What to Consider When Buying a Salon Dryer


Choosing a product from among those featured in the best salon dryer reviews entails plenty of research and evaluation. You may have to spend a significant amount of time trying to find out what makes each product different from others, and it’s not just about comparing prices. You may have to go technical and consider the features to find the perfect unit for your professional salon needs.

Heat Provision

Most products featured in the best salon dryer reviews offer information on the ability of the unit to deliver heat. A product with a low machine power wattage will take a long time to get the job done, and this entails heavy utility costs in the long term. The longer your customer has to stay under the hood, the more power is required. A wattage rating of 2500 watts and over is good. A machine with adjustable heat settings is also great.


Hood Size

Considering that you’ll be using the appliance to handle a variety of hair styles, you need to ensure that your choice among the top rated salon dryers 2019 is able to accommodate that factor as well. It should be large enough to fit every size of head (and hair/hairstyle). It can be problematic when a customer asks for a particularly elaborate and tall hairstyle that needs to be set, and the salon’s one-and-only hair dryer can’t accommodate that requirement.


Height Adjustability

You may have every type of hydraulic chair in the salon, but even that is no match for the best salon dryer 2019 built with a height adjustment lever. This is especially useful when the customer uses a chair with a non-adjustable height, so it is the hooded hair dryer unit that needs to be adjusted for convenience.


Portability and Resilience

When it comes to portability, a soft bonnet dryer recommended in the best salon dryer reviews may just be what you need. This is a slightly more adjustable type of appliance that offers easy portability.

The interior of the appliance needs to be coated with an anti-staining material to ensure product integrity, as there are processes that make use of hair treating and staining chemicals.


Top Rated Salon Dryers in 2019


There are plenty of products that have been featured in different best salon dryer reviews, which can make professional salon owners hard up at finding the most applicable and functional appliance for their needs. Here, we have presented three different products that you may find highly usable in your particular setting.


Tourmaline Tools 1059 Portable Salon Dryer


Featuring a Pre-moisture System that utilizes ionic nano and tourmaline technology, the Tourmaline Tools 1059 Portable Salon Dryer transforms the dryer’s dynamic airflow into a revolutionary hydrating spa treatment for the hair. This enables the appliance to deliver up to 50% faster hair drying, as it optimizes the 1875-watt output as well. Hair is left shiny, silky, soft and less frizzy.

The tourmaline nano particles generate far-infrared energy naturally, which dries the cortex or interior of the hair without over-drying the exterior or the cuticle. The hair also becomes more resilient to cracking and brittleness. Tourmaline technology also helps cleanse the hair of impurities and odors. The direct ion technology that the dryer works with produces negatively-charged nano ions that leave the hair less prone to frizz while being supple, radiant and smooth to touch. The nano ion technology does this by breaking water into smaller easy-to-absorb droplets.

Both the front visor and the bonnet are adjustable so you can easily fit the dryer over a range of hair styling setups such as up-dos and rollers. The two speed settings and four heat levels allow you to fix hair in various styles in a short time. This salon dryer makes professional hairstyling jobs easy to complete successfully.

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Gold ‘N Hot Elite Professional Bonnet Dryer


Made for customers who demand the best in their professional salon tools, the Gold ‘N Hot Elite Professional Bonnet Dryer is built with an ionic generator that releases negative-charged ions, which enables the hair to absorb moisture naturally, aside from taking in the needed nutrients from hair styling products to ensure lasting beauty and style. The negative ions interact with wet hair through efficient break up of water molecules.

This action allows the smaller droplets to get absorbed into the hair shaft’s outer layer. This is perfect for the stylist and the customer, as it reduces the surface tension of the hair to leave the locks frizz-free and shiny. With the four styling settings, the salon dryer provides stylists and clients with great choices and precise levels at which the perfect hairstyle is achieved. The heat sets the hair properly to the desired style, enabling it to retain the style longer.

The salon dryer is also tourmaline-infused. Tourmaline is a semi-precious element that generates negative ions only when heated. It allows the hair dryer to maximize the negative ions produced while closing the outer layer of hair, making it smooth. Tourmaline enables faster hair drying. With 1875 watts of styling power, this top salon dryer is a highly useful tool for professional work.

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Best Choice Products® Beauty Salon Spa Equipment Hair Dryer


Easily the best salon dryer 2019, this model from Beauty Choice Products has been CE-approved, signifying the manufacturer’s declaration that it meets the requirements of EC directives that apply to the product. This freestanding salon dryer offers convenient use with its height adjustable knob with spring that enables easy modifications to suit every hairstyling need.

The plastic hood has an open visor that allows easy in and out, while the neck is cradled by the comfortably rolled up edges at the rear of the hood. The dryer has a timer that works seamlessly with the automatic shut-off feature to ensure precise and safe drying times. The stand keeps the dryer stable, and the five-star wheel base enables easy portability from one location to another in the professional salon. The dryer produces extremely low noise, so clients can feel the soothing heat produced by the 1875-watt dryer without being bothered by annoying noise.

The dryer offers temperature control from 0 to 80 degrees, so you can choose the exact setting you need to get your locks dried. The Time Control Switch allows you to run the dryer up to 60 minutes. The dryer is supported by a strong and sturdy black metal tube stand and adjusts to preference.