If you’re after a good cocktail shaker but don’t have the time to go through all the material we have prepared, then know that the model we found to be best suited for most purposes is the Mixologist World cocktail shaker. Both professional bartenders and casual users alike found that it offers all the features required from a cocktail shaker, like a good seal between the tumbler and lid (that can also be used as a measurement cup) double steel walls to keep your hands from freezing and the ice from melting; a large tumbler that can accommodate two servings at a go and a good deal more. It also comes accessorized with a double jigger and a mixing spoon so it will make a great starter kit. If you’re interested in a shaker that follows the elegant French style, then we recommend the OXO SteeL model from what’s currently available for sale.



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With so many options out there, finding the bests cocktail shaker for your needs might come off as a daunting task, but knowing a thing or two about the options available and what features to look for when making your decision can go a long way in helping you choose the right one. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the things more knowledgeable people consider that will make a difference when choosing a shaker.

Decide upon a style

There are three main styles of shakers out there, each of them offering unique advantages and disadvantages.

The most common one is the cobbler, also known as a three-piece. This includes a large tumbler and a tight-fitting lid with an integrated strainer. The third piece would be the smaller cap covering the strainer. This is a good shaker for beginners, since it doesn’t call for the use of a bar strainer to filter out the ice, but it’s also the most popular model with bartenders.

The Boston shaker is a lot simpler since it only consists of a tumbler and a glass pint to fit inside it. Sometimes the two containers have a weighted base to help more agile bartenders do complicated tricks while mixing. This is not a feature exclusive to the style, but the Boston is preferred by experienced users.  

The French or Parisian style is primarily appreciated for its fluid lines, and functionally can be said to be a combination of the two above. It has a similar lid to the cobbler, which can also be used as a measuring cup but it doesn’t integrate a strainer. Some models borrow the Parisian looks but keep the extra feature of the cobbler.  


What are some features to look for?

The best shaker for cocktails must first and foremost allow for a good fit between the lid and the tin since spilling will often result in droplets of drink getting all over clothes and furniture.

This is dependent upon user skill to a large extent, and the cobbler tends to be friendlier to beginners since the base of the lid narrows down to follow the shape of the tumbler, but it is also a function of precise manufacturing. Ideally, the cap should fit well enough to prevent any leakage y still allow for some air to get through to prevent pressure from building as the ice melts.

Cocktail making generally uses a lot of ice, and it’s never desirable for it to melt and end up watering down the final mix. For this reason, good shakers should provide some measure of thermal insulation, generally by employing double walls. This also increases user comfort, as your fingers won’t get cold from contact.

Size comes down to user preference and should be decided upon by factoring in the amount of drink you want ready in one go and what will be comfortable for you to use.


Materials used

These should provide for good corrosion resistance while at the same time be firm enough not to bend under pressure and cause leaks. Stainless steel is preferred by most manufacturers, due to its good tensile properties, low cost, and tendency not to rust. This is generally achieved by alloying it with chromium and nickel, and the more these metals are present in its composition, the better the material resists corrosion over time.



Top Rated Cocktail Shakers in 2019


Sometimes the cap covering the strainer is rubberized so that it doesn’t freeze to the lid. This will prove useful for those that use ice a lot, but the rubber will probably be the first part to wear out.


Our Recommendations


Mixologist World Cocktail Shaker


A relative newcomer in the field of barware, Mixologist World is slowly making a name for itself as a purveyor of great functionality for equally good value. This cocktail shaker hits all the marks in regards to what is needed for effortlessly mixing drinks, and its price won’t place it out of the ballpark even for the most stingy of us.

It’s a cobbler design, made out of strong 18/8 stainless steel. The first figure in the description refers to the amount of chromium used for the composition, which at 18% places it in the upper ranges for adequate rust resistance, while the 8% nickel is likewise good.

Customers report that the lid is very tight fitting and makes it very easy even for beginners to forcefully shake without letting any water out. The integrated strainer will also go a long way towards user-friendliness as you won’t have to awkwardly employ another piece of equipment to keep the crushed ice from getting in your drink.  

The shaker also comes with a spoon mixer and a double measuring cup, for 1.5 oz and 0.7 oz, so you won’t be lacking any of the required accessories for making a good cocktail.  

Buy from Amazon for ($19.93)







This shaker borrows the fluid lines of the Parisian style, but still allows for the ease of use characteristic of cobbler designs. A strainer is integrated into the lid, but you couldn’t tell that this was the case if not for the rubberized cap covering it since its shape flows as smoothly as it were a one-piece.

An integrated strainer will prove welcomed for beginners, or for bartenders who have to handle a lot of workload during busy hours (one of the prime reasons the cobbler is so popular), while the rubber is there to keep the cap from freezing to the lid when wet.

Low temperatures shouldn’t be that much of a problem when handling this shaker, as its stainless steel double walls provide for very good insulation, so the ice doesn’t melt into the mix, drowning away the heat from your suffering fingers.  

The lid can also double as a measuring cup, with 1 oz, ¾ oz and ½ oz markings, so you can keep an accurate track of the stronger ingredients you might be using. The total amount of liquid it can hold — 18 oz — is about average and will allow enough space for two margaritas to be mixed at the same time while remaining accessible for small handed people.  

Buy from Amazon for ($29.99)




Fred Bar Bones


This is a horror-themed small Boston shaker from Fred & Friends which should prove a lot of fun for professionals to handle, or novices to experiment with since it’s relatively affordable price will make it a good gift or impulse buy.

At only 9 oz in size, you shouldn’t expect to use it for much more than spirit mixes for you or a couple of other friends, but otherwise, it has all the elements that will make it a workable Boston mixer.

Admittedly, that’s not much, a metal tumbler and a pint glass to fit over it and allow you to shake without spilling too much. This simple system allows for all the tricks of the bartending trade to be performed and can be used for some great spectacle by experienced hands.

The tumbler is made of stainless steel, with a soft velvety finish that also makes it easier to grab hold of when shaking. It also has a skull indentation, to give it some personality. The glass is adequately thick, and it keeps with the horror theme by being printed with 13 “ghastly” cocktail recipes.

While this product received mostly positive reviews, a lot of voices complain that the glass and tumbler don’t properly fit together, which might be due to low user skill as much as anything else.  

Buy from Amazon for ($20)