If you’re here just to find the best sitz baths and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. To gather as much information as we can about the best sitz bath on the market, we evaluated ratings in expert review sites for wellness products and compared them to actual owner feedback. Fortunately, this extensive product comparison and research led us to what we consider the best one in this category, the McKesson Poly Basin. The basin is made of polypropylene while the bag and tubing are constructed of polyvinyl chloride. The two materials are relatively strong and can be used with water and other substances even for long periods without decaying or getting damaged. The basin fits standard toilets and commodes for ease of use. This product is suitable for direct administration of fluids to the perineal area and comes with all the needed components. If the McKesson Poly Basin is unavailable/out of stock, you could also consider the NOVA Medical Products 8101 as it is the second best option.



Buying Guide


People suffering from irritation on the bottom area or perineal region can take comfort that a sitz bath can be used to treat such issues. When the skin is ulcerated, cracked, raw or blistered due to chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, hemorrhoids and diarrhea, a sitz bath helps relieve the pain and itching. How can you tell if you have a top-rated product in the best sitz bath reviews?

The best sitz bath for postpartum applications and other purposes should be made of quality material

High-quality sitz baths comprise of a basin, bag, and tubing. The plastic bag and tubing can be used to fill the included basin with warm water before the user sits down. The basin itself should be made of a tough material such as polypropylene or premium plastic.

The basin should be able to withstand the warm temperature of the water without getting damaged, cracked or breaking. The same goes with the plastic tubing and bag, which can be made of polyvinyl chloride.

The tubing and bag should also be able to remain intact even when they come in contact with certain solutions needed for use with sitz baths.

You want the sitz bath bag to have enough capacity to hold the medicated solution. Most products come with a 2000-cc or 2-liter solution bag, which should be more than sufficient for an entire sitz bath session.


A good quality product is easy to use with the best salt for sitz bath purposes

A commercial sitz bath should be easy to use. You won’t even need plenty of water, just a couple of inches or so. You need not add bubble bath or shower gel or any type of special soap. You want lukewarm temperature that is comfortable to the touch.

Soaking can be done up to 3 times a day, with each session lasting from 10 to 15 minutes but the doctor may recommend longer times.

If you want to have a sitz bath in your bathtub, you just need to fill the tub with around 2 to 3 inches of warm water and sit in the tub while ensuring that the part being treated is submerged fully. The water should not be hot enough to cause scalding or burns.

Substances, solutions or medications recommended by the doctor for your condition can be added when optimal temperature is obtained. Use a soft towel to pat the area dry gently. A hair dryer at low, warm or cool setting can also be used to dry the treated area. It is critical that the bathtub is cleaned prior to taking a sitz bath.

Should you be using a sitz bath kit instead, the plastic basin should fit over the toilet solidly. Look for products that are designed to fit over standard toilets. Test the basin by moving it side to side to make sure it will stay in place and will not shift suddenly. Pour warm water in before you sit down.

It is essential for the water to be deep enough to cover your perineal region. You can also opt to utilize the included tubing and plastic bag to fill the basin with warm water after taking your seat. Warm water can be added to the plastic bag as the water that has been poured before begins to get cool.

Most sitz bath kit basins come with a vent to make the water overflow straight into the toilet to be flushed after use. Pat the area dry using a clean cotton towel, without scrubbing or rubbing.


You should be able to make the most of the best way to take sitz baths with a product that helps heal you from a perineal condition

A sitz bath lets you soak an irritated perineum in water at a mild temperature to help hasten the healing process by increasing blood circulation to that area. The sitz bath may not cure the condition, but it should soothe the irritation.

The sitz bath helps reduce the chances of irritation, cleanse the perineal region, increase blood circulation, relieve inflammation, soreness, and burning and soothe the skin, in addition to other forms of treatment, of course. It’s great for speeding up healing of anal fissures or small tears in the skin lining the anus, or relieving diarrhea or constipation, hemorrhoids, prostatitis, and for healing after a vaginal delivery.


Top Rated Sitz Baths in 2019


There are plenty of sitz bath kits on the market. This somewhat complicates the buying decision you have to make so consult the above buying guide for useful information. We have also showcased the best products below for an even smoother shopping experience.


Our recommendations


McKesson Poly Basin


If you are suffering from a range of perineal conditions including diarrhea or constipation, anal fissure, prostatitis, and hemorrhoids, it’s time to take a sitz bath using the McKesson Poly Basin.

Perfect for people who want nothing less than genuine value for money, this product ships as an entire set comprising the following items: a round, mauve basin; a 60-inch tubing; a 2000-cc bag; and an adjustable clamp.

The included instructions are easy to follow so that you can get relief from irritation and soreness in the perineum right after you have taken every item out in the package and set up the whole kit. The 2000 ml bag makes it easy to administer soothing or medicated fluids straight to the perineum region to facilitate the healing process.

There’s no need to work with a mirror underneath you just to apply medication since all you have to do is sit on the toilet with the basin set up underneath your bottom and on the toilet. The treatment fluid or warm water can be placed in the basin. The vents enable the water to flow directly to the toilet for convenient flushing after use.

The usage instructions are printed right on the bag for easy use. The basin fits most standard toilets as well as commodes for hassle-free bedside use. The basin is made of polypropylene while the plastic tubing and bag are made of polyvinyl chloride.

Both polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene provide the solidity and strength to withstand the warm temperature of water or the substances in the treatment medication fluid without breaking or getting damaged.

Buy from Amazon for ($9.98)




NOVA Medical Products 8101


The NOVA Medical Products 8101 is expertly designed to aid in the relief of discomfort in the perineal region during such conditions as menstrual cramps, diarrhea or constipation, hemorrhoids, prostate and bladder infections and others. This is also the best thing to use postpartum after vaginal delivery.

This product comprises a round-edged basin that makes it easy to use over a standard toilet or commode for patient care. The warm water or medicated fluid poured into the basin can help hasten the healing process or enable convenient delivery of vapor substances to the infected bottom part that requires treatment.

The basin fits most standard toilets, so it won’t shift or get pushed out of place while you are seated on the toilet. The convenient on/off control clip allows you to replace the gradually cooling water with fresh warm water as needed.

The plastic tubing lets you pour fresh warm water to replace the cool water in the basin without overflowing to the bathroom floor. The vents enable the water to flow straight to the toilet for flushing after use.

The instructions are conveniently printed on the bag for easy use. The bag attaches to the water closet, so there’s no need to take along an IV stand. The 2-liter solution bag holds the warm water or medicated fluid for convenient dispensing at a controlled rate.

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Lumex 3209 


The Lumex 3209 is a convenient and easy-to-use sitz bath kit. It comes with a graduated water bag for easy measuring out of fluid and the needed medication, if any. The tubing makes it easy to let the treatment fluid or warm water flow from the bag straight to the basin.

This product is recommended for patients suffering from hemorrhoids, anal fissure, constipation or diarrhea, chemotherapy symptoms, prostatitis, bladder and anal infections, among many others. With it, you can get better blood flow in the perineal region after surgery or vaginal childbirth.

This product also helps in the healing of infections in the perineal region, reduces itching and soreness and makes it possible to get comfort from a perineal condition. The included bag carries a maximum of 2000 ml fluid or warm water for reduced frequency of refilling.

The tubing enables spill-proof channeling of warm water or treatment liquid straight to the basin, which fits right onto the toilet for convenient use. The basin has vents, so water that overflows from the basin gets down straight to the toilet for flushing after use.

You’ll feel comfort from the sitz bath that helps relieve irritation and itchiness and also makes it easy to perform personal ablutions when there’s a perineal condition.

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