Expert Buying Guide on Shoes for Nurses


It is not uncommon for nurses to be on their feet all day at work and a pair of comfortable shoes is necessary to prevent back and leg pain. Nurses also need their footwear to be supportive and protective, and there is nothing wrong with wanting the shoes to also have style. While there are hundreds of pairs of nursing shoes to choose from, there are some factors that you will want to consider. In this buying guide we have included informative tips that will help you choose the best nursing shoes in 2019.

A.Shoes for nurses


As stated in the best shoes for nurses reviews there are several types of footwear to choose from, but before you make a decision it is always a good idea to make sure that it is appropriate for your workplace. Sneakers are ideal for busy ERs where you are constantly on the go, and often provide cushioning and protection to keep your feet safe and comfortable. While clogs may be considered comfortable and able to relieve painful pressure, the open design of these shoes might not be able to protect your feet in all environments. Some of the best nursing shoes in 2019 are designed to slip easily on your feet, along with providing plenty of comfortable support and protection.



The best shoes for nurses’ reviews also recommend carefully considering the material used in construction, which can make a difference in comfort and support. Most nurses’ shoes are constructed from durable leather or rubber which is protective, supportive, and easy to clean. Rubber nursing shoes are also lightweight, and able to provide plenty of traction on slippery surfaces. There are also suede and canvas nursing shoes, but the absorbent material can be difficult to keep clean.



You also want to choose a pair of nursing shoes that comfortably fit your feet, while also providing plenty of support and cushioning. As stated in the best shoes for nurses reviews you want your footwear to be able to support your arch, and prevent foot and leg fatigue. Most experts recommend measuring both feet to ensure a perfect fit, and you also want the shoes to be lightweight and flexible when you move.


Top Rated Shoes for Nurses in 2019


While we can’t choose the right footwear for you we can show you the top rated shoes for nurses of 2019. Each of these shoes is designed to be comfortable and supportive even when if you are working long 12 hour shifts. Perhaps one of these supportive and stylish shoes will be exactly what you are looking for to stay comfortable during your long shifts at work.


Natural Uniform Comfortable Nurse Clogs


1.Natural Uniform ComfortableThese stylish clogs are designed to keep your feet comfortable, while also looking great. The shoes are easy to slip on, and the included strap helps keep the clogs securely on your feet. Available in several colors to match all of your scrubs, you will also appreciate the affordable price.

The man made material is resistant to spills and stains, so the shoes are easy to keep clean. Since the durable material won’t absorb liquids you don’t have to worry about the shoes spreading germs and other bacteria. The thick sole provides plenty of traction and support, along with helping to prevent leg fatigue during long shifts at work.

The open back allows you to easily slip the shoes on without having to touch dirty laces, and you will also appreciate the lightweight and flexible construction. Perfect for days spent on your feet, these nursing shoes will keep you comfortable no matter how busy you get.

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Nurse Mates 229904 – 8M Dove Lite Nursing Shoes


2.Nurse Mates Dove ShoesDesigned to be comfortable and professional, you won’t mind spending long hours on your feet when you are wearing these shoes. These slip on shoes are supportive and comfortable, and feature a durable construction. Designed to get you through your long days at work, you will love how your feet feel when you are wearing these nursing shoes.

The leather construction is durable, and you will also appreciate how easy it is to clean. Not only does this keep your shoes looking neat and professional, it also helps to prevent the spread of bacteria. Spills quickly wipe away, along with other stains and these shoes are also designed to help prevent slips and falls.

The manmade sole is able to provide shock absorbing comfort, and plenty of traction. The leather sides help support your feet, along with the included steel shank. These nursing shoes also feature a lightweight construction that will prevent leg and foot fatigue. Perfect for busy hospitals and offices, these shoes also come at an affordable price. Designed to last through years of hard work, these might be the only pair of nursing shoes you will ever need.

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Cherokee Women’s Zone Clog


3.Cherokee ZoneAs stated in the best shoes for nurses reviews you will love the comfortable and durable construction. These clogs are designed to support your feet during long shifts at work, along with relieving painful pressure. Available in several fun colors and patterns, you are sure to find the perfect pair to match your uniform.

These clogs slip easily onto your feet, and the included strap helps to ensure a secure fit. The all rubber construction is durable and easy to maintain, and you will appreciate being able to quickly wipe spills and stains away. The sole is also constructed from rubber to provide comfortable support and traction. Safely rush around on slick floors without worrying about slipping and falling.

You also have the advantage of the removable insole which adds another layer of comfort to the shoes. The raised heel helps provide additional support for your arch, and you will also love being able to toss these shoes in the washer for quick cleaning after your shift. Featuring a lightweight construction and flexible design, you won’t mind spending 8 to 12 hours a day on your feet in these comfortable and supportive nursing shoes.

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