If you’re here just to find the best ski helmet and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have collected plenty of information about different products for sale on the market by consulting expert review sites for skiing equipment and then comparing the ratings and reviews for different products with what actual owner feedback has to say. Thankfully, that relentless research and evaluation led us to what can only be the top rated product in our opinion, the Giro Seam. Boasting enviable ASTM F2040/CE EN1077 compliance, this snow helmet comes in the perfect size to fit any head from small to extra large. The inmold construction not only ensures a lightweight build that is comfortable on the head but also ensures good venting without downgrading the structural integrity of the helmet’s shell and liner combination. This ski helmet is equipped with 12 Super Cool vents with Thermostat control plus Stack Vent, ensuring comfort for the wearer at all times to prevent a heated feeling especially when the going really gets tough. If the Giro Seam runs out of stock, we recommend getting the second best option, the Giro Sestriere.



Comparison Table


Product Color  Price Size Weight Our Rating Where to buy

Smith Optics Variant Brim

Matte black, matte white and more $$$$ Small, large 1 lbs A+ AMAZON

Giro Nine. 10

Red, titanium and more $$$ Small-X large 3 lbs B+ AMAZON

Smith Optics Holt

Matte kelly, neon blitz and more $$ X Small- X large 1.2 lbs B AMAZON

Giro Slingshot

Black, silver, skurvy $$ Small, large 3 lbs A AMAZON

Lucky Bums Snow

Metallic black, silver and more $$ Small-X large 1.2 lbs C+ Full review



Buying Guide


If you love hitting the slopes then you know how important it is to have the right gear, and this includes a protective helmet. Ski helmets will dramatically reduce your risk of injuries and can also help keep your head warm. Since safety should always be your first priority we have included helpful tips in this buying guide so you can easily find the best ski helmet for sale.

Smith Optics H-VB Variant Brim


Ski helmets are now designed for comfort and style, but safety should always be a concern. While it is nice to look great when you are flying down the slopes, it is more important to make sure your helmet can protect your head. To ensure that the ski helmet is designed for safety it should be certified by the ASTM, CE or even both.

How well the helmet fits will also affect its ability to protect your head from injury. The padding should rest comfortably against your head, without rubbing or leaving gaps. The helmet should also fit snugly on your head without sliding around. If you are not sure of the size, simply measure the circumference of your head. You can also find ski helmets that are adjustable, which make it easy to get a perfect fit.



You can find ski helmets in several styles, and each is designed for a specific use. Half shell helmets are designed for beginners, intermediate and experienced skiers, and come with a hard outer shell and removable ear pads for easy cleaning. Full shell helmets have a hard surface that covers your ears and head, and typically come with predrilled holes so you can attach a protective guard for your jaw. These helmets are typically used by racers who need the added protection. Competitive and  cross country skiers usually wear a full face helmet which is able to give them complete protection. These helmets come with a visor and chin guard to protect your face from harsh winds and blowing snow, along with a hard shell that covers your head and ears.



The materials used for the shell can vary and will provide different degrees of protection, which is why it is important to choose a helmet carefully. In-mold shells are thinner, but come with foam liners that are designed to absorb impact shock. If you want a harder shell that still has an impact absorbing foam liner you might like one that is rated as semi-hard. Beginners and those skiing on rocky ground might benefit from wearing an impact resistant hard shell that uses ABS plastic to protect your brain from injury.

There are also ski helmets that have a double shell constructed from durable ABS plastic and come with a molded foam inner liner. This tough and rugged construction makes this helmet a great choice for skiers at any skill level. If you are looking for a ski helmet that is protective and comfortable, one that features a hybrid shell might be just what you need. Using molded ABS plastic for the liner and a hard outer shell, you get a ski helmet that is lightweight, durable, and comfortable to wear. For a sleek look that is also capable of protecting your head from injury you might want to choose a ski helmet with a zip mold shell.



While your budget will determine which features come with your ski helmet there are a few that you will want to consider. Ventilation is important for your comfort and safety, especially on full face helmets. Some ski helmets come with adjustable vents that you can open and close as needed, while others come with fixed openings.

Some higher priced ski helmets come with built-in headphones so you can enjoy listening to your favorite songs as you are zipping down the trail. These helmets generally have the volume and power buttons conveniently placed so you can ski and control your music at the same time. It is important to ensure that your devices are compatible with the helmet, otherwise you might have to purchase an audio kit separately.



Top rated ski helmets in 2019


Our recommendations


Giro Seam



Available in four form sizes, the Giro Seam boasts an in-mold construction, which only used to be exclusive to high-end helmets. Inmold construction makes the helmet lightweight because of the way the liner is fused to the shell, making a very thin outer shell that is lightweight yet can still provide sufficient cranial protection. The design also ensures a well-vented structure. Thus, this helmet comes with 12 Super Cool vents with Thermostat control plus a Stack Vent, ensuring comfort for the user. This is while maintaining the structural integrity of the helmet’s shell and liner combination. The X-Static anti-bacterial padding ensures that the helmet remains odor-free by wicking away moisture.


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Giro Sestriere



Available in a wider range of sizes than other helmets, the Giro Sestriere comes in extra small to double extra large so everyone can have the perfect size for their use. Boasting a hard shell construction, this ski helmet ensures reliable cranial protection during extreme sports like skiing and biking. Compliant with CE EN1077 standards, this ski helmet boasts a sleek style combined with extreme comfort while ensuring adequate durability to take the bumps and impact of a fall to protect your head. This helmet is made with seamless compatibility with all goggles from the Giro collection. There are attachment points for an optional chin bar.


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Smith Optics Variant Brim


1. Smith Optics Variant

Often considered the best ski helmet for women, the Valance comes in a sleek and stylish design that is capable of providing you with exceptional protection. It’s lightweight construction is comfortable to wear, and the hybrid outer shell is designed to provide you with maximum protection. The soft foam lining is resistant to static and will effectively absorb impact shock, and can be removed with the ear pads for easy cleaning. Along with 18 vents that allow you to control the temperature inside the helmet, it is also compatible with Skullcandy Audio Systems. This lets you enjoy your favorite tunes while you are enjoying a run down the mountain.


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Giro Nine. 10


 top rated ski helmet reviewsIt is not hard to see why this is often considered the best Giro ski helmet, especially after wearing it on the slopes. While this model is designed to fit a woman’s smaller head,  the company also makes some of the best ski helmets for men. The in mold shell is perfect for skiers at all skill levels, and is constructed from a durable polycarbonate material. The foam liner effectively absorbs impact shock, and you will appreciate being able to adjust this helmet to the exact size of your head. With plenty of vents to keep air freely circulating, this ski helmet may be exactly what you need to stay safe this season.


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Smith Optics Holt


A growing number of people are placing the Smith Optics Unisex Adult Holt snow sports helmet among the current best ski helmets in 2019 due to its beautiful design and solid structure. This model has pull-on closure, with an innovative all weather material that can be customized with the convertible pad kit that allows you to be warm during winter and cool while visiting summer skate parks. In addition, the Smith optics unisex adult Holt snow helmet comes equipped with dual regulator ventilation that controls venting in the front and rear sections, releasing the heat through the rear vents thus adding comfort to the wearer.


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Giro Slingshot


4. Giro SlingshotWith a beautiful design and solid structure, the Giro Slingshot snow helmet is recommended for kids that are learning how to ski and who need to be protected and kept out of harm’s way. These days, more and more people use the Giro Slingshot to protect their children as they step into a delightful but sometimes risky sport. The helmet is fully adjustable and very comfortable to wear and for this reason most of the present top rated ski helmet reviews recommend the use of this model.


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Lucky Bums


1. Lucky Bums Snow Sports HelmetSkiing is a wonderful sport, but at the same time it is dangerous if you are not protected with quality equipment. One such piece of safety gear is the Lucky Bums Snow Sports Helmet which can protect you in the event of a crash. The external cap is made from ABS material while ESP material makes up the supporting outer shell. Around the ears the covers allow transmisson of sound easily. Made out of such quality material, the Lucky Bums is able to protect you with professionalism making you concentrate more on the actual skiing and stop worrying about your safety.


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Products which are no longer available



Smith Optics Unisex Child Upstart Jr. Snow


In the present there are a few people who aren’t aware of the high quality and professionalism embedded in the Smith products. To this extent, the Smith Optics unisex child upstart Jr. Snow sports helmet comes equipped with the latest modernized installments needed to ensure safety and protection. The Smith Optics is ideal for young people that love to ski and who enjoy the feeling without worrying about unwanted surprises that might harm their corporal integrity. This is the reason why so many athletes today are placing this model among the best ski helmets in 2019.



Giro Ricochet


Considered by professional skiers and technicians as one of the best ski helmets 2019, the Giro Ricochet snow helmet can protect the wearer even in case of serious accidents. The snow helmet has a solid structure with a tough polycarbonate outer shell linked to an EPS liner for extra protection. This medium helmet fits a head with a circumference starting from 21.85 to 22.8 inches; making perfect for a variety of people. As a matter of fact there are millions of riders, cyclists, and skiers around the world who use this particular model.