What to Consider When Buying a Safety Razor


In case you want to switch from an electrical razor to a traditional razor, you need to learn a few things about the latter. With so many models to choose from, learning a bit about brands, pricing and other aspects to keep in mind is highly recommended. This guide will offer you the necessary edge to get a safety razor capable of serving you well for years to come.

Best Safety Razor

Good balance

A proper safety razor should feel well balanced in your hand. This means that it should not be too heavy or too lightweight. If the razor is too heavy, you may end up cutting yourself as the excessive weight doesn’t allow you the proper control. A too lightweight model can force you to apply more pressure and irritate your skin, because you do not feel that it cuts the hair on your face properly. The best safety razor reviews recommend getting a razor with proper balance that does not lead to such mishaps and feels great and easy to manipulate and control.


Blade exposure

Examine the double edge razor and see if there is consistent blade exposure on both sides. The main advantage of this type of razor is that it can be switched when one side of the blade gets dull, but if the blade is not balanced well, you will feel the difference and you will try to compensate with the way you move your hand across the face. The almost inevitable results include nicks and cuts that will not look good on your face once you are finished shaving.



This may sound a bit snobbish, but, when it comes to safety razors, you need models that are made by reputable craftsmen and not by just anyone. Why are the top rated safety razors 2019 consistently created by the best known manufacturers? Mainly because they are executed to very precise standards, meant to offer the user the best experience possible when shaving in this traditional manner. Their quality controls are outstanding, and their care for consumer satisfaction is worth taking into consideration when you go shopping for such an item.


Top Rated Safety Razors in 2019


The next three safety razors were selected based on the numerous best safety razor reviews you can currently find online. All of them rank high in terms of user satisfaction and they offer the best conditions for a close, exceptional shave that will offer you that impeccable look everyone appreciates in a man.


Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor


1.Merkur Long Handled Safety RazorMerkur is a company that barely needs any introduction when it comes to safety razors. Known for their classic design, with models featured on TV shows, Merkur is a company that inspires trust in their consumers.

The Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor is made in Germany and is tributary to the German quality famous worldwide. The extra long handle is geared towards users with larger hands, so they do not have to struggle with too small razors that can barely be manipulated comfortably.

The first thing you will notice about this high quality razor is its stylish appearance. The chrome finish makes it stand out and the ergonomic handle makes sure that the razor doesn’t accidentally slip through your fingers.

Style and appearance are not everything, though, and the Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor doesn’t enjoy so many positive reviews just for its great looks. The razor provides an extra close shave, so you always look your best, and its performance is well known. Thousands of comments from users are proof enough that this is the best safety razor 2019 to date, and any other contenders are still lagging behind.

If what you are looking for is high quality shaving, this is a model you cannot go wrong with.

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Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Safety Razor


2.Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Safety RazorIf you are new to traditional shaving, your best bet is to go with a tested and tried model. The Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Safety Razor doesn’t disappoint at all and it is one of the most popular models used worldwide.

The blade head is designed and engineered to perfection, so that proper blade exposure is always provided. If you are looking for stellar results and the closest shave possible, this razor from Edwin Jagger is one of the best choices you can make at the moment. Users praise the ability of this specific model to offer the same results as original straight cut razors.

The chrome plated handle is nice to look at and also ergonomic, providing proper comfort and balance for absolute control while you are shaving. In case you worry about ingrown hairs, you should learn that this Edwin Jagger razor is designed to perform a perfect close shave, so the chance of such mishaps is greatly reduced.

The Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Safety Razor comes along with 5 safety blades so you can start shaving right away. Any standard double edge blades work with this razor, so you can purchase blades separately, totally depending on your tastes.

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Parker 99R Safety Razor


3.Parker 99R Safety RazorIf you are looking for genuine quality, then the Parker 99R Safety Razor is a highly recommended choice. The durable heavyweight model is ideal for really thorough shaving, and the sure grip provided by the textured handle makes sure that you are always in control.

The butterfly head makes it easy to replace the blade when necessary. The head just twists and opens, allowing you to perform this operation without fear that you may cut yourself.

One gripe many men have with the tools used for traditional shaving is that the handle may slip from their hands when wet. There are no such worries when you are using the Parker 99R Safety Razor because the handle is designed to offer a sure grip, even if your hands are wet.

The performance offered is something to write home about, as well. The close, comfortable shave the model provides to the user is its main selling point, although the quality ensured by Parker, and the great looking design should not be overlooked, either.

The Parker 99R Safety Razor makes for a great gift for the right person. If one of your friends wants to start shaving in the traditional manner, there is no better gift to offer than a high quality durable safety razor, such as this one.

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