Tips for Buying the Best Set of Golf Clubs


Finding the best set of golf clubs can be almost as frustrating as trying to score under par. Different materials used in construction can affect your swing, along with the actual weight of the club. There are other aspects that you need to consider when you are searching for a set of clubs, and the informative tips included in this buying guide can help you make the right decision.


Number of Clubs

One of the first aspects to consider is the number of clubs included in the set, and it should be noted that most courses only allow you to carry 14 in your bag while you are playing. While some golf club sets can include more, unless you are playing professionally it is probably not necessary. Sets should include a driver, fairway wood, iron set, a hybrid club, wedge and putter, which is exactly what you need to make it through the course.



The grip refers to the rubber cover over the top portion of the shaft, and it is important if you want to be able to comfortably hold onto the club. The grip also helps you maintain control of the club during your swing, and you want to make sure that it is wide enough for your hand. Along with different sizes, the texture of the grip can also vary making it easier to find one that is comfortable.



You also want to consider the shaft of the club which is usually constructed from graphite or metal. The length of the shaft will vary depending on the type of club you’re using, but you do want to make sure that it is long enough for you to comfortably complete your swing. You also want to consider how stiff or flexible you want the shaft, and this will generally depend on your swing.


Highest Rated Sets of Golf Clubs in 2019


While we can’t choose the right equipment for your game, we can show you some of the best golf club sets. Each set of clubs includes everything you need to play 18 holes, and maybe one of these is exactly what you need to finally improve your golf game.


Pinemeadow Golf PRE Golf Clubs


Best Set of Golf ClubsConsidered the best set of golf clubs by many players, it includes everything you need to make it through 18 holes. The 16 piece set includes a durable and professional carrying bag that includes a convenient kick stand, which is always appreciated when you don’t have a caddy to hand you the next club. The lightweight bag also includes a convenient strap to make it easy to carry your clubs around the course.

This set includes a titanium driver to give your shots plenty of power and distance, along with a 15 degree 3 wood that features a lightweight graphite shaft. The hybrid club gives you the versatility you need to make tougher shots, and you will appreciate the comfortable touring style grips on the irons and putter. Have the confidence you need to make difficult shots with this golf club set, and finally start seeing an improvement in your game.

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Callaway Men’s Strata Golf Clubs


2. Callaway Men's Strata Ultimate Complete Golf SetYou can feel like a professional golfer with this set of clubs that also includes a lightweight and stylish bag. The durable strap makes it convenient to carry, and it also includes plenty of pockets for storing extra balls and tees. Along with its professional design this 18 piece golf club set is also affordably priced.

This golf club set is designed for players at almost any skill level, including first timers who are still learning how to swing. The drivers and woods give you the advantage of a larger sweet spot, and the graphite and steel shafts are comfortable to handle during your swing. You will also appreciate the included irons and wedges which are designed to give you distance and accuracy, while the putter will help you finally make the important short shots. With 12 clubs, 5 protective head covers and the convenient carrying bag, you have everything you need to start improving your golf score.

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Wilson Men’s 2019 Ultra Golf Clubs


3. Wilson Men's 2019 Ultra Complete Package Golf SetIf you are just starting to realize how frustrating golf can be, this might be the perfect set of clubs for you. Designed to help beginners gain the confidence they need to make it through the course, you will also appreciate its affordable price. These clubs feature a standard size grip for comfort and control during your swing, and the steel shaft on the irons helps you follow through on the shot.

The set includes a powerful driver for long distance shots down the fairway, along with 4 hybrid clubs, irons, 3 woods, and a putter. The durable and lightweight bag features a stylish and professional design, and you will also appreciate the convenient storage pockets. Designed to be used by men under 6′ 2″ tall, it is easy to see why this clubs are popular with beginner golfers.

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