Sleeping bags price comparison


Finding a comfortable yet affordable sleeping bag among those never ending varieties is not an easy task. Children go for looks, whereas parents should look for quality, weight and warmness. A wrong choice here can turn an enjoyable camping experience into a terrible one. To avoid such situation, go through our best sleeping bags ratings and find the right one for you.


Coleman Brazos Cold-Weather Sleeping bag


Best sleeping bags ratings

The Coleman Brazos Cold-weather sleeping bag is one of the best choices for cold-weather sleeping bags. It’s 100% polyester cover has ColeTherm insulation and a tricot liner that is very soft. Inside, it is constructed with 100% polyester which is more than enough to provide sufficient warmth even in a temperature of 20 degree Fahrenheit. It is fastened with quick cord technology that means quick and easy storage with no tying necessary. No doubt, these features are well set to keep you warm and comfortable. That’s why Coleman Brazos Cold-Weather Sleeping bag has earned a very good rating in best sleeping bags ratings. It has 5 years warranty against defects in material and workmanship.



Kelty Cosmic 20-Degreee Sleeping bag


The Kelty Cosmic 20-Degreee Sleeping bag is a very popular product in the USA, mainly because of its efficiency and comfort – the two most required things for consumer products, especially for sleeping bags. Its 550 Fill-Down and two-layer insulated draft tube ensures high warmth while making it lighter to carry. This sleeping bag has 50D Polyester Taffeta Shell Material and comes with anti-snag modern design. It is stylish and it is comfortable. It also has 58″ dual slider zipper so it is very easy to get into the bag. Once inside, the top baffle collar will surely make you comfortable. This sleeping bag enjoys NR250T nylon diamond rips top and detailed liner material.



Suisse Sport Alpine adult Mummy double layer sleeping bag


As the name suggests, “the Alpine” is very much suitable for high-altitude camping. But it is also suitable for camping in other zone or seasons. It is filled with 3 pounds of Hollowblend MicroTekk Z1 that keeps you warm even in 5 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it one of the greatest sleeping bags for chilly weather or hiking at alpine. It comes with double-layer offset quilt design and is measured as 84 X 24 X 33 inches (W x H x D). This should be comfortable for any person up to 6 feet 2 inches height Suisse Sport Alpine adult Mummy double layer sleeping bag also incorporates a drawstring hood and draft tube, thereby ensuring wind cannot slip in and disrupts your sweet dream.  Such features are enough to bring this bag to best sleeping bags ratings.



Ledge Featherlite +20 Ultra-light sleeping bag


The Ledge Featherlite +20 ultra-light sleeping bag has the dimension of 84 X 32 X 20 inches, so it is suits almost every person very well. It is featured with GTX Micro, Dobby Diamond Rips top 250T lining that keep you comfortable and restricts the warmth inside from leaking. This Ledge Featherlite +20 Ultra-light sleeping bag is constructed with LT single wall element which makes it truly “Ultra-light”, weighing only 3.4 pounds. It is featured with drawstring closure barrel locks thermo-shield. This is adjustable feature and you can tune them according your needs at the time of sleeping.



Kelty Cosmic 0 degree down sleeping bag


This bag provides you warmth in 0 degree Fahrenheit – a quiet amazing feature. Its 550 Fill-Power Down insulation and double layer insulated draft tube successfully traps the warmth inside, keeping you comfortable in low temperature. It is very light to carry – an added advantage for hiking or camping trips.  Its weight is only 3 pounds 12 oz., the design of the shell is very bright, making it desirable to people from almost all age. It incorporates an efficient, form-fitting hood, and full draft collar. So you can sleep comfortably when you are inside. The attached captured cord lock and Fatman and Ribbon(tm) draw cords makes it very much easy to adjust the hood when you are inside the bag.