If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best sleeping bag money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best sleeping bags on the market by looking at expert review sites, overall brand quality, price and value for money. Out of the products we have looked at, the Teton Sports Celsius XXL is the best because it is extremely spacious, and its double-layered construction and zipper baffle prevents loss of warmth. This synthetic insulated sleeping bag is lined with flannel, adding to the heat retention and impeding the slide movement that often appear with polyester or nylon lining. With a temperature rating of -18℃/0℉, the Celsius XXL is perfect for camping in the winter  season or mountainous  areas. As a plus, the mummy hood can be adjusted with two drawstrings to keep your head comfortable and warm. If the Teton Sports Celsius XXL is out of stock, you could also consider the Coleman Trinidad Warm-Weather Sleeping Bag as it is the second best option.



Comparison Table


Product Temp Rating Price Available Colors Weight Our Rating Where to buy

Kelty Cosmic 35413611

20 degree $$$ Red 2.7 lbs A+

Kelty Cosmic 35413411

0 degree $$$$ Autumn, Blaze, Solid 3.8 lbs A AMAZON

Suisse Sport Alpine

5 degree $$ Gray 5 lbs B AMAZON

Ledge Featherlite

20 degree $$ Blue, Green, Red 3.4 lbs B+ AMAZON

Coleman Brazos

20 degree $$ Blue 4 lbs C AMAZON


Buying Guide


Whether you want to go out with your friends for a short summer trip to the closest beach, or you plan a serious mountaineering adventure, one of the essential items that you will need is a good sleeping bag. Today’s market offers a wide variety of such gear so that choosing is often a difficult job even for those who are experienced campers. We have put together a sleeping bag buying guide that lists the main characteristics one should assess when trying to find the perfect gear for the next enterprise.

Coleman Trinidad Warm-Weather Sleeping Bag

Temperature control

Every reputable manufacturer has their temperature ratings explained for each of their products. They will give you information such as upper limit, comfort rate, lower limit, extreme rating and the seasons the sleeping bag can cover. These ratings are based on tests and are meant to be valid for the average person, so one thing you want to think about is how far away you are from this standard.

The upper limit tells you the temperature at which you will feel warm while the lower limit informs about the temperature where you will start to endure a little chilliness. The extreme rating should not be taken for granted, as the sleeping bag won’t function at that temperature. The best way to evaluate is to look at the comfort rate. This is supposed to tell you the temperature at which a “standard woman” will get a good night sleep. If you are a cold sleeper, or you fear this standard won’t fit your needs, it is best to choose a bag with the comfort rated at least 10° lower than you expect to experience.

The seasons rating give you a general idea of when to use the sleeping bag. They range from 1 Season, made for summer and indoor use, to 5 Season or 4+ Season, that can be used in extremely cold temperatures.



Types of insulation

There are two kinds of insulation used for sleeping bags: down and synthetic. These two are entirely different, so you must think about which quality you will be most likely to need. Down insulation is very light, very compressible, and provides much more warmth. It is also more durable, but all these fade away if it gets wet. Down absorbs water very quickly and loses its warming qualities and durability when damp, and it costs more than a synthetic filled bag.

The synthetic insulation is a little heavier and less compressible than down. It ensures less warmth but has the notable advantage of behaving really well when wet. It is much cheaper and is easier to maintain.

Down insulated sleeping bags are the preferred option for backpackers who appreciate lightweight gear or those who are going to camp in cold but dry environment. But synthetic filling is going to protect you better in rainy times, and if you go car camping or truck tent camping, the weight shouldn’t really be a problem.

TETON Sports Celsius XXL

Sleeping bag shape

When choosing a sleeping bag, you have to consider its shape too, as shape usually influences the heat retention capacity of the bag. The more space, the more air for your body to heat, so a bag that’s better fitted on the body will warm up faster. But not everyone likes constrictions, so a wider sleeping bag will render more comfort and let you sleep in whichever position you desire.

The most common shape used is the rectangular one, which provides sufficient room for you to move freely in your sleep. It has the advantage of comfort, but in exchange, this type of sleeping bags is heavier and takes up more space than the other models. It is fitted for car campers and recommended for warm weather.

The mummy sleeping bag is also very rife. It is wider at the shoulders and narrows down towards the foot area. Because it allows little air inside, it has an excellent heat retention and is commonly used in cold weather and mountaineering. On the downside, it doesn’t allow too much movement, and it is usually more expensive. One thing we have to underline about the mummy bags is that they are perfect for backpackers because of their lightweight and small size.



Top rated sleeping bags in 2019


With these basic notions, it should be easier for you to make a decision about which type of sleeping bag will be adequate for your next camping trip. But we have done our own market research and the best sleeping bags are showcased below.


Our recommendations


Teton Sports Celsius XXL


1.TETON Sports Celsius XXL

This 18℃/0℉, extra-large sleeping bag comes with an adjustable hood, which, we have to acknowledge, is pretty rare for a rectangular bag. It has a synthetic filling, durable taffeta shell, and a cozy flannel lining to keep you warm. You will find it has a full-length zipper on both sides that can help you connect it to a second bag for your companion. A draft-reducing baffle protects the zipper, and inside pockets allow you to keep your valuables safe. The Celsius XXL might seem a little heavy for backpacking, but it certainly makes up for its weight with the comfort it offers.


Buy from Amazon for ($55.23)




Coleman Trinidad Warm-Weather


2.Coleman Trinidad Warm-Weather Sleeping BagThis warm-weather synthetic insulated sleeping bag works up for temperatures from 40℉ to 60℉. It can easily accommodate a 5’1 ft person and has a width of 33 inches. The special, oversized zipper turns the fabric over to prevent it from snagging, while a Thermolock patented system reduces heat loss through the zipper line. The polyester filling and lining tolerate machine washing, which makes it very appealing for the girls. All-in-one, this bag is a greatly featured asset, that, given its 4.4-pound weight, can work even for backpackers. You can find it for sale on Amazon for a really good price.


Buy from Amazon for ($18.99)




Teton Sports Mammoth 


3.Coleman Trinidad Warm-Weather Sleeping BagTeton Sports have taken their acknowledged technology and invested it into creating this roomy, cozy, family sleeping bag. The SuperLoft Elite synthetic filling, flannel lining and straw adjustable hood make this bag extremely hospitable in low temperatures even for kids. The zippers on each side make it easy for you to attach two bags together, and a third one, placed at the bottom, that allows you to split the bag into two pieces. Baffles protect the zipper lines, as well as the shoulders, and the taffeta shell keeps the water outside. Because it is quite heavy, this bag is rather recommended for camping with a car.


Buy from Amazon for ($129.99)




Kelty Cosmic


top rated sleeping bags 2019Currently the best sleeping bag reviews underline the efficiency and comfort of the Kelty Cosmic 20-Degree, a product popular in the United States. The modern and stylish design of this sleeping bag comes with features like the Kelty CludLoft Pro, Shell Material, NR250T nylon diamond ripstop and also a detailed liner material. Furthermore, the sleeping bag has two-layers and also an offset-quilt construction with top baffle collar which makes the inhabitant feel comfortable and at ease. This Kelty model has external small loop which allows the bag to be used with confidence as a liner.


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Kelty Cosmic 0 Degree Down


Many of the best sleeping bag reviews underline the efficiency and comfort of the Kelty Cosmic 0 degree down sleeping bag, known for its capacity to maintain warmth even at temperatures of 0 degrees to – 18 degrees which is quite impressive. With a carefully thought off design, this ground level side bag prevents with ease the heat from escaping and in the process putting your body in danger. The Kelty Cosmic sleeping bag is ideal for mountain hiking or any kind of winter backpacking trips, activities which are very popular and quite fun.


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Suisse Sport Alpine


Suisse Sport AlpineThe Suisse Sport Alpine adult Mummy double layer sleeping bag comes equipped with 3 pounds of Hollowblend MicroTekk Z1 fill and a also a comfortable synthetic insulation that keeps the inhabitant warm at temperatures as low as 5 degrees F which is quite impressive. The fill of the Suisse Sport sleeping bag makes it comfortable and warm during chilly fall, mountain hiking or winter camping, activities very popular in the United States. Suisse Sport is equipped with a double-layer offset quilt design that measures 84 by 24 by 33 inches which is ideal for most people. It comes as no surprise to see the Suisse Alpine model among the current top rated sleeping bags in 2019.


Buy from Amazon for ($39.99)




Ledge Featherlite +20


Today’s best sleeping bag reviews underline the efficiency and effectiveness of the Ledge Featherlite +20 ultra-light model, which has 84” x 32” x 20” shell measurements. This sleeping bag comes with GTX Micro, Dobby Diamond Ripstop 250T lining which allows you to rest in comfort during hiking, camping or other activities. Furthermore, the Ledge Featherlite +20 Ultra-light sleeping bag has 3.4 lbs. architecture and LT single wall element features and also the drawstring closure barrel thermo-shield which can be adjusted to your own personal needs and sleeping requirements.


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Coleman Brazos


Best sleeping bag reviewsThe Coleman Brazos Cold-weather sleeping bag is made out of 100% polyester with which makes it comfortable and breathable for the skin. The particularities of this sleeping bag can help the inhabitant to sleep well and keep him warm even at down 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The Coleman Brazos measures 33 by 75 inches (W x D) and it can fit most campers of up to five feet eleven inches tall and also the QuickCord system where no tying is required. Set among the top rated sleeping bags in 2019, the Coleman Bravos includes the ComfortSmart set of design comfort.


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