving pain to helping the blood circulation, the Muscle Stick is a wonder tool. Excellent for athletes, this roller stick is also a great addition for anyone who needs a good and invigorating muscular massage.

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