In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best senior dog food? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have gathered a lot of information about the best senior dog foods on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at, the Blue Buffalo is the best because of its great benefits for aging dogs. It is based on a recipe that provides senior dogs with everything needed for a healthy life. It is sold in large amounts, so you have enough to feed your dog for quite a while. This product is made in the US, with a lot of care for senior dogs. If the Blue Buffalo is unavailable, you could also consider the NUTRO ULTRA as the second best option.



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Just like human beings, dogs age and with their progression through life, their dietary needs change along with their lifestyle. While young puppies are full of energy and they spend a lot of time running, jumping and playing, senior dogs become slower and their appetite changes. There are quite many provocations for a pet owner with an aging dog, since you now have to pay attention to the special needs of your longtime companion. We are here to help you by offering you essential information for getting the best old dog food available right now.

Higher quality protein

What you need to focus most and foremost is on getting a type of dog food that contains higher quality protein sources. Unlike young dogs that are very active, senior dogs do not need too much fat, if anything at all. On the other side, the content of protein must rise, so they can maintain their muscles in good working condition, despite no longer exercising that much. This way, the muscle mass is maintained, as well as body weight, without straining the kidneys too much, a health consideration that must be taken into account in an aging dog.


Lower calorie content

A health problems that aging dogs are often faced with is obesity, which is why the food you should feed your pet should be poorer in calories than before. The metabolic rate is slowing down, something that you can easily notice in your dog getting slower overall and less active. Luckily, there are now senior dog formulas available on the market, and you can pick any of these to feed your dog in order to maintain it healthy and happy. However, if you run a multiple pet household and you want to stick to a single formula, you should go for an all life stages type of formula that is fit for all your dogs.


Special needs

The best senior dog food reviews highly recommend taking a close look to your dog’s specific needs. If your dog suffers from a particular condition, such as heart disease, you should focus on getting a type of dog food that is low in sodium. For dogs suffering from diabetes, experts recommend getting a higher fiber type of food. Because of the fiber, the food takes longer to digest and this way sugar levels are not sent into havoc.

The best senior dog foods currently available are showcased below.



Top Rated Senior Dog Foods in 2019


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Blue Buffalo 


A formula created by a team of nutritionists and veterinarians, the Blue Buffalo is most indicated for your aging dog. Rich in something called by the manufacturer LifeSource bits, this formula is a combination of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, in order to have your dog well fed and well cared for at the same time.

The key nutrients needed for every stage of a dog’s life are included in this blend, and the Blue Buffalo can be fed to dogs of all ages. However, the number one reason why this brand is included in the best natural dog food reviews is for its antioxidant properties.

As you may well know, oxidative processes are the ones responsible for aging, and if these processes are slowed down, aging occurs less quickly.

Made with chicken meat and brown rice, it is a great formula for a senior dog that is no longer as active as during its young years.

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The NUTRO ULTRA is considered by many to be the best soft dog food for old dogs. Rich in all the essential ingredients for optimal health, this formula is based on lean protein sources, fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains and sunflower oil.

Your aging dog will be thankful for this type of food that is easy to chew and it also works wonders on its stomach and digestive system. Even the most pretentious dogs will like this food and its delicious taste will convince them that it is exactly what they need.

You will notice the changes, too; your dog will be more active, and its coat will be shinier. The immune system is protected by this special diet and your dogs will have better vision and a healthier heart throughout its older years.

Made in the US, this is a senior dog food much loved by pet owners across the country.


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Wellness Complete 


When creating a formula for aging dogs, there are certain considerations that need to be kept in mind.

For starters, these dogs have very particular nutritional needs, and these needs must be met in order for your dog to live a longer, happier and healthier life. There are certain things about this dog food that will convince you it is the right choice.

For starters, the size of the kibble is on the small side, so small dog breeds will be able to eat it without a problem. This formula is poor in calories, helping your dog maintain a healthy weight and deal with a slowing metabolism.

The low sodium content is beneficial for dogs suffering from heart problems and also, dogs with arthritis will do well on this diet, due to the content of glucosamine and chondroitin, two important compounds for joint health.


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