Tips for Buying One of the Best Ski Helmets under 100


Having fun skiing is a great way to enjoy nature, but, unfortunately, it comes with an increased risk of injuries. A good ski helmet will protect your head from any serious damage, keeping it safe during an accident. This article will offer you the most important information regarding ski helmets, helping you choose the best model for you.

Best Ski Helmet under 100

Fit size

Whenever buying a new ski helmet, it is best to start by choosing the right size for you. A small helmet will be impossible to wear while a bigger than needed model will be extremely uncomfortable and it will not properly protect your head in case of accident. Always remember to select the model that fits the best on your head.



Dealing with high speed impacts, a ski helmet must be extremely durable. Made from hardened plastics using various technologies, the shell of a ski helmet is designed to absorb the damage and protect your head.


Comfort, venting and headphones

A good ski helmet must be also comfortable to wear. With extra padding, internal audio system and a good venting system to avoid overheating, the best ski helmets offer unmatched comfort. Keep in mind to always select the model offering maximum comfort.


Highest Rated Ski Helmets under 100


With so many different models available on the market, finding a good ski helmet may prove to be quite a difficult task. Helping those in search of the best ski helmet under 100 we searched and found three different high quality models that rank higher than all the rest.


Smith Optics Holt Snow Sports Helmet


Ski Helmet under 100Focusing of comfort and durability, this ski helmet comes with an excellent venting system, and a super hard impact resistant shell. Made from hardened ABS polymer, the Smith Optics Holt Snow will protect your head during any type of ski accident. This helmet is perfect for any type of winter sport activity, from snowboarding to skiing.

Made from resistant ABS plastic, this ski helmet is designed to absorb any type of damage from both frontal and lateral impacts. With its smart Bombshell Construction, the Smith Optics Holt Snow ranks higher than most other ski helmets when it comes to head protection. An internal removable padding adds an extra layer of comfort and protection whenever needed.

When it comes to comfort, the Smith Optics Holt Snow offers a dual ventilation system. Using 14 vent holes, this ski helmet keeps the internal temperature to a comfortable level regardless of outside weather conditions. Additionally, this helmet can easily accommodate the Skullcandy Audio System inside its padding allowing its user to listen to their favorite tunes while skiing.

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Giro Surface-S Snow Helmet


2.Giro Surface-S Snow HelmetFocusing on simplicity and durability, this ski helmet is designed to maximize head protection against any type of hits, bruises or impacts. Perfect for both beginners and advanced skiers, the Giro Surface-S offers excellent protection and optimal ventilation and airflow.

With its extremely tough outer shell, this ski helmet will protect your head during your mountain adventures. Using its smart In-Form Fit system, the Giro Surface-S can be adjusted in order to create the best fit possible. Designed to be used with the gloves on, an ergonomic dial offers more than 2” of adjustment space, enabling its users to properly adjust the helmet until it feels perfectly firm and comfortable on their heads.

Six large mesh protected venting holes offer efficient heat transfer, allowing users to keep it on for hours without experiencing any discomfort. Designed to be as simple as possible, this ski helmet is a perfect choice for an every-day skiing adventure. Comfortable, easy to wear and extremely durable, the Giro Surface-S is the best choice for all those who value protection and efficiency above all.

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Lucky Bums Snow Sport Helmet


3.Lucky Bums Snow Sport HelmetFocusing on protection, this ski helmet offers unmatched safety and comfort. Using a smart design and a super hard ABS outer shell, the Lucky Bums Snow Sport is regarded as the best ski helmet under 100 for kids available on the market today.

Taking care of children’s head protection, this ski helmet is designed to absorb maximum impact force. With its hardened protective shell, soft impact absorbing EPS inner shell and comfortable fleece padding, the Lucky Bums Snow Sport offers an excellent level of protection and safety to the wearer. In case of accident, having this ski helmet on provides unparalleled protection.

With its warm and soft fleece padding and padded ear covers, the Lucky Bums Snow Sport keeps the child comfortable in low temperatures. Using its smart venting system, this ski helmet prevents overheating and keeps a constant airflow through its inner shell for maximum comfort.

Excellent at protecting kids on their first ski trip, this helmet is one of the best choices around.

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