Comparison Table


Product Size Price Color Special feature Our Rating Where to buy

adidas Brazuca

5 $$$$$ Multi Color Made from 100% polyurethane A+ AMAZON

Under Armour 395

3, 4, 5 $$$ Vivid Orange/Bitter/Sunbleached EVA Foam Layer Adds Softness for Better Feel A AMAZON

Wilson Traditional

3, 4, 5 $$$ White/Black Has 32 panel machine sewn construction B+ AMAZON

Baden Nite Brite

4 $$ Royal/Glow Super Glow material B AMAZON

Adidas ft13 MLS Glider

5 $$$$ White/Green/Blue Butyl bladder for best air retention C AMAZON



Top rated Soccer Balls in 2019


Soccer is a well appreciated game all over the world. In fact, it is so popular that the FIFA world cup is a well celebrated event. And because of the many soccer fans, a lot of people play the game. This has brought upon the demand for soccer balls with really good quality and affordable price. Soccer balls are made out of various materials, and the best ones are compiled in this list. Every item in this list have been recommended by consumers who posted their feedbacks in the best soccer ball reviews online.


Our recommendations


adidas Brazuca FIFA World Cup Official


Best Soccer Ball ReviewsAdidas is a well-known Sports apparel and gear brand. It is also the maker of the best soccer balls in 2019. In fact, the Adidas Brazuca soccer ball matches the official soccer ball used in the FIFA 2019 World cup. The ball is made from high quality polyurethane material that has seamless surface intended for better trajectory. The Adidas Brazuca tends to give more lift and it holds up really well for playing indoor soccer. It has a very nice weight and feel to it.


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Under Armour 395 Blur


Considering the price of this ball, the quality it has is almost unbelievable. Its nice feel and soft touch property is owed to the UA Touchskin Technology. The UA 395 performs good energy transfer and it has strong abrasion resistance due to its TPU cover material. With its Cloth-wrapped bladder, the ball exhibits better bounce and it flies well. Aside from its reasonable durability, the neon orange color of the ball allows better visibility in the field.


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Wilson Traditional


The best soccer ball in 2019 in terms of price and quality is none other than the Wilson Traditional Soccer ball. It has the traditional black and white color of a soccer ball. The bladder is made of butyl rubber material enveloped with a very soft synthetic leather material. The panels are sewn by a machine. Its excellent construction allows it to perform better rebounds. It has a nice weight and feel to it. Aside from the leather being a little slippery, there are no other complaints for this soccer ball.


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Baden Nite Brite Glow in the Dark


According to the best soccer ball reviews, the concept of glow in the dark ball is ingenious; it just has to be implemented properly for it to really work. The Baden NiteBrite Glow in the Dark Soccer ball is an improved product of Baden which has better super glow material component that allows the ball to sustain its glow for long nighttime use. The synthetic leather material gives it a very soft feel, not to mention added durability. It comes in 2 color variations.


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Adidas ft13 MLS Glider


The MLS glider is one of the low-end models manufactured by Adidas. It exhibits the quality of an above-standard soccer ball for a price that is very affordable. It is designed for better consistency and accuracy, resulting to an impressive game performance. The leather used in its construction is very durable. It may not be the best soccer ball in 2019  but it does have a really good speed and spin to it. Some units are reported to have inconsistent stitching, but that aside, this is a very decent soccer ball for a reasonable price.