If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best snow boots money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered plenty of information about various products for sale in this specific category by looking into reviews and ratings in expert footwear review sites and comparing what they say to actual owner feedback. Thankfully, after all the product comparison and research, we have been able to find what we believe is the best product in this category, the Sorel Men’s Caribou II. These boots are made of leather and rubber, making them lightweight yet durable, flexible and waterproof. The rubber sole ensures a secure foothold while protecting your feet from cold and wetness. The boots are also outfitted with a removable ThermoPlus inner boot to ensure warmth and comfort on your feet. The boots are rated to -40 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure protection and warmth even during the coldest season. Being Sorel’s most versatile boots, this footwear provides reliably tough protection against the elements so you can do your job or enjoy leisure time in the outdoors. If the Sorel Men’s Caribou II is unavailable, we highly recommend the second best option, the Northside Men’s Everest.



Comparison Table


Product Men – Women Price Material Sole Our Rating Where to buy

Columbia Bugaboot Plus II

Men $$$ Synthetic Rubber A+ AMAZON

Sorel Joan of Arctic

Women $$$ Leather Rubber A AMAZON

Sorel Caribou II

Men $$$$ Leather & Rubber Rubber B+ AMAZON

Columbia Minx Mid

Women $$$ Synthetic Rubber B AMAZON

Skechers Starship

Women $$ Leather Rubber B AMAZON



Buying Guide


Colder weather also means snow and while it might be fun to play in, it can also make your feet miserable. There is nothing worse than being outside with feet that are wet and cold from the snow. Unless you plan on staying indoors every time it is snows more than a couple inches, you need the best pair of snow day boots. To help you keep your feet warm and dry when you are outside this winter we have included the following tips in this buying guide so you can find the best snow boots on sale.

Columbia Men's Bugaboot Plus II


The best snow boots are knee high or at least above your ankles, but this is not the only thing you need to consider. How the boots are constructed will determine how well it can keep snow away from your feet, along with how comfortable and practical it is to wear. Durable uppers constructed from nylon, suede or leather are comfortable and often stylish, and some are even padded for added cushioning.

You want to choose a pair of boots with cushioning in the midsole to provide arch support and to absorb impact shock. It is easy to step too hard on a root or rock that is buried under the snow, and EVA cushioning in the foot bed can provide you with extra protection. This is also a characteristic of the best snow boots for hiking.

The outsole is also important and you want it to come with a durable construction that is also lightweight and waterproof. Outsoles constructed from rubber are generally preferred over other materials due to its flexibility. Rubber outsoles can also provide you with the traction you need to safely get across the ice without painful falls.



Since you will be wearing the boots in the snow you need a pair that is waterproof, though if you live in areas with light snowfall or only plan on being outside for a limited amount of time you can probably stay comfortable in footwear that is only water resistant. The type of materials used in construction, along with the product descriptions will let you know how capable the boots are at keeping your feet dry.

Water resistant boots come with an upper that is designed to repel water and light snow, but it is important to remember that eventually moisture will soak through if you are outside for long periods of time. The soles of these boots are waterproof, but this is still not enough to keep your feet completely dry.

Along with a rubber or PVC outsole, waterproof snow boots also come with a breathable membrane. The lining prevents moisture from getting in, while still allowing air to flow. This ensures that you feet stay dry without becoming uncomfortably warm.



Snow boots often come with temperature ratings which are designed to help you make an informed decision. While these ratings can help you choose snow boots based on the outdoor temperature and the type of activity, you also want to consider insulation. There are several types of insulation commonly used in snow boots and this will also help determine how warm your feet will be. Removable linings are often found in winter hiking boots, and are usually constructed from wool, acrylic or polypropylene. The thinner material can be easily dried out, and will keep your feet warm without overheating.

For colder temperatures and more stationary activities you probably want to consider a pair of snow boots with a Thinsulate liner. You can also find stylish snow boots with soft shearling liners that will keep your feet exceptionally warm, while also looking great.



There are a few extra features you might want to consider to ensure warmth and comfort. Insoles with plenty of padding and arch support will keep feet comfortable on long hikes, and can even help with foot placement. Boots that simply slide on and off are great for short walks outdoors, and ones that come with full lacing systems provide plenty of support and a secure fit. If you need additional support for your ankles, look for snow boots that come with padding in the sides.



Top rated snow boots in 2019


Our recommendations


Sorel Men’s Caribou II


Best Snow Boots ReviewsWith the waterproof construction of this boot, you can be assured of your highest level of comfort. Based on the opinions that have been expressed in the top rated snow boots reviews, this is a good choice because of the traction-ready outer sole, which makes it perfect even for the most demanding and tough situations. It is also worth noting that the integration of the Sherpa Pile cuff is a good thing. The latter is basically the one that is responsible for being able to repel water, while being able to deliver the warmth that is needed during cold weather.


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Northside Men’s Everest



Named after one of the toughest peaks known to man, the Northside Men’s Everest ensures that frigid winter days won’t leave your feet frozen and uncomfortable. The boots keep your feet nicely covered, protected and comfortable against the cold. Outfitted with an aggressive tread, the boots ensure a secure foothold in the snow, delivering stable anchoring of your feet against the icy ground. The rubber sole not only guarantees sure traction but also keeps the boots waterproof. The leather material contributes to the warmth of the boots and also repels moisture from the outside while sealing your body temperature in to keep you warm from the feet up. This lace-up winter boot is easy to get on and off and comes with a rubberized toe guard that protects your toes from hard impact against tightly packed snow.


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Northside Women’s Kathmandu



Equipped with suede uppers and rubber soles, the Northside Women’s Kathmandu boots protect the delicate feet of ladies who easily feel cold once their feet are exposed to wintry elements. The boots feature a heel that is approximately half an inch high to provide enough elevation off the icy ground. The 11-inch height of the shaft ensures warmth up to your calves with its faux-fur collar while enabling easy on and off thanks to the D-ring lacing. The vamp, or the section of the upper that covers the front of your foot as far back as the joint to the quarter, carries a duckshoe design that ensures warmth. These boots boast Thermolite insulation thanks to their cold rating to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. The rubber outsoles of the boots are equipped with a revolutionary All-Terrain Grip System to ensure traction on the slick surface of the snow.
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Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Plus II


Constructed using the most advanced body heat technology, the Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Plus II snow boots are engineered with a revolutionary type of insulation known as Omni-Heat thermal reflective fabric. This fabric comes with a silver dot pattern that comprises a large percentage of the heat retaining lining the boots are outfitted with. The boots are built seamlessly on all angles, ensuring maximum warmth and comfort. They are superbly lightweight and awesomely waterproof. Designed for safety and performance, the snow boots offer a good fit every time.



Thanks to the Techlite cushioning, you enjoy a special feeling of responsiveness from these snow boots. They boast a unique type of midsole that delivers fantastic absorption of impact, enhanced cushioning and high energy return, making the snow boots deliver a special spring in every step you take. Lightweight yet amazingly tough, these snow boots let you go further on the snow and ice.

Great for trekking on the ice and snow, these boots offer a great fit thanks to how the liner, outer protective layer and insulation materials are sewn seamlessly together to make a single piece. Geared with waterproof seam sealing, the boots keep your feet dry, warm and comfy while staying flexible for maximum movement.

Thanks to the Omni-Grip Advanced Traction system, the snow boots offer a secure and solid traction no matter what surface you walk on. Hard ice and powdered or hard-packed snow pose no hazards for walking thanks to the multi-terrain traction system of the footwear.

The Omni-Heat reflective system maintains your core temperature every time you head out in the cold. The technology demonstrates excellent heat management while being extremely breathable. the fabric is able to dissipate heat effectively and wick away moisture for a fresh, dry, warm feeling no matter how extreme the weather conditions may be.



In a like manner as other kinds of footwear, these snow boots require some breaking in before they can provide the ultimate perfect fit for you. The break-in period is quite short, as many users have proven for themselves, after which the snow boots offer optimum comfort, protection and a great fit so you can confidently pull them on and off with ease.

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Sorel Women’s Joan of Arctic


Enjoyed by countless wearers for their modern, classic design, the Sorel Women’s Joan Of Arctic are easily the best women’s snow boots on the market. These boots allow you to head out in the cold confidently no matter what activity you engage in. The seamless waterproof construction is supplemented by the impressive insulation from the recycled felt inner boot, which keeps heat in and cold and moisture out.




A genuine fusion of contemporary design and matchless performance in the cold outdoors, the Sorel Women’s Joan Of Arctic boots offer you safety and warmth. Keeping your feet comfy and dry, the boots have a faux fur snow cuff that brings the style factor while working well with the 6mm recycled felt inner boot to ensure moisture-wicking properties and core body heat regulation. get all-around protection with the closed toe design as well.

Boasting premium quality construction, these snow boots are lightweight at just 31 ounces each but are made using tough materials. Your feet enjoy sufficient elevation off the ground with the one-inch height of the heel. The seam-sealed construction ensures a single body manufacture that keeps the cold and moisture out while sealing the warmth in. The D-ring laces enable easy lace up and hassle-free on and off.

The leather material is waterproof while the suede leather upper provides a distinct contrast and easy shedding off of snow and ice. The inner boot is a removable 6mm recycled felt component that is complemented by a stylish faux fur snow cuff to keep heat in and ensure that your feet stay dry. The vulcanized rubber shell or outsole carries a herringbone tread for superior traction on the surface of both ice and snow.



These snow boots require a break-in period like most other kinds of shoes. According to some users, they have a pretty tight fit around the ankles, which can be quite uncomfortable at the onset but this will ease out to give a comfortable fit once the short break in period is over.


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Columbia Women’s Minx


For women who are fashionable, these can be considered as some of the best snow boots in 2019. The good thing about this option is that it is not only exceptional in terms of form, but also when it comes to function. One of the defining features is the Omni-Heat insulation, which allows the boots to maintain the right temperature. The waterproof construction is also a good thing. In spite of being waterproof, they are designed with a breathable membrane, which ensures the highest level of comfort of the user, even if the boots are worn for an extended period of time.


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Skechers Women’s Starship


The brand name in itself is already more than enough reason for you to consider this model above all others. Skechers has been a global leader in the footwear market and this specific model is no exception from their commitment to superior quality. Aside from being made by a trusted brand, this is also a popular choice because it represents a perfect blend of style and functionality. It is replete in terms of details that make it visually appealing. For instance, the boots are designed with a soft suede and faux shaft lining. The stitching and strap details also add up to the intricate design that is appreciated by lots of people.


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