Expert Buying Advice on Sandals


Keeping the feet cool and comfortable when the weather is warm, the products mentioned in the best sandals reviews will not trap heat in and cause your feet to perspire like closed shoes. Slipping on a pair of sandals is effortless and convenient when you need to make a quick trip out. Offering a bit of protection, sandals combine the comfort of barefoot styling and the down-to-earth simplicity of flip flops.

Best Sandals


Most of the models featured in the best sandals reviews boast modern class-leading materials to protect the feet from debris, sharp rocks and other elements on the surface you walk on.

Look for soles made of hard rubber compounds. A deep tread helps you tackle steep mountain surfaces while providing balance on wet river rocks. The straps should be manufactured using breathable yet durable material such as polyurethane or nylon webbing. The top sole should provide supportive cushioning for comfortable wearing. A good midsole material is the spongy ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), which offers superb arch support, no smell and won’t cause the feet to sweat. Some manufacturers use exclusive sole material.

Make sure the materials are water-resistant as well.



To determine which type of sandals works best for you, you should first know what the general purpose of the footwear will be for you. If you just need something to lie low with, a pair of thongs or flip flops will do just fine. This type of sandals is easy to put on and slip off, has very little weight and packs easy. Leather flip flops are comfortable after getting broken in, while rubber models are utilitarian.

Hiking requires some form of strapping to ensure secure wearing. The straps can wrap around the heel, with an integrated cinch buckle to ensure a snug fit for tackling various types of terrain. The toes can be made tough to handle irregularities on the hiking trail.

The top rated sandals 2019 can be of the gladiator type, which looks nice on the feet while ensuring a secure and snug fit. They can hug the heel and have a cinch buckle as well.

Closed toe sandals protect the toes from getting stubbed using superior toe protection.


Cushioning and Flexibility

The stiff soles can protect your feet from irregularities on the path, but they can cause the straps to pull too much on the top of your feet. The best sandals 2019 are geared with ample flexibility to enable natural bending of the foot in every step, yet still shield the bottom surface of your foot from the uneven surface elements.

For walking great distances, you want the sandals to provide a sufficient level of cushioning to make walking comfortable.


Top Rated Sandals in 2019


If you want to bag the best deals on sandals, you had better be ready to do some decent amount of reading. This will equip you with enough knowledge to make a really great purchase. However, if the reading and research you have to do is not a nice prospect, why not simply pick out any one of these five great products so you can enjoy the freedom of walking in light and airy footwear?


Reef Men’s Fanning Sandal


1.Reef Men's Fanning SandalThe US-developed Reef Men’s Fanning Sandals have a durable leather construction that enables them to last for years. The sandals are outfitted with quick-drying synthetic nubuck straps that let the skin breathe while ensuring a snug and secure fit. The contoured footbed works well with the foamy, thick molded EVA sole to provide extra arch support while ensuring comfortable all day wearing. The underheel airbag cushioning adds even more comfort and protection on the uneven surface of the path. The hidden bottle opener on the outsole enables you to surprise your friends with the versatility of the sandals, which are perfect for beach parties and lazy days outdoors.

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Pali Hawaii Classic Jesus Sandals


2.Pali Hawaii Classic Jesus SandalsThe Pali Hawaii Classic Jesus Sandals are designed in Hawaii, which serves as your guarantee of their authentic made-for-the-beach styling that embraces the freedom of the surf. Made of soft rubber, these sandals won’t rub on your feet and cause blisters. The uniquely soft texture adds to the charm of the footwear, as it enables easy on and off plus comfortable wearing. The Pali Hawaii Classic Jesus Sandals are made for unisex wearing, so everyone in the family can enjoy their great features. They have been worn by Hawaiians since 1980, and have not lost their attraction in any way. The skid-resistant soles are even machine washable for lasting use.

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Womens Roman Gladiator Sandals


3.Womens Roman Gladiator SandalsThe Womens Roman Gladiator Sandals are pretty on the feet. This super stylish gladiator footwear is made for superior comfort on the feet. The sandals are perfect for everyday use when running quick errands or having awesome casual walks and parties with friends on the beach. Made of synthetic material, the sandals hug the heels and the ankles. The sandals are easy to put on and take off thanks to the zipped closure at the back of the heel cover. The slightly thick platform offers just enough elevation off the ground while giving a confident feel of the path for traction.

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Dockers Men’s Marin Fisherman Sandal


4.Dockers Men's Marin Fisherman SandalThe Dockers Men’s Marin Fisherman Sandals are made of durable leather to ensure lasting use. The sandals are great for warm weather when wearing closed shoes is not practical. The sandals provide comfort with their manmade sole and fabric lining. The fabric lining effectively absorbs moisture while providing enough comfortable breathability. These great looking sandals are outfitted with an adjustable hook and loop closure that ensures a snug and secure fit. The waxy, solid leather uppers work well with the durable rubber sole and Flex construction to ensure that the straps do not pull too much on the upper surface of your feet.

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Columbia Men’s Techsun Sandal


5.Columbia Men's Techsun SandalEngineered using the best footwear technologies, the Columbia Men’s Techsun Sandals are lightweight and comfortable. They are designed to drain water quickly, ensuring that your feet stay dry even in wet weather. The sandals also promote effective airflow to give the feet an airy, light feeling. Engineered to handle your active days in sunny weather, the sandals are outfitted with adjustable straps that keep them securely on your feet. The synthetic upper with hook and loop closure straps ensure a tight fit without causing blisters. The techlite midsole offers reliable cushioning performance plus high energy return for a springy feeling, while the Omni grip non-marking rubber outsole provides a superb surface grip.

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