How to Choose One of the Best Samurai Swords


It’s quite easy to get fascinated with the products described in the best samurai sword reviews. An authentic samurai sword is replete with symbolism from its design and shape down to the engravings used on each piece. The samurai sword has evolved from being a weapon of defense to a thing of beauty and potential mysticism, deserving its own place of honor in the modern home.

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Type and Material

Able to slice through hard and soft targets repeatedly without getting damaged, a functional samurai sword can cut through entire rolls of tatami or hard bamboo mats with ease. It can even cut water bottles just as easily as a whole melon. Make sure to check out the best samurai sword reviews that feature this type of product to find out what material your prospect item is made of, which preferably should be of high carbon, heat treated steel. Folded steel is great.

A decorative samurai sword can also be one of the items described in the best samurai sword reviews. This type of samurai sword is priced lower than a functional one, as it is not built to cut through targets but only as a display item. The decorative sword is typically made of stainless steel or aluminum.

Iaito are practice samurai swords that are also generally made of stainless steel or aluminum. This type can’t be sharpened. It is intended for realistic training minus the danger element of a sharpened edge. Iaito swords are mostly made beautifully and can double as decorative pieces, and combine the exceptional balance and precision of a functional sword without the sharp edge.



If you seriously want a functional samurai sword, make sure it is heat-forged and folded. Of course, there are top rated samurai swords 2019 that only undergo heat forging without being followed by hand folding. Machine-stamped swords are not capable enough to execute multiple cuts. Although a machine-stamped sword may hold its own for a bit, this is only temporary, as stamped metal typically has poor craftsmanship.


Quality Control and Guarantee

The best samurai sword 2019 is made under extensive quality control. The maker ensures that imperfections are not present when the product reaches the buyer. The seller should make sure every component is in perfect condition, from the habaki seats, to the fit of the saya, the rattle-free fittings, and the blemish-free forged steel. All the parts should work seamlessly together.

A written warranty should come with the purchase, and this factor can cover manufacturing defects. Ask the seller about return or warranty claim policies.


Top Rated Samurai Swords in 2019


So you’re ready to discover the fascinating possibilities of owning a samurai sword. The good news is, there are a lot of samurai swords on the market. The bad news is, the good news is also the bad news. Making a choice can become daunting for the uninitiated. To help you along, here are three products that are worth the money.


Top Swords Masahiro Samurai Sword


1.Masahiro Folded Steel Samurai SwordThis spectacular layered blade demands rapt attention-and rightly so! The Masahiro Folded Steel Samurai Sword is hand folded and carefully shaped, ensuring that it will not look exactly like any other sword you can find on the market. There are over 1000 layers that ripple across the sharp blade, which has undergone meticulous hand honing. The Masahiro Samurai Sword is made superbly attractive and well balanced, worthy of endless admiration. The blood groove features unique layer patterns that add to the overall decorative effect of this product while ensuring superb reliability.

The Masahiro Folded Steel Samurai Sword comes with a fascinating two-tone finish, complemented by the steel tsuba and fittings. The full tang construction ensures that the blade remains securely attached to the handle, thanks to it being all just a single piece of metal from the pommel to the tip. The battle-ready Masahiro Folded Steel Samurai Sword is fully functional, with its grip wrapped in real ray skin plus a black cotton cord wrap. This promotes problem-free handling and effortless control when cutting targets.

Definitely the best samurai sword 2019, the Masahiro Samurai Sword comes with a remarkable scabbard with high-quality piano paint finish, which adds greater attraction to make it the center of your katana collection.

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Tenryu MAZ-021 Hand Forged Samurai Sword


2.TENRYU MAZ-021 Hand Forged Samurai SwordBased on the sword utilized by the fictional American samurai, the TENRYU MAZ-021 Hand Forged Samurai Sword is outfitted with a 28-inch Tachi and boasts an overall length of 41 inches. This item makes an excellent centerpiece to any katana collection. The high-carbon steel blade offers long-lasting durability, and boasts a thickness of 7.5 millimeters. The 11-inch Japanese silk-wrapped tsuba is made using real ray skin and zinc alloy. The scabbard is given a black lacquer finish to ensure smooth looks and an even smoother feel.

The sword boasts a unique Sinogi Zukui Shape and is handcrafted from 1065 high carbon steel. The blade ridge comes with a tri-polish mirror finish that gives it a genuinely distinctive look. The simple tsuba is done in black metal that provides it with an elegant design. The black cotton sword bag enables easy carrying and problem-free portability. You will surely love having the TENRYU MAZ-021 Hand Forged Samurai Sword as a showpiece, or at the very core of your samurai sword collection.

Feel like the hero in The Last Samurai with a sword that pays homage to the story. Relive the most memorable moments of the movie by wielding this terrific weapon to ward off unwanted attacks.

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Ace Martial Arts Supply Classic Crane Tsuba Samurai Katana


3.Ace Martial Arts Supply Classic Crane TsubaEasily the favorite in the best samurai sword reviews, this product is a cool-looking weapon that boasts a full tang. This means the blade extends to the full length of the sword from the pommel to the tip, ensuring secure attachment and stable control of the entire weapon. This 40-inch sword is meticulously made by hand, ensuring superb craftsmanship, balance and reliability. The 28-inch razor-sharp blade boasts 1045 high carbon construction that provides superior strength and durability. The Dancing Crane tsuba is a nice touch, ensuring safety to the user while endowing the weapon with ample symbolism.

The deep black scabbard provides the perfect sheath to house the samurai sword. It is made of hard plastic and has a wood liner. The scabbard comes with a black cord to ensure secure storage. The Handmade Samurai Katana Sharp Sword carries a simple but elegant design. You won’t find a better blade for the money. The sword is well-balanced and quite easy to wield. It can handle both hard and soft targets with ease, cutting cleanly every time. It is a solidly built sword that should make a terrific centerpiece. The Handmade Samurai Katana Sharp Sword also makes a nice light practice weapon.

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