How to Purchase the Right Socket Set



Offering a variety of wrench heads for various sizes of bolts, the products featured in the best socket set reviews support a diverse range of applications in the home, automotive shop, and different marine and industrial uses. It’s important to know the primary considerations that have to be thought about when purchasing this type of gear.

Ratchet Features

Look for products in the best socket set reviews with ratchets that have more teeth, which require fewer degrees of rotation when advancing one click. Less internal resistance on fine-tooth ratchets means less likelihood of unscrewing a loose bolt or nut on the return stroke. The socket pops off the ratchet easily with a quick release feature. Ratchets with smooth finishes enable easy cleaning. Textured finishes tend to collect crud in the sharper edges.

When a ratchet has a lever-activated reverse mechanism, it capably works better than dial configurations in tight situations. Working in an open area needs the best socket set 2019 with either of the two mechanisms (lever and dial).


Socket Features

Socket markings done by laser offer easy reading. Although socket markings play a minor role when doing the project, they are important when putting the sockets back into the case. The top rated socket sets 2019 typically have laser markings, but those that have embossed markings work well if they’re large enough. There are some units that come with color-coded laser makings to signify either metric or fractional measurements.


Case Construction

The best socket set reviews often feature units with plastic cases, with some being better constructed than others. With heavy use, socket sets housed in cases with snaps, hinges with pins and draw-bolt latches hold up better. Cases produced using high-end engineering enable easy removal and replacement of the ratchets and sockets from and into their respective slots.



Buyers will truly appreciate the best socket set 2019 that ships with a limited lifetime warranty. The replacement of broken sockets can be done either through over-the-counter exchange at the store, or through mail to facilitate free replacement.


Top Rated Socket Sets in 2019


It is best to do some research prior to purchasing or investing in a socket set. This ensures that you are more able make an informed decision that is as sensible as it is practical. For people who’d rather not go through all the trouble, we have described three different products below to lessen the stress of reading too much on the subject.


Bostitch BTMT72287 Pass Through Socket Set


Extensively included in the best socket set reviews, the BOSTITCH BTMT72287 ships with heavy-duty ratchets outfitted with a 72-Tooth Gear System to ensure low arc swing, which is particularly useful during tight situations. The revolutionary Gear System also ensures high torque ratcheting and better accessibility. Get effortless access to fasteners with the patented Pass Through design that works better than deep sockets in providing good reach.

The ratchet handle is outfitted with a rubber grip for enhanced comfort during use. Boasting durable stamped size markings, the sockets offer problem-free socket size identification. Each component is constructed with top quality chrome vanadium steel to ensure long-term durability and strength. The excellent fit and finish of the sockets guarantee years of use. The ratchets are able to hold on to the sockets tightly and well, making ratcheting action feel smooth and solid.

The three included adapters enable the use of regular sockets with the pass-through wrench. The durable blow mold case provides tool protection and convenient portability. The set comes with everything you need for any project: 10mm to 27mm all sizes inclusive in 1/2-inch drive metric; 7/16-inch to 1 1/16-inch for 1/2-inch drive standard, all in 1/16-inch increments; 6mm to 22mm all sizes inclusive for 3/8-inch drive metric, also in 1/16-inch increments; and 9/32-inch and 11/32-inch.

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Craftsman 36220 Mechanics Tool Set


The 36220 Mechanic’s Tool Set from Craftsman comes with both metric and standard tools to ensure project completion. It comes with 128 sockets in 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch drive sizes. The set also comes with 40 hex keys, 41 screwdriver and nutdriver bits, 3 quick release ratchets as well as 6 wrenches. The sockets also come in deep well and standard depths. This set is considered pretty impressive for its price, according to many happy buyers.

The socket set contains a great selection of SAE and metric Allen wrenches for any project. It is a good starter tool-set that should serve the ratcheting needs of your household. You can carry out repairs and work on car brakes,even rebuild cars with the components in this socket set. The unit can be used for years to come. The solid, impact-resistant carrying case keeps everything organized, clean and neat without spilling out as long as the case is opened with the right side up.

The unit comes with a Lifetime Craftsman Replacement Warranty, to ensure lifetime use. People have used the Craftsman 36220 Mechanic’s Tool set and gotten great results to complete their projects. Get this top socket set if you need ratcheting functionality in the home and shop.

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Stanley 92-824 Socket Set


The Stanley 92-824 69-Piece Socket Set is equipped with everything you need to complete house and vehicle projects. It features 69 pieces in all, with every component done in black chrome. The etched sizing on the black chrome finish enables easy reading. Every component meets or surpasses American National Standards Institute (ANSI) specifications for combination wrenches, ratchets and sockets. The handsome black chrome finish gives every tool in the set a sharper and an impressive appearance. It also ensures stronger resistance to corrosion.

The Max-Drive design ensures 15% more torque to enable effortless ratcheting. The set comes with: thirty-three 3/8-inch sockets; thirty 1/4-inch sockets; one 1/4-inch pear head ratchet arm; one 3/8-drive pear head ratchet arm; one 3/8-inch spark plug socket; one 3/8-inch spark plug socket; one 1/4-inch extension bar; one 3/8-inch extension bar; a color-graphic sleeve, with everything housed in a tough blow molded case. The durable case ensures convenient tool storage and easy portability.

The two-piece design of the case allows easy lid removal and enables use of the back case as a drawer tray. Reassembling the lid to the case is short work. The ratchet features a special radius corner design that simplifies the turning of rounded corners and makes it easy to tighten fasteners.

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