Key Features to Consider When Purchasing a RV GPS



While choosing a navigational system for a car or van is relatively easy, RV owners often run into difficulties finding a suitable GPS device. The height and extended length of a typical RV presents obstacles smaller vehicle owners do not have to worry about. Now there are mapping systems designed for larger vehicles, and the informative tips included in our buying guide can help you find the best RV gps in 2019.



As stated in the best RV gps reviews the most important feature to consider are the maps that you need to get to your destination. Almost all navigational systems include maps for the United States, and the best RV gps in 2019 will also be able to direct you through Canada and Mexico. Some models also include European road maps, which are ideal for drivers who frequently travel. Other mapping features to consider include free updates, and listed points of interest. This helps to ensure you always know where you are, and that you arrive safely at your destination.



The best RV gps reviews also recommend choosing a device that includes an expandable memory. Some gps systems have a relatively small memory capacity, but include a slot for an SD card. These mapping systems are usually less expensive than units with a larger memory capacity, and give you the freedom to add other features as you drive along. Frequent long distance drivers might want to consider a higher priced gps system that not only features a large memory capacity, but also includes a slot for a card.


Text and Audio

Mapping systems that offer text and speech options are considered safer for drivers, according to the best RV gps reviews. This convenient function lets you keep your eyes on the road while the device clearly announces the upcoming street name or exit number, along with the distance until the turn. Gps devices that are Bluetooth compatible will give you the advantage of “hands free” calling, while models that can be connected to your MP3 player will let you listen to all of your favorite playlists while you are driving.


Top Rated RV GPS in 2019


While we can’t choose the right mapping system for your large recreational vehicle, we can show you the top rated RV gps for 2019. Easy to set up and use, these RV gps systems will get you to your destination, without running into any roadblocks or low handing obstacles.


Garmin RV 760MT


1. Garmin RV 760MTThe best RV gps reviews state that this system is designed for larger vehicles. This system is easy to set up and use, and you’ll love how clearly you can see the 7 inch viewing screen. The touch screen is also easy to navigate, and you have the added bonus of the free mapping updates for the life of the device.

You will also know exactly where you are going, and the constant updates ensures that you know which roads are open. The text to speech function will help you get safely to your destination, and lets you know when and where your next turn is. The audio can be clearly heard with the built in loud speaker, and you also have the advantage of the rear view camera. Safely reverse and back into parking spaces while still being able to clearly see, and minimize your risk of being involved in an accident.

Since this gps system is designed for larger recreational vehicles, it will always find the perfect route for your RV. You can customize it to the specifications of your vehicle, including the weight, length, and height. You never have to worry about getting stuck underneath a low hanging bridge, or getting lost with this afford RV gps device.

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Magellan RoadMate RV9145-LM GPS Navigator


2. Magellan RoadMate RV9145-LMThis gps includes everything an RVer needs to get to their destination safely, and on time. The 7 inch screen is brightly lit and easy to read, and you’ll love the convenience of the touch controls. Choose from a wide variety of preloaded maps, and enjoy always knowing the best route with a lifetime of free updates. You can personalize the menu to include favorite routes and destinations, along with places you want to avoid.

It is designed specifically for RVs, and the gps can be customized to your specifications. Avoid lower hanging obstacles and narrower roads, and you can also use the gps to find the nearest RV friendly campground. The device also includes the ability to map several destinations at once, so you can plan all of the stops on your trip.

The viewing screen automatically adjusts in different lighting, and the AV port enables you to connect a rearview camera. You can also add in specific points of interest during your travels, and the included lane assist function ensures that you are exactly where you need to be. Perfect for long trips around the country, you’ll love never having to worry about where you are going with this versatile RV gps.

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Rand McNally RVND 7730 LM RV GPS


3. Rand McNally RVND 7730This Wi-Fi enabled RV gps is perfect for extended trips, and can be customized to your vehicle’s specifications. The gps includes a lifetime of mapping updates, along with the ability to instantly plot out and display your intended route. The 7 inch viewing screen will clearly show the directions, along with interesting places to stop at along the way.

The gps will ensure that you do not run into any hazards on the road, and will even let you know when a lane change is coming up. You can also find out the cost of any nearby toll roads, along with differences in distance between various routes. Along with mapping out your intended route, the gps can also display current weather conditions. Track fuel and mileage, and find out exactly how much your trip will cost.

This top RV gps includes all of the functions you need to safely travel around the country, along with bonus features to make your trip more enjoyable. Stop at historic points of interest along the way, and customize this RV gps to make your trips more enjoyable.

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