Are you looking for the best running belt money can buy but you just lack the time to go over the reviews we have put together? That’s not an issue anymore! After taking into account aspects such as price to value ratio, users’ feedback and specialized reviews, we have reached the conclusion that the FlipBelt is the best option out there due to its soft, comfortable material that makes it easy to wear, its reflective logo that ensures users are visible during night time and the fact that it bounces freely so that it will not ride up while using it. If the FlipBelt FBA-P is out of stock, we suggest you try the X Fit Factor Hydration Belt as it is a very suitable alternative.



Buying Guide


If you have been searching for the best running storage belt but you just can’t make up your mind due to the fact that the market is overloaded with so many models, we are here to make shopping for such an item much easier!  To help you in your search, we have put together a short list with what could be called the must have features any running belt should present. So, keep on reading and see what you should not settle without!


As any running enthusiast can confirm, the most important feature in a running belt is the type of fabric it is made out of. The reason behind this fact lays in the fact that users usually wear it directly on the skin, or over the thin material of a shirt. Therefore, you have to settle for a model that is made from soft fabric, so that it will not cause uncomfortable chafing when touching your skin.

Moreover, as any best running belt reviews are prone to point out, you cannot choose a model before checking whether or not the material causes it to ride up and inconvenience you while running. To avoid so, you should make sure that the product you end up buying is light.



Before placing that order, we advise you to think about and decide what type of items you want your new acquisition to hold. By doing so, you will be able to make your choice accordingly and choose a model that is neither too spacious nor too small.

To give you an idea, we have to mention the fact that, most running belts usually provide sufficient space for you to hold your phone, keys, and headphones in. However, if you intend to store more things in it, we suggest you purchase a larger model.

Still, keep in mind that, the best way to know for sure if a running belt fits you or not is by reading online commentaries and reviews. By doing so, not only will you be more informed, but also you will find out about other possible advantages and disadvantages of the model you have selected.


Ability to adjust

Another key feature that could constitute a make it or break it argument for any best running waist belts is whether or not the model is capable of fitting you. To find a suitable model, try to choose a product that has received the veto of many people, as this will constitute an assurance that you are on the point of making a great acquisition.

As a plus, color is also a deciding factor. To make the best choice in this regard, think about the moment when you want to use such an item. If you only run during the day, a black or a seemingly unnoticeable color is ideal, as you will probably not want to draw attention to the belongings you are carrying with you. Besides, a model of this color can be easily used during other activities such as traveling. Though, if you run early in the morning or after the sundown when it is rather dark, a neon-colored belt is prone to make you visible to drivers.



Top Rated Running Belts in 2019


Because the decision rests solely in your hands, we have decided to make your choice easier by narrowing the market down for you. Therefore, below you can find what our research indicated to be the best running belts out there. To make this top, we based our decisions on the features we talked about prior, overall users’ feedback and price to value ratio. So, keep on reading and make your choice!


Our Recommendations


FlipBelt FBA-P


One of the highly appreciated models by users, the FlipBelt is one of those products that tries to provide the best for its buyers. Among the features that recommend it is the fact that the product is made out of quality materials that make it extremely comfortable and versatile. Therefore, if you end up settling for this model you will be able to use it not only during your running routine but also while traveling, as a hidden money belt.

Moreover, the product is bounce free and will not ride up. As a result, you will be able to jog, hike or travel without feeling uncomfortable in any way. Thanks to the fact that the product is made from 92% Micropoly and 8% Lycra, you can rest assured that the soft fabric will not irritate your skin or cause uncomfortable chafing.

Also, the product stands out due to its patented design. In order to ensure that every user’s needs are met, the manufacturer designed this model as a tubular pocket that has special partitions for keys, phones, wallets, credit cards, ID cards, headphones. Furthermore, once locked, the items you have stored are safe from getting lost, no matter the speed you are running at.

Buy from Amazon for ($28.99)




X Fit Factor Running Hydration


Another product that we just had to mention is the Hydration Belt. As current users point out, this model is well designed so that it caters to users’ needs in any way possible. Constructed from lightweight waterproof neoprene and equipped with a zipper of superior quality, this model is said to work smoothly for longer periods of time. Moreover, one feature that was particularly appreciated by users is the fact that the phone pocket includes a hole for the earphone cord so that you can enjoy music while running.

Also, the model has a generous pocket divided into two. As a result, you can keep your phone separated from your other belongings so that it doesn’t scratch. Likewise, the big size of the pocket helps accommodate even the phones that are usually difficult to store in this kind of items.

Last but not least, due to the fact that it is smartly built, the product fits easily on users of all shapes and sizes and it does not bounce. Consequently, you won’t be distracted by the belt slipping away or by it rubbing your skin and causing itching or irritation.

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Eazymate Fashion


Another model that should make it to your short list is the Eazymate Fashion. Designed to fit both running and traveling needs, this handy product stands out due to both its stylish design and good price. Constructed with two pockets that close by using a zipper for security, you can safely carry anything from your passport, smartphone, money, cards or wallet to car keys by simply zipping them up.

As users have noted, the model is quite large (6 inches in width) so that even larger phones can be fitted in it. Because it is made from a high-quality blend of Spandex Lycra material, the product is soft as silk and stands outfitted on your waist’s contour. Also, the material used in making it stretches and can be easily concealed when necessary. As a plus, the model is machine-washable and also dirt-resistant.

To show how confident they are in the product they have designed, the manufacturer sees the client’s satisfaction as their top priority and guarantees 100% money back for those who are not happy with the product. Also, a year warranty is provided for all products.

Buy from Amazon for ($19.99)