Useful Tips for Buying a Top Notch Smart TV


Watching TV is great. It’s the perfect way of relaxing after a hard day of work. Also, it’s a great way of spending time with the family at the end of the week. But that’s not all you can use a TV for, of course. You can get informed by watching the news, you can learn new skills, and keep up with sport events. That’s to name just a few of the possible uses of a TV.

However, most people are starting to watch more than cable programs. More and more people have begun watching videos on online platforms, such as Youtube. In addition, more and more streaming services are becoming available, one of them being the much-loved Netflix. In order to be able to watch all of these on your TV, you need a smart TV. Now, in order to ensure that you get the best smart TV 2019, you have to do a bit of research.


Wireless Internet Connection

The reason you’re getting a smart TV, and not just a regular one, is to have internet connection right on it. There are plenty of models that are able to connect to the internet, but are not wireless. This might not be a huge issue if your TV is usually placed somewhere where you can easily connect the TV to the internet. However, this is not your case, then it’s best if you get a TV that gets connected to the internet wirelessly.

We suggest that even in the case that your TV is usually placed next to the router, a wireless one will still be the best. That’s because you might decide to change its location.



Smart TVs come with a lot of great applications that allow you to surf the internet right from your TV, which is an a lot better way of doing it. The important thing, however, is that you make absolutely sure that your TV comes with a great array of applications. This is great to have just in case you start using a new application after buying your TV. If it’s already there, you won’t have any issues.

However, if you can’t afford a TV with a lot of applications, then make sure you get the ones that you do normally use. If it’s Netflix, then make sure it’s there. If you like Skyping, then ensure that Skype is on your TV’s list of applications.



The last thing is quite obvious, and it’s something that’s important for any kind of TV you  might get. Make sure that you get just the right size for you. If you like large TVs, then get a smart one that’s of a large size. If, however, you don’t have enough room for a big TV, then get a smaller one.


Top Rated Smart TV in 2019


Getting the best smart TV 2019 can be very difficult, because there are a lot of models out there, most of which seem pretty amazing. Because of this, you should look for the best smart TV reviews, and guide your choice according to them. This is what we did, in order to find the 3 top rated smart TVs 2019.


Samsung UN32H5203


1.Samsung UN32H5203This is the best smart TV out there, according to the amazing features it has, but also to the best smart TV reviews. Most of the reviews mentioned that they loved the colors and general display of this model. This is crucial in a TV, because the last thing you want is to watch your favorite shows and movies on a screen with dull colors.

In terms of the smart application of this model, you’ll be able to watch lots of your favorite shows, movies, and videos. That’s because it comes with the smart hub feature, which was made to help you in the process of getting what you want. If it’s live TV, then go to the OnTV panel. If you’d like to stream content, then go into Apps.

You’ll also be able to browse the web, which means that you can do pretty much everything you do on your computer, from reading your email, to going on Facebook. Finally, you’ll also be able to wirelessly mirror other screens, such as your laptop’s, in order to see your photos.

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TCL 40FS4610R


2.TCL 40FS4610RThis is yet another model with some of the best smart TV reviews, and it’s easy to see why. In terms of the smart TV features it comes with, there are lots of them. This means that it’s almost impossible for you not to find your favorite application. There are over 1,500 streaming channels with lots and lots of movies and shows. Of course, this is not all that you’ll be able to enjoy with it, as there are many more things, such as sport events, music, and even the news!

This Tv comes with a remote, but you can also control it with your smartphone. As such, you won’t have to go through the desperate search for the remote ever again, because in case you can’t find it, you can easily use something else to change the channel.

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VIZIO E241i-B1


3.VIZIO E241i-B1If you’re looking for an amazing smart TV out there, it’s this one. The best smart TV reviews for it mentioned that it has amazing clarity, and that the sharpness of the colors is absolutely remarkable. This means that from a visual stand-point, you’ll be getting a great experience, which is pretty much everything anyone can ask for.

Also, it connects to the internet in a wireless fashion. This means that you won’t have any problems with wires laying around. Plus, if you’ll ever want to change the location of your TV, there won’t be any problems.

In terms of the size, this model is 24 inches, which means that it’s perfect for you if you need a smaller one. It will fit perfectly nearly anywhere, not causing any problems. Also, it has a frame that’s 30% thinner than other models out there. In fact, the frame is only 10 mm.

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