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Top rated rowing machines in 2017


In the present more and more people are searching for effective and professional devices with the capacity to strengthen the body’s muscle groups in a progressive manner. This is the reason why men and women are using with confidence rowing machines because the device can stimulate all the muscle groups of the body in a healthy and progressive manner without overreaching certain limits. The rowing machines strengthen the lungs and heart while also enhancing the muscles from the arms, shoulders and legs, making the exercise device complete. In order to find the one suited to your needs it is important to read the current top rated rowing machine reviews that have the ability to offer a meaningful insight in the functionality of each product.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


ProductDimensionsPriceMax WeightWarrantyOur RatingWhere to buy

Concept2 Model E

57 x 24 x 28 inch$$$$500 lbsIncludedA+AMAZON

Concept2 Model D

54 x 33 x 25 inch$$$500 lbsIncludedAAMAZON

Stamina Air Rower

45 x 24 x 9 inch$$225 lbsIncludedB+AMAZON

Stamina 1205

32.5 x 27.75 x 48 inch$$250 lbsIncludedBAMAZON

Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050

50 x 12 x 10 inch$$250 lbsIncludedC+AMAZON


Concept2 Model E indoor rowing machine


The current top rated rowing machine reviews conducted on effectiveness and quality show that Concept2 Model E indoor rowing machine can help the user go through a strong work-out session every time he wants. Equipped with the PM4 performance monitor, Concept2 model E allows you to monitor with precision the performance and heart rate during the exercise program. It has a beautiful design that allows you to place the model everywhere you want without disturbing the local surroundings. Concept2 Model can be separated into two parts, ideal for a swift transport and storage.

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Concept2 model D Indoor rowing machine


Best rowing machines 2017As one of the best rowing machines in 2017, Concept2 model D indoor machine with sliding seat allows the user to experience a complete body workout, targeting in detail all the important muscle groups. The structure of the Concept2 model D has a quiet flywheel that minimizes the noise while you work-out by providing a smooth feel while rowing just like being in the water. Furthermore the characteristics of the rowing machine allows you to select from sleek, fast boar, heavy or slow boat exercise patterns benefiting with just effects the muscle groups you target during the exercise.

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Stamina Air Rower


Four out of five of the present top rated rowing machine reviews underline the efficiency and positive functionality of the Stamina Air rower. This rowing machine is equipped with a solid wind-resistance system while allowing the user to follow its progress on the multi-function performance monitor. The particularities of the monitor allows you to see the speed, distance, time and number of calories burned thus you will have the necessary information needed to adjust the exercise program. Furthermore Stamina Air rower has padded seat and also large footplates customizable for any size user.

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Stamina 1205 Precision rower


The human body requires a great deal of attention in order to strengthen its muscle features without causing unwanted problems. In the present thousands of people use with confidence the Stamina 1205 Precision rower that comes equipped with high efficient ball-bearing rolling system. This model has a smooth hydraulic cylinder action which you adjust through the tension controls, thus setting the prospects for a complete and provocative work-out. Stamina 1205 precision rower has thick padded seat and also pivoting footplates that maintains maximum comfort, setting this model among the best rowing machines in 2017.

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Stamina Body Trac glider 1050 rowing machine


top rated rowing machine reviewsIt can be pretty difficult to find a potent rowing machine that suits your body’s needs and unique characteristics. Still, once you understand more about the Stamina Body Trac glider 1050 rowing machine, you will see why this device is present in so many homes around the United States. This model comes with adjustable gas-shock resistance pattern and also a user friendly monitor that shows you the time spent during the exercise, stroke count and also the calories burned thus making the experience a complete work-out without any problems at all.

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