If you’re here just to find the best shortwave radio and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information We have gathered information from expert reviews, consumer feedback, followed activity on popular social media sights, and compared value for the money, price and brand quality in order to find the best shortwave radios on the market. During our research the Eton Grundig Satellit 750 quickly gained our attention as the best portable radio due to its ability to automatically tune and store up to 1,000 FM/AM , long and shortwave and aircraft stations, along with the AM antenna that is capable of rotating 360 degrees to ensure maximum signal strength. This shortwave radio also comes with a lightweight and durable construction for easy portability, and can also connect to MP3 players and other devices via the line in and out sockets. Even though all of these features make this the best Grundig shortwave radio it might not be priced to fit all budgets or readily available in your area which is why we also recommend the Sony ICF-SW7600GR as a second, more affordable option. While it is not capable of clearly tuning weak AM band signals or have the memory capacity of the top model it is able to receive short and long range stations, along with most AM/FM frequencies.



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A shortwave radio is designed to receive transmissions on frequencies ranging from 3 up to 30 megahertz so users can easily broadcast over long distances. Hobbyists often enjoy communicating with others in distant countries, but the main use for these radios is to receive and transmit emergency broadcasts. Unlike CBs you do not need any special skills or licenses to use shortwave radio, and these convenient devices are often priced a little more affordably. With plenty of options to choose from finding a shortwave radio can be overwhelming, which is why we have included the following helpful tips.

1.Eton Grundig Satellit NGSAT750B


It is possible to find an inexpensive shortwave radio without a lot of problems, but this might limit you on range and the included features. Setting a spending limit that you are comfortable with will help you choose the right model for you, while also ensuring that it comes with the shortwave radios stations and features you want.

A set budget can also prevent you from wasting money on features you won’t use or on a model that isn’t capable of the range or power you need. Your budget will also determine the type of shortwave radio you can afford, and there are several to choose from.



The best shortwave radio reviews suggest first deciding on a type, once you know how much you are comfortable spending. If you want to communicate with others around the world from the comfort of your home and use it as a backup radio you might want to consider a tabletop model. Designed to sit on the counter or a table, these shortwave radios are easy to use and can often run off of battery or electric power. It is important to note that some tabletop models require a special power source which might not be convenient for all users.

Portable shortwave radios are generally priced lower than other types, though you might notice that it is also lacking in power. These radios are generally designed to be easy to operate and are a great choice for beginners. The compact size also makes it a great choice for use while traveling. Portable shortwave radios might only be intended for brief communications, but it can be invaluable in an emergency situation.

There are also speciality shortwave radios which are a little more difficult to operate, but these models do come with several convenient features. Speciality radios are commonly added to emergency and survival kits, and can come with meters that measure battery and signal strength. AM/FM stations can also be accessed from some speciality shortwave radios, and some even come with inputs for headphones. While these shortwave radios are often priced a little higher, it can be worth the extra expense for the convenience of the included features.


Frequency range

The best portable radio reviews suggest choosing a model with the frequency range you need to transmit and receive news and emergency broadcasts, along with other communications. The frequency range of a shortwave radio is generally referred to “bands” and this can vary dramatically between different types and models. Some of the bands you might want to make sure the shortwave radio can receive include AM/FM stations, along with those commonly used by local aircraft and airports. Models that can receive lower bands are ideal for communications in Morse Code, along with emergency alerts and other amateur radio operators.

Longwave bands allow you to listen in to international emergencies and marine navigational broadcasts, and there are also frequencies that allow you to listen to news and special alerts from around the world. There are also bands designated for use by  the Coast Guard, along with some that are only used to announce the local time at set intervals. Understanding the various bands and frequencies will make it easier to find a shortwave radio that will work for you.

2.Sony ICF-SW7600GR


There are some extra features that can be included with the shortwave radio, and your budget will help you decide if any are right for you. Radios that come with monaural headsets are great for listening to broadcasts without being distracted by background noise, and it can also make it easier for you to hear weaker communications. External speakers let you enjoy the radio’s AM/FM capabilities, and a handy reference book is always a welcome bonus.

Some models will also let you replace the antenna with one that is more powerful so you can receive some of the weaker signals. If you do decide to upgrade the antenna on the shortwave radio it is important to ensure that it is compatible with your model.



Top rated shortwave radios in 2019


While we can’t choose the right model for you we can help you make a smart decision, which is why you can find the best shortwave radios showcased below.


Our recommendations


Eton Grundig Satellit NGSAT750B


Best Shortwave Radios ReviewsAs you read the top rated shortwave radios reviews, this is one model that you will see as being often recommended by many people.

One of the best things about such is the integration of a 360-degree rotating antenna. With the latter, it becomes possible to be provided with exceptionally strong reception, and hence, resulting into clear audio.

To add, it is also regarded by many as a good choice because of the connectivity options that are possible. There are external ports that will allow you to plug different devices, such as your music player.


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Sony ICF-SW7600GR


If you are still looking for the best shortwave radios in 2019, there is no more need to look any further as this model is promising in terms of the benefits that it can offer.

The brand name in itself can be already considered as more than enough reason on why this is a good choice. More so, it has a clear LCD display that will let you see the name of the station you are listening to.

It also comes with a headphone jack that will make it possible for you to listen in private. It also has the ability to save up to 100 radio stations, allowing you to easily find your favorite.


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Kaito Voyager Pro KA600 


1.Kaito Voyager Pro KA600

As versatile as it is a necessity during emergencies, the Kaito Voyager Pro KA600 boasts Radio Data System (RDS) technology through which it is able to transmit different types of information including station identification, time and program data.

Once linked to the Emergency Alert System of the National Weather Radio (NWR) network delivered by the NOAA, the radio is then activated automatically to deliver information on hazardous weather conditions or warnings on natural, environmental and public safety occurrences when the radio is on the ALERT mode.

Engineered both for everyday use and emergency preparedness, the radio offers versatility at being powered up using three separately purchased double-A batteries, an optional AC/DC adapter to recharge the nickel metal hydride battery, hand cranking, the solar panel, or via your PC.


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Tecsun PL-360 


2.Tecsun PL-360

The Tecsun PL-360 is equipped with a PLL synthesized receiver that pulls in a wide variety of broadcast platforms including AM, FM and shortwave.

Tuning into a station is easy by preset memory for up to 450 stations in all, turning a knob, the exclusive Easy Tuning Mode (ETM) from Tecsun and ATS tuning. The ETM feature delivers a more detailed scanning of all receivable stations without eating up memory space.

The high-sensitivity AM antenna enables the radio to pick up different broadcasting stations with ease. This is a versatile product equipped with a sleep timer, alarm clock, thermometer and built-in battery charger to keep your portable devices powered up during emergencies.


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Kaito KA500


1.Kaito KA500Often considered the best hand cranked radio, you never have to worry about running out of power with the KA500. Not only can you power it manually, but it can also run off of solar, battery or electricity.

It is capable of receiving local AM/FM stations, along with the latest weather updates and emergency alerts on the NOAA frequencies. Its bright yellow color makes it easy to see even at night, and you can also take advantage of the built in flashlight when you need to move around in the dark.

Able to charge your laptop and featuring a durable design, the KA500 might be just what you need in your emergency kit.


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Tecsun PL-660


This is another model that is often praised by the best shortwave radios reviews. The comprehensive frequency coverage of this model is also worth noting, making it possible to cover a variety of station choices, depending on your personal preferences.

You might also like the fact that it offers more than 2,000 memory slots for radio stations, allowing you to easily listen to your favorites. The compact size of this radio is also a good thing, which makes it excellent when it comes to portability. This makes it easy to carry such anywhere you plan to go.


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Midland XT511 GMRS


With this radio, you will be provided with immediate notification concerning the weather, making it possible for you to know what should be done to be safe. Aside from being alerted of potential hazards, another reason on why it is commonly chosen by many people is that it offers flexibility when it comes to its source of power.

It can be powered with the use of 4 AA batteries. More so, you can also use the battery pack that is rechargeable. It is also a good thing that it is designed with a USB port that will allow you to use the unit in charging your mobile phone.


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Tecsun PL-380


If you are still undecided with regards to the perfect choice within the product category, there is no need to be worried as this can prove to be an option that will not bring regrets on your part. The Easy Tuning Mode is one of the best features of this model, which will make it a snap for you to select the available stations.

Even when you are travelling, it will be a snap for you to tune to the available stations. It is also a good thing that it functions more than just a radio. It can also be used as an alarm clock. It can even let you know the temperature wherever you are.


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